Life Coach Karen Ramsay-Smith - Coventry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Coach Karen Ramsay-Smith

Coventry  ·  Warwickshire  ·  United Kingdom
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Life coaching, marketing strategy and mentoring, mindfulness teaching

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About Coach Karen Ramsay-Smith

Karen works with women and men to support them to connect with their true selves, to feel their freedom and speak their truth with passion and courage. If you desire to address any of the following; Connecting back with yourself, feel more joy and happiness in your life and work, learn how to live in the moment, or create a strong mission and share this with the world, become a true leader in your field of expertise, Karen can help you with this.


Transformational and empowerment coaching. Mindfulness and meditation practice and teaching. Marketing mentoring and team/people leadership. 20 years plus in marketing and communications roles including senior leadership and mentoring.

Licenses & Certifications

Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice ACCP (ILM certified) Member of the association of coaching Mindfulness Teacher training certification Feb 2017

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Create and act on your vision for your bigger picture life and work access a deeper level of awareness and intuition WITH NO PUSHING with mindfulness, address any blocks stopping you from taking action, we will work together on intention setting and visibility and powerful mission and marketing messaging to leverage your vision and goals and get you attracting the people into your life your most want to work and play with! This program creates your personal strong connection to yourself via mindfulness and meditation tools and techniques, bespoke visualisations, powerful coaching and marketing mentoring, plus the creation of your mission (your why) and messaging NATURALLY! <3 12 x 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring calls <3 Mindfulness and mediation <3 Access to bespoke visualisations <3 Marketing mentoring tools and techniques <3 Vision and messaging <3 Visibility confidence Investment £1500 (GBP) payment plans are available. (flexible ways of working are available if 6-month commitment not required) <3

1 x 1hr coaching and mentoring call payable either fortnightly or monthly

Client Reviews for Karen Ramsay-Smith

Karen holds an amazing space and asks the right questions to allow you to truly access your own answers, in a way that I've never come across with other coaches before. It's a beautiful place to be in, to know that you can be you and not “figure out”, but KNOW and ALLOW yourself to access what you need to know. To flow and link to your own knowing and intuition in a beautiful, allowing, safe space. Words can't really describe it or do it justice! She makes you feel like you really and truly can be yourself and it is very clear that she works from the heart. I loved every minute of working with her and the connection with this genuine, generous and wonderful lady! I've never in my life felt that kind of feeling of truly being accepted for who I am and encouraged and nurtured to go out there and not only be my best self, but my true self, connecting from the heart, the centre of my being. It is truly amazing to be not only accepted in this way, but embraced, encouraged and nurtured to bring out the best in you. It is an absolute gift! Getting clarity on my marketing strategy was just the tip of the amazing iceberg that is a session with Karen! You have to experience it to understand it! From the very start she was warm and welcoming and so easy to connect to! I felt so comfortable and safe and like I'd known her a lot longer. Her intuition is spot on and so supportive. She doesn't put you in a box but allows you to express freely who you are I fully appreciate every moment of the time I had with her!
― Andrea
My feedback on the coaching session can only be super positive. From the beginning to end, which you actually left as more of a nice open-ending making me wanting to talk to you again soon. The way you gently introduced and run the clearing space at the start was so comfortable and put me right where I needed to be. You explained the model you were going to use and you followed it through without me even realising it (CREATE). I felt listened to all the way, and the questions were asked clearly at the opportune times, which helped me stretch my thinking. You introduced a personal example with permission and it was totally relevant and helpful. At the end of the session you wrapped it all up beautifully and encouraged me to think of alternative options and set an action to take away, and I did which feels great. I also enjoyed the magic of synchronicity during the session. We were speaking of the importance of living in the moment and building trust, and I realised that my ipad was leaning on my (borrowed and yet-to-be-returned) copy of The Power of Now (E. Tolle)! Even better if..? This is a difficult one, as I genuinely cant think of what could have been done better. For a one-off one-hour session on a completely new topic, you managed to go through all steps of the process so well and in great time (almost exactly 60m), with zero pressure to finish. You also presented yourself so nicely on video, smiley and in a beautiful setting, which I just realised can play an important part too. You looked very prepared and you successfully made me feel the focus of the hour.
― Francesca (flexible coaching call)
It has been very interesting working with Karen, she has a gentle persuasive but motivating energy which inspired me to take consistent action each week in pursuit of my goals. Her ability to enable me to take a birds eye view of my work has been the most effective in allowing me to take specific actions in the various areas which we needed to focus on. Her commitment and consistency in clearing the space at the start of each session, was very powerful, bringing me to full focus in each session, which maximised the impact and increased my capacity to cover more in the session time. Karen remained competent and confident throughout, which was reassuring for me and consolidated my trust in her which allowed me to fully open up and go deep into the gaps of knowledge and approach in my work.
― Yvonne
The questions Karen asked always sparked my own intuitive process, and reinforced the “passionate why!” – and reawakened my deepest soul reasons behind why I started my business in the first place, which to some extent I had lost sight of. Karen’s extensive marketing knowledge and natural intuitive sense has been invaluable to me and helped me to plan clearly for the future direction of my business.
― Yvonne

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