About Coach Magdalena Dobosz

I used to coach people from all walks of life. Nowadays I only coach Leaders that Make the Difference and live with integrity.


My expertise? Asking questions that uncover the aspects of your thinking that you would not be aware of without me. I have a natural no BS approach and no woo-woo fluff, I actively listen, and ask the questions that I need to ask to drive your attention where you need it the most. I can see things that you don't see and then you learn how to see them too and it will surprise you how much you already know, it will surprise you how much 'on fire' you can get over something that you were procrastinating. My speciality is Holistic Success, which is success in your definition in all aspect of your life. Living with integrity. Living in alignment with your hierarchy of values and making a difference by making the most of what's the best in you. Hence, I can work only with the individuals that are already very capable, high-flying, rich inside and financially wealthy on the outside too. Those who have it all who want to incrementally raise the quality of their lives can make the most of my skills. I deal with fine tuning only. For the basic work I would suggest you reaching out to other coaches, reading good books and attending proper trainings to develop the skills you don't have yet. I deal with the mindset and clarity of the goals and determination behind these goals, not so much with the skills. All the other skills must be in place already. If something is missing, I can help you to become aware of it and pull your resources to gain the skill you need, yet I am not a trainer. Unless you want to advance your self-coaching skills. This happens as a by-product of us working together.

Licenses & Certifications

Accredited by Association for Coaching for the years until 2020Certificate in Executive Coaching (Institute of Leadership and MBA MBA (Masters in Business and Administration) graduated with Merit in 2017, dissertation on Intellectual Humility and Overconfidence in leaders of Small and Medium Enterprises. Liberating Leadership Certificate, (London, Ali Stewart & Co) since 2016 Ministry of Entrepreneurship - Youth Life Coach Certificate since 2015 Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, & NLP Coach Certificate, since 2014 (London, David Shephard) Bachelors of Science in Psychology, published research on Executive Coaching since 2014 Institute of Leadership and Management, (Master Level) Certificate in Executive Coaching since 2013

Coaching Rates

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Tailored to your needs and your personality.

amount unspecified depends on the results and the value they bring into your life

Client Reviews for Magdalena Dobosz

Like a fan loves a rockstar, you have become a favoured artist whom I follow and live the lessons learnt. You have opened up a passage within, and for that I will be forever greatful. From a chance meeting, an encounter that gave my life guidence, and clarity. Words fall short, the experience for me is so great. An encounter that has shaped me forever. I am humbly greatful. A whole new insight and meaning to life, given life a whole new meaning. I am happier in myself than I can ever remember. I am smiling now :) the transformation in me that I am reminded of is living each and every day glows. Interdependence yes. But man is seldom whole without a woman and vice versa. Before I met you, I was contempt being alone. Now I have hunger for someone who wants to share themselves with me, share their thoughts, mind set, aspirations, vision and in-turn make our vision our reality.
― Gem S.
Magda is an extremely competent coach who worked in an extremely efficient and practical way with our unemployed Southwark talent. Magda prepared sessions that were engaging and met the needs of her coachee's. Magda builds great rapport whilst supporting people to step out of their comfort zone. The feedback from candidates was resoundingly positive. We really appreciate Magda's involvement in the GoodPeople programme.
― Marylin Schlamkow
I supervise Magda as a coach for more than six months for now and I am happy to state that Magda is the Coach at Mission who performs her coaching naturally and easily. She is very open, honest and caring coach working with her clients holistically, getting straight to the root of the client's request which produces brilliant results and surprises clients quite often. I am happy and proud to be Magda's colleague and counterpart and I strongly recommend you to reach out to Magda in case if you need a breakthrough
― Igor Voller
Every session felt valuable and many of the conclusions have inspired me in my subsequent life. I feel that Magda is in her ideal role and has both the sensitivity and the desire to make a difference which makes time with her feel very well spent. I would recommend Magda if you know that you have issues which you are struggling to resolve yourself and need that catalyst to make more of yourself and fulfil your potential.
― Amarjit Kaur
I met MagdaIena when she provided one-to –one coaching on a management programme. I really enjoyed working with her and found the process beneficial in helping me clarify my then situation at work. Magdalena has a very creative approach which allowed me to explore the situation fully, she was very supportive and insightful. I would highly recommend her as a coach I met Magdalena through a coaching scheme that was developed by my employer. I had been struggling with a number of issues at work, both in terms of my team and senior management issues. I've always been a confident and successful individual, but I had arrived at a place where I felt pretty lost in terms of how I felt about my job, my abilities, and the approach I needed to take. As soon as I met Magdalena I knew that she was going to provide me with an engaging, challenging, fun, and at times emotional exploration of the issues I was facing. Magdalena has enormous energy. Her questions really explored my situation and the way I felt about it. She really works hard to take you back to core beliefs and experiences
― James Hails
Magda has a rare essence, charm and beauty that oozes from her very being. She has tremendous insight into the things which trouble others, the cause of their distress, and has a reputation for taking people deep, very quickly. This is different from many coaches who spend time working through the issues the client presents, where it can take a few sessions to reach the nub of the issue. Magda can help clients get there in just one session, helping them achieve transformational. She does this with kindness and integrity, with just the right amount of challenge and support. Engage her as your coach, you won’t be sorry.
― Ali Stewart
I feel very fortunate to have come across Magda, somewhat by chance, when I was looking to resolve some professional issues (a career change) and was trying to work out something for myself. The immediate impression was of a very good listener who heard not only my words but the inner meaning I was trying to convey, however inadequately. She is someone that you can trust, letting you talk and responding at the right time to show that she understands before moving the conversation along in a very productive way.
― Tony Waters

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