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Coach Kenya Moses

Oakland  ·  California
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Women's well-being, career and business coaching.

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About Coach Kenya Moses

Kenya Moses is an entrepreneur, well-being & business coach, womens fitness expert, speaker and author. She is the Founder & CEO of Be A Fit Mama, Inc. which has served thousands of women in their well-being, careers and businesses for over a decade. A sought-after workshop leader, speaker and writer; Kenya has been featured in a number of publications, including Essence Magazine, PopSugar, eHow, Livestrong, Thriving Women in Business Magazine to name a few. Her newest book, The Single Mamas Guide to Getting Sh*t Done: Self-Care for Personal Transformation was published in November 2017.


Beyond my academic background, I have extensive experience working within for profit and non-profit corporate environments.

Licenses & Certifications

Masters in Business Administration Certified Personal Trainer (ACE, IFA) Certified Life Coach Tipi Specialist

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

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Client Reviews for Kenya Moses

“Kenya is inspiring. Kenya is full of love. And her goal is to help you find the best ways to share your gifts & shine your light in this world, because she knows how vital that is. She is a light, a beacon. She is a strong woman who knows what it is to struggle, and what it means to trust & to hold on to your faith in the darkness. She is always giving of herself, even when she has had little. She is profoundly intuitive about others and their gifts.”
― Sujatha V., SF Bay Area
“The impact that Kenya has made on my life is such a blessing. Having read her biography before choosing to work with her, I immediately felt a connection to her and her life-story. I too, grew up without a clear understanding of the value of money and management, which led me into debt and low self-esteem for decades. Once I began working with Kenya my life changed tremendously. I no longer felt incapable of creating wealth in my life and honestly feel and know that I am deserving of receiving all that I desire. The 90 Days to A-Z program really gave me clarity around my business and now my income has soared!”
― Christi L. Sacramento, CA.
"Kenya Moses is a Goddess, and a modest one, at that. Her encouragement and wisdom has helped me considerably in a short amount of time. My income increased by almost $1000 in the first month post-sage advice. What’s more is I felt like I hardly lifted a finger to do so…it still amazes me! Kenya’s not just a coach…she has become a wonderful friend and mentor. I look forward to our sessions, complete with her guided meditations. She’s always prepared, grounded, gracious, delightful, and incredibly fun to dream with because she helps to make my vision a reality."
― Katy Edwards, LMT., SF Bay Area

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