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About Coach Ellen Guggenheim

EG Results propels action-oriented, authentic individuals to achieve extraordinary growth results. Career GROWTH areas include: Assess current situation and desired aspirations Clarify talents, passions, values and needs Develop plan aligned with professional and personal objectives Review and revise resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile Identify and pursue targeted opportunities Role play interview questions and scenarios Negotiate offers, promotions and contracts Attain growth, fulfillment and impact Personal GROWTH areas include: Handle unresolved matters Clarify values, needs and aspirations Formulate life mission and vision Develop and implement plan aligned with values-based goals Take calculated risks Leverage network to establish community and support Attain impactful results


MBA - Case Western Reserve University Certified Coach - Coach U Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry Strategic, pragmatic, insightful and empathetic Coaching Clients - 125+ professionals

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MBA Weatherhead School of Management Behavioral Pyschology Coach U Coaching Certification

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Client Reviews for Ellen Guggenheim

I am actively working with Ellen. She is lovely and kind, an excellent listener who really wants to understand you as a person so you can reach your goals. I initially hired Ellen for some help with my resume, but went on to find her true value of helping me find the direction I want to go, to establish goals and to look at my career holistically and as part of my life, not in a silo. She is resourceful and professional to a tee. I know that we are on a journey together, and she is invested in me, which feels so good to have a partner to help navigate the path! I would recommend Ellen to anyone looking for some career insight, whether it's resume edits or help figuring out what kind of work will make you happier.
― Lisa Kilhefner
Ellen has literally helped me change my life and helped me through so many life and career transitions. I am so grateful to have hired her as a coach. She has helped me through everything from negotiating contracts for senior level positions, resume writing and job hunting for my ideal position to completely changing careers and starting my own business. She will walk you through unknown territory and provide support and accountability for you to have confidence and clarity to push ahead and pursue your dreams and goals. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to take your life and career to the highest potential!
― April Larson

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