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Live Your Life by Design, Your Personal Coach for Breakup and Divorce Recovery Coaching

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About Coach Tori Green

As a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I work with women from all walks of life motivating them to get focused, reconnect with themselves, and free themselves from unwanted stress and overwhelm so that they can stop living small and achieve their dreams. This will require a new level of maturity as you commit to taking responsibility for your thoughts and reactions to people and situations. This is a process of increasing your self awareness so that you can better able control your emotions and make shifts to remove and replace thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that are no longer serving you. My journey of helping others in my professional life began more than twelve years ago when I first decided to leave the world of corporate America and become a mathematics educator. Ive always felt that I was meant to be in a helping profession, however, I didnt feel that I was making as great an impact as I was destined to. Sure, I loved my students and was able to make an impact on them and still keep in contact with some of them today. However, I just felt that there was a greater purpose for my life. After seeking much guidance and refusing to hide behind my limiting beliefs anymore, I finally decided to truly align with my purpose and enter into the field of life coaching. It is here where I am able to help others who may be in unfulfilling careers, have experienced divorce as myself, or who are holding on to self limitations that I once had begin to live a more fulfilled life....helping them to enjoy Happiness NOW. I take great pleasure in helping others to overcome self limitations and refresh their lives by letting go of unwanted stress and frustrations to experience the meaningful life they deserve....full of joy and happiness.


I have been an educator for over twelve years and begin working as a part-time life coach last year. After overcoming a divorce and am now living a life that I love. I have decided to help others who are struggling to get past a breakup or divorce. to help them learn self-acceptance, healing, and begin to live their life by design creating what it is that they want more of in their life.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Life Coach Certified NLP Practitioner

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

60 minute phone coaching session

This package includes 4 60-Minute Coaching sessions.

Client Reviews for Tori Green

It was a blessing to work with you. You helped me to overcome some frustrations and some beliefs that was stopping me from some important goals. Thanks to you, I'm on a better path.
― S. Collins
Working with Tori Green as my life coach was a life changing experience. I was struggling with some personal issues and she helped me to work through them. I am now better able to relax and manage my stress.
― Michael H.

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