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Bromley  ·  Greater London  ·  United Kingdom
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Empowerment Coaching for Women @ PowerBabe; Guest Engagement & communication training for Hospitality industry professionals; Emotional and Leadership Resilience for Hotel owners and Corporate Executives.

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About Coach Amisha BHARDWAJ

I never had a hero, so I became one - Muniba Mazari I specialise in empowering women in getting their MOJO backor rather bringing them back to their own PowerBabe version. It however hasnt always been that way. The last two and a half decades of my life have been one rather crazy journey. Imagine riding a death-defying roller coaster and balancing exquisite crockery in both hands at the same time! That's kind of how its been, trying to handle every role and responsibility that was handed to a daughter, as an employee, a carer for my mother, a wife, a mother to my son, a business owner and more! Needless to say it left me physically and emotionally drained and spent. If I have to highlight some of my biggest values and beliefs, they are self-empowerment and self-development are the prime contributors to ones life success. I now feel empowered like never before and want to share this with every woman who wants to live her purpose and passion. My purpose here is to empower more and more women to reconnect with their PowerBabe version and experience their life to the fullest...whatever that is for them. So let's get you empowered!


Empowerment coaching for women; Reconnection therapy for Mums; Grief and trauma recovery coaching.

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NLP Master Practitioner NLP Trainer Coaching Practitioner

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Amisha BHARDWAJ

And it happens to all of us. As it happened with me. And I got told, “You’ve lost your MOJO”. After having signed up for my much awaited MBA program and with just days to go, I suddenly experienced this inexplicable anxiety, a kind of fear psychosis gripped me making me want to run for the hills. In my life, I am blessed with a fair sprinkle of ‘fairy godmothers’ and this time she materialized in the form of Amisha, who fully armed with her NLP techniques set about weaving her magic. And so it happened to be, Amisha through just a few Skype sessions which included visualization exercises, a lot of questioning and reasoning and voicing out my apprehensions, put the beastly fear to rest, pacified the monsters creating the noise in my head and packed them away to a nice long vacation. The result is for all to see. My mental health as well as my physical health is at peak. I AM confidence! As I AM success! At the presentations I gave during my MBA class, I got told, “You exude Power”! I haven’t felt better in a long time! And oh yea, I got my ‘MOJO’ back!!! Thank you my PowerBabe! And for all of you who need to get your ‘MOJO’ back, I’d suggest you ‘Plug in’!
― Deepa A
I have experienced coaching from Amisha on my relationship with my parent and the equation of my relationship has changed a lot. It's made a very positive impact on my approach to life that I feel much more confident of achieving my goals and dreams which I have held back, but now I feel like a Powerbabe. I was very surprised as to how simple Amisha’s coaching is…and so effective that i couldn’t help wishing why I hadn't found it earlier. Amisha’s easy & simple, non intrusive approach brings substantial and solid results . Thank you Amisha for your brilliant ways…and Goodluck. Hope many others out there benefit as I did.
― M Sharma
I'm interrupting my creative schedule to write this.... Those who have known me for years will be choking on that sentence, because I've spent twenty years unable to have any discipline and focus in my creative life! I met with Amisha, not daring to believe that I'd be able to reach my goals. I knew that I needed to find something for 'me' having finally left my job to be a stay at home mum to my three children. I'd set myself goals and targets before, I'd written them down beautifully on crisp new paper...but they had never materialized in a sustained or determined way. Somehow I reprogrammed or rewired my brain. I still not sure how she did it (or as Amisha would say 'I did it'), but for the first time in decades I achieved my goal. Actually, I surpassed it. I've a long way to go before I'm a household name, but I entered my first competition, I've started an online shop and I've SOLD some of my creations. Something has changed. I've changed. I'm inspired. I'm disciplined. And I feel like 'me' again.
― T. Campbell

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