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Relationship Coaching, Dating Coaching, Family Coaching, Life Coaching (lifestyle balance: love, work, and social)

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About Coach Jillian Yuhas

I am a Relationship and Lifestyle Coach who helps clients increase their attractability to find love and build fulfilling relationships within a balanced lifestyle. I work from a holistic perspective including the three main tasks of life: work, social, and love. I have a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well hold Certificates in Divorce/Family Mediation, Life Coaching, Body Language, Deception Detection, and Micro-Expression. I'm very passionate about helping my clients reach their goals and meet their needs while finding clarity and certainty in their lifestyle choices. Relationships are at the core of my universe, as my skills have enabled me to attract my husband and have a healthy family/business relationship with my identical twin sister. I love being able to assist clients in discovering their core values which guide them in selecting the best partner, creating lifestyle balance, and making healthy decisions based on their relationship needs. I work with individuals on a weekly basis to help them uncover the layers of love within themselves to attract a significant other and/or a live a life they truly love. Along with our weekly calls, I will provide interactive tools and exercises striving towards your personal growth, a positive mindset to have a healthier relationship with yourself and others, and strive to find a balance for inner peace and clarity.


I help clients overcome: Low self-esteem and confidence Communication Difficulties Self-worth and Self-Love issues Emotional Distress Relationship Challenges Dating Struggles Parenting Problems Lifestyle Balance Difficulties Inept to Socialize Lack of Boundary Setting Lack of Charisma Law of Attraction Difficulties Results I have seen with my clients: Learn to have their needs met with a partner Achieve fulfilling relationships Resolve conflict in a constructive, calm, and concise manner Improve their overall confidence to navigate life with ease Increase Intimacy Find more balance in their everyday life to meet their needs Set boundaries Increased Inner Strength/Confidence Improved Self-Esteem Communicate with Certainty Boost their Social Life Reach their Relationship and Lifestyle goals

Licenses & Certifications

MFT- Marriage and Family Therapy Certified Life Coach Certified Divorce and Family Mediator Certified Body Language, Deception Detection, and Micro-Expressions

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

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Rewrite your dating bio and suggest images that will get you the best responses from ideal matches.

This 8 Module MIndset Excercise program is for those who are struggling with insecurities, lacking a fulfilling lifestyle, seeking clarity, and/or are unable to handle life's hiccups with ease. Having confidence is the number one trait we need to pursue a life of purpose and meaning. Without it can be difficult to achieve one's desired goals. Once you complete this program you will see a transformation in how you approach life and how others approach you. When you believe in you, other's will too!

Client Reviews for Jillian Yuhas

Amazing rly helped. She helped my conversation skills and gave me great excersizes
I have always struggled with connecting with guys, therefore putting my career first in my life. It's not that I didn't want a relationship, but I was tired of facing rejection date after date. However, once I began to feel established I wanted to be able to spend time with someone who I could share my life with and start a family. Because I'm not great at approaching guys or maintaining a relationship, I reached out to Jillian as my coach. I can't tell you how much my dating life as changed since I have started working with her. Jillian helped me create an online dating profile with images/bio that completely altered the type of guys I was attracting. She also gave me weekly exercises to increase my confidence and self-esteem, that I still use today. She makes things simple and feel at ease when feeling frustrated. I finally feel more at peace as Jillian has helped go from feeling lost to starting a new relationship with my guy. I definitely will continue working with Jillian for all my relationship needs as my life has completely changed for the better. Thank You Jillian!
― Elle M.
I have been working with Jillian for the past year or so. I came to her broken emotionally in addition to my struggle with addiction. I cannot express how GRATEFUL I am to work with this amazing mentor, coach, and overall wonderful woman. She has helped me discover how to find inner peace through self-love and worth. I now understand how to create healthy boundaries with the people in my life. Her guidance has been fantastic in our meetings as well as the additional personal growth exercises I can do on my own. My journey has been challenging and I could not have made the progress I have without Jillian. I plan on continuing with her as my mentor for as long as possible. She really has made such a positive impact on my life! I would highly recommend to anyone, regardless of your personal situation, her amazing insight and services. She changes lives!!!
― John D.

Case Studies for Jillian Yuhas

I helped a guy in his 40s who had never been able to receive replies online from his dating profile or had a girlfriend. He tried for 5 years on his own, hired a matchmaker to set him up on dates, and he still was failing at dating. He didn't have the confidence or communication skills or know how to position himself to get his needs met and attract a woman who he found attractive and genuine at once. After creating a new magnetizing online profile, helping him learn how to tap into the female's psyche to receive replies, and working on his confidence through daily exercises, he is able to get dates successfully on his own. He has now been dating the same woman consistently by going on multiple dates with her.

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