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ANU - LIFE TRANSFORMATION AVATAR (Improving Lives for Over 30 Years) FAST GUARANTEED SUCCESS & RESULTS : PERMANENT TRANSFORMATIONS!! Personal-Professional LIFE: Let's get 3 goals accomplished in next 90 days Greatly improve your relationships,,,,,,,,,make healthy decisions Get "Clear, Fulfilled & Successful, Feel on Purpose-Joy-Vital Health Become well-organized (including prioritizing and time management), lose "overwhelm habits" LIVE ....Confidently, Fearlessly and Emotionally Mindful, Balance work & personal BUSINESS -Professional : Let's get the next levels activated in business and professional Life NOW! From the stage of "ideas-dreams", getting clear and focused to successful business launching I will help you design and achieve your "success new business blueprint" . Upgrade leadership skills/tools and build team cultures Legal entities, how to get into the fast track with strategic business partner Learn to use marketing success formulations for brand, online e-commerce, free marketing & sales networks Achieve better quality career compensations & life-health balance (Career 4.0) How to negotiate the "best deals" for faster business goal achievements Public Speaking Mentorship Changing Your Mindset Will Change Your Life - My "Mindset Reprogramming" Removes Blocks Instantly, Permanently...... and Installs "Success Life Formulas" ! 30 Yr Business-Entrepreneur- BUSINESS BROKER (5 years) International Business Strategist, Trusted Fortune Consultant, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Personal/Professional/Business Transformation Avatar 20 Yr Life Transformation Mentor, NLP Reprogramming Psychotherapist, Possibilitarian, Mystic, Wellness Consultant/Pro UPGRADE YOUR LIFE! TRANSFORMATION GIFT (Value $498) - Offer Available thru the month of January 2019. Choose your transformation life area - (Professional, Personal or Business) ! BUSINESS COURSES WITH NLP MASTER TRANSFORMATION *Inside Fast Track To US Business Success for Internationals *The Entrepreneur's "Fast Track" Success Secrets *How To Make Your Business Dream Into Reality In 5 Steps *Why Best and How To Get An Equity Partner For Your Business *Finding New Levels of Profit Within Your Business *Rescue and Save Your Business Intensive *Accelerate And Sustain Your Business Growth, Expansions, Mergers or High Profitable Sable *Transform Your Business With Your Life Purpose, Vision And Mission *Build An Awesome Team with Top Leadership Skill Sets *How to Attract the Best Team Players for Your Business *Strategic Business Mapping & Tactical Innovations *Online & World Class Marketing *HR, Organization & Financial Resource Optimizing *International Business & Sales/Negotiation Mastery *Increase Creativity, Innovation and Strategic Market Agility, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES WITH NLP MASTER TRANSFORMATION *Life Purpose Clarity, Market Packaging and Success Steps *Preparing Women For High Impact Leadership *Preparing Women For Closing Successful Investor Deals *Get Your 4.0 Career Right Now! *Living Authentically, Prosperously, Energetically Vital *Permanently ERASE "Outdated Fears and Doubts", Install Great Courage, Resilience, Compassion" " I am a leader in leading edge guaranteed "transformation process" "If you want guaranteed results than look no further" *35 years of helping thousands of clients to enjoy living an extraordinary life. As a NLP MASTER Life Coach-Mentor I skillfully use "Neuroscience Technology" along with 20 Life Changing Disciplines To Create the Life or Business Success You Want, A master mentor life coach gives a comprehensive hands-on approach using NLP and many other transformation techniques so that the life changes are easier and faster to make. MY OWN BUSINESS MASTERY Successfully Solving and Upgrading Fortune Companies As a trusted Fortune Business Consultant/Mentor for 20 years.... Owner of 10 businesses. International Entrepreneur. Business Partnerships 6 UPGRADE, ACCELERATE NEW MARKET GROWTH/PROFITS THIS IS A BUSINESS INTENSIVE This program is focused to guarantee your business realizing new profit, brand, revenue and growth levels. Your current and future business model will be comprehensively assessed to identify all the current and potential critical factors impacting your business and resources. The best strategic and psychological leverages will be implemented tactically to guarantee your ability to be successful by innovatively creating new levels of profit, revenue, brand and cultural fulfillment in constantly evolving economic climates. MY OWN PERSONAL MASTERY I have lived and led thousands to enjoy living an extraordinary life for over 30 years. Well traveled living abroad over 15 years. Successfully raised 3 children to adulthood who are fulfilled professionally. SUPERIOR SKILLS: ACADEMIC, ADVANCED NEURO-PSYCH, MIND/BODY/SPIRIT MASTER Bachelors in Business, and Business Broker (International) Master in Psych, Master NLP Practitioner, Neuroscience-Psychotherapist, Biofeedback (Body-Mind), Quantum Physics, Ancient Science Expert 30 yrs (Meditation, Yoga , QiGong/Taoist, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Ancient Civilizations) BE READY TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THAT GENERATES INFINITE POSSIBILITIES FOR JOY, PEACE, WEALTH, LEADERSHIP, SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS AND MORE Activate your "best and extraordinary life" and version of you! Learn how to skillfully apply emotional and spiritual intelligence mindfully to enjoy expressing vibrant health, inner/outer beauty, confidence and purpose. Together we identify clearly your life purpose and set practical formulas to manifest it daily in all parts of your professional or executive life. All blocks to your success in this arena will be removed in 1-2 sessions replaced with permanent successful market leadership skills sets and strategies. Upgrade your career fulfillment with successful market formulas (strategic resume writing, interviewing success, public speaking power, power negotiating skills and lots more) My "unique and superior" processes are guaranteed to be quick, precise, guaranteed and permanent!! These PROCESSES remove decades of human struggles due to lack of education! How much is it worth to you to NOT Struggle aimlessly or without success or fulfillment for years or the rest of your life ??? FREE WEBINARS FOR WOMEN WHO NEED A "HANDS-ON" BUSINESS MENTOR WHO POSITIONED HERSELF AS A LEADER AMONG MEN AT A TIME WHEN IT WAS NOT THE NORMAL TIL TODAY KEEPING THE SAME FOOTHOLD ! !! START NOW TO AUTHENTICALLY AND SUCCESSFULLY LIVE YOUR LIFE DREAMS PERSONAL,/PROFESSIONAL FULFILLMENT AND BUSINESS SUCCESSES !!!-

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About Coach Anu Blazes

I GUARANTEE RESULTS IN EVERY SESSION For over 30 years I has been successfully "LEADING" thousands in my private business consulting, psychotherapy and transformation practice into achieving their personal, professional and business goals with lightning speed, comfort and safety. I use 20+ successful life changing neuroscience tools, professional upgrading packages, successful business strategies and programs to help you get to the "next level" of where you want and deserve. My edge is helping you make it easier with the right mindsets! Thousands have experienced .........successful personal, professional and business life mastery fast and permanently ! ...................My "unique and superior" process is quick, precise, guaranteed and permanent! .........When the student is ready the Master shows up! Every one of my clients and business owners as well as Fortune businesses reported two things. One, that they wished they would have met me years earlier so as to have enjoyed the great life changes more. Secondly, they never really thought of it being possible to "literally change completely their life" especially experiencing the changes fast and in each session. 30 Years Specializing in Personal, Professional and Business Transformation In A Fraction Of The Time, GUARANTEED! My "life-mastery" programs are GUARANTEED to FAST TRACK the goals and life changes you want and deserve, in a fraction of the time AND in each session! As your Mentor-Coach your program is set up to be brief, experiential, intense, evidence and solution-based. First Sessions - Complimentary (No Fee or Obligation) SUCCESSFUL WOMAN PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS LEADERSHIP (over 25 Yrs) Leading thousands of women and men into their passionate successes in all life areas such as: *Owner of over 10 successful businesses internationally *International & Business Success Strategist & Speaker *Relationship Fulfillment Expert (dating, marriage & family private psychotherapy transformation practice) *Soul-Driven Purpose Career & Fulfillment Start Living The Life of Your Dreams NOW! I am a "Life Mastery" AVATAR- Neuro-scientific skill sets and intuitively accessing over 20 scientifically proven transformation methodologies to quickly and permanently increase successes and fulfillment in all life areas: 1. Passionate Purpose Life Fulfillment (Living Your Soul-Purpose With Abundance) 2. FAST Career Advancements: Highest Visibility and Resume Selection, Successfully Selling Your Best Profile (Scripting-Interviewing-Negotiations-Closing) 2. Achieve Your Goals : Quickly Remove Outdated Unsuccessful Mindsets Permanently remove hidden blocks to personal-career-business goals; prosperity, health-weight-vitality-fitness, emotional balance-intelligence, 3. Accelerate Strategically with Successful Business Start-Ups Blueprints 4. SUCCEED Using Adaptive Successful Leadership Styles 5. MINDFULNESS (EFT) : ADD & ADHD Removal/Reduction 7. Successfully & Intelligently Navigate Your Emotional Blueprints I use the most advanced fast life changing delivery methods for transformation achieving the greatest life advancements with the least trauma or distress. I have been working with individuals of every age, color, creed, sex and culture for over 25 years, helping them transform their lives, in bits or totally, beginning with the first desired result they seek. Each client is fitted ideally to their lifestyle and beliefs for maximum sustainable success! Programs which I design to fit each client are organized first with the superior connection and then precise desired results. My "program guarantees" simply evidence that it works precisely every time and the joy that is created is so supremely wonderful that it surges all through your lives continuously. For most who know what they want this is a simple, easy and fast intense process while others who have an idea but not precisely it takes just a little bit more time.


FREE MASTERCLASSES Proficient knowledge and skill sets for over 20+ scientifically proven and fast transformation methodologies to precisely achieve the lifestyle changes quickly and comfortably: 1. Business Planning, Online-Offline Brand Development, Streamlining Organizational and Positive Cultural Structure 2. Professional & Strategic Career Development 3. Basic to Advanced NLP Communications ("Ninja Skills": Rapport, Leading, Interviewing, Negotiating, Closing) 4. Successful & Strategic Team & Culture Building 5. MASTER NLP PRACTITIONER 7. MINDFULNESS : From Daily Self Regulation to Permanent Addiction Intervention & Recovery 8. Emotional Intelligence (New Psychology, EFT, 9. Brief-Intense Psychotherapy - Permanently Remove Traumas, PTSD and Severe or Chronic Challenges 10. Psychodrama 11. Inner-Child, Gestalt and Jungian Modalities 12. Ericksonian & Forensic Hypnosis

Licenses & Certifications

Masters in Psychology Bachelors in Business (Business Broker & Fortune Strategy Consultant) NLP Master Practitioner Over 25 Transformation Methodologies Proficiency C. Ht (Certified Hypnotherapy) Positive Psychology, Divine or Inner Child, Imago Therapy Practitioner, Mindufllness Meditation

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

A customized program that guarantees the total removal of "all outdated, unhealthy dis-eases of mind and body" is designed to get you to live and keep vibrant mind/body health. This is an intensive program that will transform your Being using more than 30 neuroscience and positive psychology technologies plus spiritual principles to advance you "light years" from your current state of mind/body health. You will feel, think and act completely healthy and continue this state of being automatically upon completion of my program. 2 Day (4-12 hour) Intensives in the foothills of the Ozarks (Ouchita Mountains) 3-5 Days of 4-10 hours of training and reprogramming 4 Weeks of Four to Eight (60 minute) Sessions Unlimited Text/Messaging QiGong Training Chakra Cleansing/Energizing Inner Child Deep Intensives Master NLP Reprogramming Spiritual Re-Alignment ADD/ADHD Reduction/Removal Removal of Old Traumas

Bring/BUILD International Success INTO the US Marketplace : Guaranteed Results (30 Days) Learn and Achieve Brilliant Success in the US Marketplace With your Foreign Products/Services -Identify Best ROI Market Targets/Business Mapping-Goals -Develop Best US Market Strategies and Tactics (on and offline) -Optimize Organization/Teams/Training/Cultural Loyalty/Customer Service - Executive Leadership Training, Advanced Sales-Negotiations-High Closing Two (2) 30 minute Sessions per Week Four 60 minute Sessions per Month Unlimited Text Messaging Per Month

SUCCESSFUL 4.0 CAREER UPGRADE : Guaranteeing Your Impact Onto the World!!! 30 Days Realize & Deliver Your Impact to the World Marketplace, Starting Today! Clarify and re-package your "Life Purpose Value" for greatest audience impact locally and internationally. This is an "intensive exploration and "hands-on" application process -Remove ALL hidden blocks -Map Your Star Course -Repackage Your Authenticity to Market Demands -Let Go and Let Creativity, Inspiration, Charisma Come Through 6 (30 minute) Sessions One 4-8 hour Session 4 (60 minute Sessions) Unlimited Text/Messaging -

A complete business start-up success assessment is designed to move you onto the "fast inside track of your business dream". Once completed the next step is to map the successful and strategic map for the goals you want to accomplish. Four (60 minute) Sessions 8 (30 minute) Sessions Unlimited Text/Messaging

30 Day Programs - FREE Registration and Scheduling til Midnight on Christmas Eve Program delivery January 2019 Choose a life area to Get and Keep the Life Transformation you deserve and want. Guaranteed RESUL.TS in these Areas: Personal - Love, Health, Abundance, Weight Mgmt, Spirituality and Greater Joy Professional - Career Success Upgrade (2.0 to 4.0)/ Professional Reinvention Business Success - Start-Ups, Branding, Short to Long Term Goals, Team/Culture Building, 6 (90-120 minute) Sessions 4 (30 minute) Sessions Unlimited Text/Messaging

FREE DISCOVERY SESSION ALL SESSIONS are Guaranteed to produce results fast!! These programs are designed to get REAL Results for those who are really Ready! I can help get you ready fast!

Client Reviews for Anu Blazes

“I got the salary and new job that I dreamed of with Anu’s help” I began career coaching with Any doubtful of quick results but found that within 2 weeks I was able to see clearly as to how I could actually get all of what I wanted and needed from my present employer. This was truly amazing and I highly recommend Anu as she is precise in identifying my blind spots and gave me strategies that successfully got me to my career goals.
― Steve Madden, Miami FLA Feb-2018
"I have received successful business growth strategies as a result of my business coaching with Anu." After being in my own business for 20 years I had a lull of slow growth and did not know how to get out of it after trying a few years to do so. Over the course of 2 months Anu expertly assessed my business in the marketplace and presented me with strategic and tactical steps which resulted in huge profits and new business networks. I am eternally grateful to have found Anu. Her decades of Fortune Business Consulting are quite evident and a steal to get giving the huge boost to my business that I got from her time with me.
― Randy Cohen, Boston Mass April-2018
"Great transformational coaching as I came away from my first session feeling reoriented, recharged and ready for greater horizons after a long depression." I am so excited to share the great benefits and results with my sessions. Anu has a deep compassion, understanding, skillful precision with questions/guidance and respect for her clients that is truly amazing as she skillfully guided me through a forest of confusion and depression. Each session was better and better and in a short while, much to my amazement, I felt like my old life was gone and the new one unfolding was really me. Thanks, Anu!
― Patty Mursen, Connecticut, Journalist and Musician June-2018
“Anu gave me the most incredible experience of my value in life to myself and others!” She was able to precisely assess and remove the causes for my blocks in professional advancement and relationship fulfillment. Each session was filled with a lot of “aha” and the changes of feelings and thoughts were amazingly better than I could have imagined. I recommend Anu to anyone who needs to get over blocks to their life goals quickly. She guaranteed results and delivered them!
― Ben Carth, St. Louis MO April-2018
"ANU helped navigate me through the most difficult period in my professional and personal life." I was skeptical about online coaching but after the first session it gave me the support I needed to really dig in and get the results with Anu that I needed. She was keen with her professional insight and guidance to create bridges quickly after removing the blocks of 20 years. It was amazing to get rid of these block permanently. Did not think it could be done but it did and am very grateful to Anu for saving my life in every way. The life changes that I wanted also affected other areas of my life without having to work on them. Truly, her value to my life is immeasurable, thank you Anu!
― Cindy Wen, Carmel, Indiana, Pharmaceutical Director (April-2018)
"I highly recommend ANU to guide you in finding and owning the extraordinary life you deserve." Anu very skillfully guided me to rediscover and confidently share my true passions in a new career business successfully. She has helped me with roadblocks very quickly to the other side gaining results in each session and in my life. She is a rare and precious gift who feeds my soul.
― Danielle Davern, Colorado Springs CO (8-2018)

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