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Intuitive Life Coaching, Wellness, Work/Life Balance, Love/Relationships, Time and Money, Meditation and Mindfulness

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About Coach Elysia Skye

Elysia Skye is an internationally certified Life and Wellness coach. Each session begins with setting an intention that is lightly spiritual (not religious) and full of gratitude. Elysia believes in the energy that connects all things, being present, authentic, kind and compassionate. You don't have to believe in these things to work with her but please be open to motivation conversations that involve taking responsibility for your own energy. Work/Life Balance: Many of Elysia's clients have come from her corporate Mindfulness workshops. With the high speed lifestyle of corporate America and entrepreneurs trying to make their mark, Elysia has become an expert in self care and work/life balance. We'll discuss how to actually create time for your SELF and feel good about doing it! Relationships: Elysia is an expert in LOVE. On the weekends she officiates weddings for her family's company LA WEDDING WOMAN. She has officiated over 1000 weddings! It is a huge blessing in her life to share this joy with so many couples. Energy Healing: In addition to coaching and officiating, Elysia is as a second generation medical intuitive and energy healer. At a very young age, Elysia learned to read, balance and shift personal energy. Her healing techniques grant permission for her clients to remove the blocks to heal themselves.


Work/Life Balance, Stress Reduction and Relationships are Elysia's specialities. She also teaches Mindfulness: In 2012, she began teaching meditation and mindfulness to teens and young adults as a method of disease prevention. She has since gone on to educate the corporate world about the powerful effects of mindfulness (being present) in the workplace. Many of her high profile clients seek her guidance on daily mindfulness and meditation techniques to handle their busy lifestyle. Elysia offers Oracle Card Readings: For those who are interested, in addition to Life and Wellness coaching conversations and breakthroughs, Elysia will pull spiritual oracle cards at the end of or during a session if need be.

Licenses & Certifications

CCA #754497

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Weekly clients are often going through transformation in their lives. This shows up in the form of anxiety, depression, stress or even curiosity to change jobs or where they live. Spending one hour a week gives us time to clearly set an intention, work through blocks and create goals. I do require my clients to commit to at-least 2 sessions while working with me.

One hour is ideal for making progress. This gives us time to clearly set an intention, work through blocks and create goals and review how accomplishing last week's goals went. I do require my clients to commit to at-least 2 sessions while working with me.

Bi-weekly clients have usually been working through transformation in their lives for some time and are looking for a fresh perspective. Spending one hour together every two weeks gives us time to review your bi-weekly goals, clearly set intentions, work through blocks and create new goals. This package is good for 2 sessions every month.

By pre-paying for 6 sessions you are committing to the improvement and expansion of your mental health and wellness. By making a commitment you are declaring to the universe and to your higher self that you are ready for change.

This session is a very powerful healing for your body, mind and spirit. It is less conversation based and 100% intuitive. It is ideal for clients to be on the phone during their healing and reading, but you are welcome to book this session and I will email or record your notes and send them to you. This is a very spiritual session and clients must be spiritually open minded.

Client Reviews for Elysia Skye

Elysia lives an empowered life. That attracted me to her practice. I wanted to learn the techniques she uses to navigate feelings and challenging life experiences. She shared grounding exercises for those times when I need to center myself. She taught me how to refuel my spirit when my energy is low. Call her.
― Christy Beck, CEO of Model Environment
Elysia’s guidance and accuracy when reading my cards really helped propel me in the right direction both personally and professionally. She is thoughtful, kind, generous and truly a spiritual guide who I have been incredibly fortunate to work with. I highly recommend going to Elysia if you are in need of accurate and thoughtful guidance.
― Leslie Morgan, VP of Programming
Elysia’s knowledge and experience are invaluable. She is blessed with natural gifts of healing and intuition, which I have seen grow exponentially through training and practice in the years I have known her. It is not just enough to have gifts, you must be able to put them to proper use, and for every person this can be different. Elysia understands this on a deep level and knows how to apply her knowledge and techniques to each person and situation so that you aren’t just given some quick fix, but instead are presented with the tools to live a better life. Elysia has been a great teacher to me in helping me to understand and hone my own gifts, intuition, and awareness. She has guided me through many inspiring meditations and opened me up to meditation techniques for my own practice.
― Jo, Musician
Elysia offers you the deep wisdom of intuitive knowing wrapped in the compassion of an old soul with a young body. Her reading was laser sharp on details, plumbed the depths of guilty secrets she gently brought to light and then helped me accept a fresh perspective I sorely needed. She is a revelation wrapped in wicked wit and a generous heart. She will help you with the powerful corners we turn in life. Don’t look for the average with Elysia, she will more than likely surprise you, which always delights me. I highly recommend her, she’s definitely a unique voice in the landscape of intuitive readers.
― Lisa Greenfield, BAP
Elysia brings her authentic, fun, yet profound way of being to every interaction. In the competitive, fast-paced and high-stress world of retail, leaders can often sacrifice their own wellbeing as they strive to balance the needs of self, business and team. This is the challenge we were looking to solve when we invited Elysia to work with our senior store leaders. Elysia used her inspiring personal life story and profound experience as a mindfulness coach and practitioner to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression on our teams. In fact, we’ve brought Elysia back several times to go deeper with store leaders and work with leaders at our corporate office as well. Her sessions are always enlightening and inspirational, but also extremely accessible and practical. If you’re looking for a speaker, workshop leader or coach that is not a “business as usual” kind of facilitator or consultant, but someone who can connect with your team on a more profound level, then Elysia my be a perfect fit!
― Dan Leavitt, Banana Republic Talent Development

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