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About Coach Carina Rogerio

After reaching partner level in less than 5 years in an international law firm where she entered as junior associate, Carina decided to take up a new challenge in embracing her passion for coaching and mediation, both disciplines she got trained and certified alongside her career as business lawyer in the law firm. Since 2016, she also is an accredited Mediator under the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). The co-existence of her various roles and progressions were and are possible through the combination of her different acquired skill sets, which she uses to connect with her clients, team members and collaboration partners. On the top of currently conducting workshops and/or trainings as well as coaching at Executive Coach International - historical coaching firm in Singapore -, Carina took the leap in 2017 by founding her own company to combine these different skill-sets under one organisation with the intention to provide several tools depending on the needs and life stages of the client, be it individuals or organisations. Carina made it part of her professional journey to pass forward, encompass the thirst for lifelong learning and the thrill of challenging the existing for the pursuit of betterment in all that is. She is an advocate of nourishing a curious mind. Carina speaks English, French, Portuguese, German and Luxembourgish.
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Licenses & Certifications

Associate Certified Coach under the International Coach Federation since October 2015.

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Unless otherwise agreed the sessions are usually held on a weekly basis. In some cases, it can be every 2 or 4 weeks depending on coachee's progression. Any sessions are to be held by using the video conference call of this platform.

4 sessions, of 1 hour each, with a discount of 10% on the standard fees. Unless otherwise agreed, sessions are to be held on a weekly basis. Any sessions are to be held by using the video conference call of this platform.

8 sessions, 1 hour each, with a discount of 15% on the standard fees. Unless otherwise agreed, sessions are to be held on a weekly basis. Any sessions are to be held by using the video conference call of this platform.

Client Reviews for Carina Rogerio

Carina was brilliant. A wonderful coach. Her questioning was incisive as she gently helped me down a new path of discovery.
Being coached by Carina was one of the most eye opening experience I had in my life. She helped me getting through strong and thick barriers I’ve been building up for years, and thus getting closer to who I really am. With love and dedication, patience and a driven spirit, she hold the mirror and accompanied me in my journey of self discovery. It’s very unusual for me to meet people who can give so much without any intention of getting something back. It can be destabilizing at first and then comes a comfort that you can only feel in your safest places. I feel blessed that our path crossed, and hold dear every revelation I had while and since our sessions. Even though “I did all the job” (as she said), I can’t stop thanking her for what she allowed me to unseal. The feeling endures, and she’s now part of the process. I would recommend Carina as a coach for every person who is ready to unleash one's potential and getting much closer to oneself, to the core.
― Thomas Cornand
I was coached by Carina to overcome my limiting beliefs and fears. With each of the coaching sessions, I was able to grow and move forward. Her ability to tackle exactly what didn’t work in my life was an accelerator for me to get through my own blockages and reach the results I wished. What makes her coaching special is her dedication, honesty and “we will go through it together” spirit. She moved me in many ways, inspired me, allowed me to reconnect to myself and live my life to the fullest. I am grateful for her coaching and I definitely recommend her coaching to anyone who is looking at reaching a new level in their life.
― Irina Baltag
"Always doing what it takes to succeed!" is what strikes me about Carina as a person. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for the last 3 years, during which she trained and developed herself brilliantly as a volunteer coach within the organization. She is diligent and cares deeply for all that she works with. Her clients are touched by her firm belief she has in them, even during the moments that they themselves do not. She is eagle-eyed and works with her clients to uncover the real truths to accelerate their lives. With an uncompromising stand to ensure value and quality for them, she put in countless hours to hone her craft and eventually be an internationally accredited coach. It will be tough to find another top-notch professional that puts her heart and dedication into everything she does. I also know that she pro-actively learnt "Singlish", to understand and relate better to some of her local clients. She inspires the best in others, because she demands the best of herself. Carina will definitely be an asset for any organization.
― Kelvin Lim

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