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About Coach Katrina Kane

Success is not rocket science, but rather a matter of practice and perseverance. Every person who has ever accomplished anything followed the same formula: Have a goal, make a plan and stick to it. But most people, my former self included, tend to never get started or quit the moment the plan stops being fun and gets real. Why is that? I have had this conversation with hundreds of men and women from all walks of life. If you care enough to ask yourself this question, then your lack of action has nothing to do with being lazy, incompetent, too old or anything else like that someone may have told you or that you keep telling yourself. You still have everything it takes to create the life you want and live it on your terms. But negative experiences, complacency or just being the lone swan in a duck pond can wreak havoc on your confidence, enthusiasm and self-perception. If you're settling for a job or a relationship that doesn't energize and inspire you, its time to clear the junk from your mental browser. You were meant for more and I'm here to remind you of that. Whether you want to be the best boss, the best entrepreneur or the best parent your child could ever have, let me help you nurture and cultivate the focus and discipline necessary to accomplish whatever you desire. Your best life is still to come. Contact me to start living it.


I have specialized training in Leadership Development, Managing Change and Resiliency from the U.S. Army and ADHD coaching from the ADD Coach Academy.

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Certified Professional Coach Certified Facilitator/Instructor B.S., Organizational Leadership M.S. Candidate, Applied Behavior Analysis

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