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About Coach Christina Unrein

I'm a Happiness and Leadership coach based in Wichita, Kansas, USA, with credentials from the International Coach Federation. Im living the life I want and consciously building my legacy now! Recently, a birthday card confirmed this: Christina I have long admired your ability to be 100% you with no regrets or apologies. That quality is pretty rare, but you have managed to achieve it in your personal and professional life. I am constantly in awe of the risks that you seem to take with ease, and Im fairly certain that you would claim the bigger risk would be to stay somewhere that isnt right for you. Thank you for leading by example and showing the rest of us what it means to love life and live it to the fullest. I see life as a game that is won by being authentic and curious, constantly pursuing and expanding happiness, and letting my inner kid play and have all the fun she wants. I partner with clients as a sounding board, devils advocate, confidante, coach, mentor, and friend to get them where they want to be very quickly. People in my tribe take on the impossible and overwhelm themselves with opportunities! I energize others to be daring and to challenge their limitations and mindset. Organizations and people eager to create the ideas, products, and services that will define our future are my key client collaborators! My coaching, mentoring, training, speaking, and facilitation services are provided globally. Thought leaders, change makers, movement makers, fun seekers, achievers, legacy creators, influencers, and innovators searching for an authenticity optimizer, change motivator, challenge chaser, fun and uncertainty enthusiast, awesomeness instigator, movement and innovation energizer, attitude and mindset developer, positivity and impact inspirer, and possibility, opportunity, and potential expander are in the right place! I cant wait to meet you! The printed card said: She made her own life and it was beautiful. And pretty soon everybody else wanted one just like it. Ready to consciously create your legacy? Let's get your mailbox filled with similarly awesome cards! Before coaching full-time, I was an influential business professional leading multifunctional teams in project execution, product development, process improvement, and strategic planning. My diverse career has helped me see many perspectives and succeed in many ambiguous situations. I'm authentic, direct, fun, and challenging yet supportive. I've completed extensive training in leadership coaching at the Kansas Leadership Center where leadership is viewed as an activity (not a position) and something anyone can learn and do (managing self, energizing others, skillful interventions, and situation diagnosis for approaching adaptive challenges). I'm the author of The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up, Happiness Soldiers. I completed my Finance degree and Masters in Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University. I'm a certified planner with the American Planning Association, Master Lean Coach certified, and a LEED Accredited Professional for Neighborhood Development. My greatest joy is playing with my nieces and nephews.


Happiness and Success Facilitation and Team Building Motivation and Energizing Others Goal Establishment and Execution Succeeding in Ambiguous Situations Authenticity and Curiosity Innovation and Creativity Attitude and Mindset Making Challenges Fun Engagement and Leadership Relationship Building
ICF Verified

Licenses & Certifications

Master's - Regional & Community Planning Bachelor's - Finance Professional Certificate in Management International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Kansas Leadership Center Level I & Level II Coach Certifications American Planning Association AICP Certified Planner LEED Accredited Professional for Neighborhood Development Certified Master Lean Coach United Nations Advanced Facilitation Training Certification

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

30 minute Introduction Call to see if we are a good fit and to understand the situation and goal of working together.

Includes: ● a personalized coaching program tailored to your specific challenges/goals ● recommended practices and exercises to help you make the desired shift ● 6 sessions (45 minutes each) over 3 months to use as you wish ● sessions via phone or video chat ● email, text, and phone support between sessions ● access to Achievers Course ● copy of Happiness Workbook

Includes: ● a personalized coaching program tailored to your specific challenges/goals ● recommended practices and exercises to help you make the desired shift ● 12 sessions (45 minutes each) over 3 months to use as you wish ● sessions via phone or video chat ● email, text, and phone support between sessions ● access to Achievers Course ● copy of Happiness Workbook

Client Reviews for Christina Unrein

Coaching helped me at the perfect moment because I was making many big decisions about my life. Now after the sessions, I have a clearer path to follow. Christina was wonderful at hearing and understanding different situations. She asked me the perfect questions to help me figure out answers. It was a surprise to see myself taking action faster after the sessions. I felt more confident about decisions because Christina made me think about what was really important to me. I think coaching is a great tool to improve your life. Everyone should try it. I am sure I will do it again.
― Alejandro Barrero
Anyone whose life is touched by Christina will have a blessed life. As I have received coaching from her, she has been most effective in helping me to focus and achieve the specific results that I most desire. Christina helps me to carefully consider the "fluff" and cut it out, so that I can proceed with maximum purpose and effect. And, on top of all that, she has a soul filled with light - I'd suggest you meet her even just for that part!
― Ed Britton
At first I was skeptical to think that coaching could impact me but this was far from the truth. In the first thirty minutes of meeting my coach, Christina already knew things about me that very few people know about or some things that I had yet to realize. Normally, I do not open up to strangers, but I did not feel judged, rather I felt encouraged to go deeper and better myself. Christina has greatly impacted me by leading me to hidden truths about myself and opening my eyes to new possibilities. I could not become the better person that I am today without her coaching.
― Andrea Murillo
Christina is a great coach. She is an amazing listener, and she genuinely cares about the goals of others. She patiently listened to me and asked extremely helpful questions that helped me consider and understand things from multiple new perspectives. With her help I found new skills, felt more equipped, and developed more confidence that helped me take on my goals. Christina helped me develop a whole new outlook on how I addressed my relationships with others, and as a direct result, I am a much better leader today than I was before. Almost immediately after I started sessions with her, people began complimenting me on my new understanding and leadership abilities. Christina helped me develop both personally and professionally, and I am more successful today because of it.
― Jacob Dold
Christina is an excellent personal and leadership coach. She receives rave reviews from my students and is often requested as a coach based on her reputation.
― Peter Cohen
Christina's energy, passion and encouragement of growth in other employees was strikingly evident in the first and every following interaction I had with her. She is outspoken and confident enough to politely and professionally challenge group think and popular opinion when her experience, knowledge, perspective and understanding lead her to an alternate opinion. I endorse Christina as a value-added team member who will provide thoughtful critique and feedback to create tactical and strategic continuous improvement in whatever the business challenge may be.
― John Coleman
My coaching sessions with Christina lasted from July 2015 to December 2015 during my co-op at Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Initially, I had some reservations about the concept of coaching and putting myself in a vulnerable state for a stranger to assess me. I also didn’t have any ideas as to what I wanted out of coaching, but I learned in addressing my current problems and opening up to Christina, I was able to develop personally and professionally. Coaching starts with the individual as a complete, fully capable, and emotionally complex person. That being said, we are not perfect or invincible, and for me trying to balance work, school, and life, I believe coaching helped me to put the power back in my hands. It reminded me that I have control over how I act/react in situations that I may or may not have control over. The goal of coaching is to be whatever the individual wants to be, and the possibilities for how one’s potential can develop are endless. Throughout my sessions I was surprised to learn the ease at which things can be connected, and I am able to use the insight I’ve gained to apply to other aspects of my life. The coaching sessions were a safe space to voice my concerns without fear of being judged. I was able to talk about anything I wanted and I could dismiss the parts of our sessions I didn’t consider helpful to me without any questions asked. I was also able to point out things I didn’t agree with in our sessions that I felt inhibited the open thought process of our discussions. As my coach, Christina wasn’t there to tell me what to do or what was the right thing; those answers were to my own judgement. I also welcomed new and differing perspectives eagerly. The value I obtained from coaching was the reaffirmation of my goals and standards towards my career as well as relationships. I’ve become more confident in being steadfast about what I want and to not settle for less. Also, I believe a little support and patience goes a long way, and it’s important to allow some time to process things and reflect upon ourselves. I am immensely grateful for this coaching opportunity with Christina. I have no doubt I will continue to draw insight and knowledge from this experience years and years from now.
― Stephanie Keomany
Coaching has impacted me in such a way that I am now able to look at the personal challenges in my life in a completely different light. Seeing it in a whole new way, I now know how to go about my challenges to get the best outcome for myself. If I hadn't gone through coaching with Christina, I would still be stuck in my old ways of thinking about my challenges, lacking the depth and value we were able to accomplish through my coaching sessions.
― Alyssa Foster
Coaching has impacted me in many ways. Before coaching, I only viewed situations from one perspective; mine. After several weeks of coaching, I was viewing my problems from several perspectives. Now after nearly half a year of coaching, I have become better practiced at viewing situations from multiple perspectives and trying to identify the issue from several different views. Also, I have noticed that I ask more questions as a result of coaching. The value of coaching was a surprise to me. I was not sure what or how much I would get out of coaching, but it has been a great experience and a great learning and growing tool for me.
― Zackary Thimmesch

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