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About Coach Allan Smith

I take a genuine, caring interest in helping my clients overcome obstacles, learn the truths and skills of job hunting, and achieve their career and life goals. I have more qualifications than the average coach, consisting of three decades of business, entrepreneurial, sales and leadership experience, an applied psychology Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior, and am a Career Management Certified Practitioner from the Institute of Career Certification International. I work with individuals who want to move ahead in their lives, and while often common obstacles are inside ourselves, we face many difficult external challenges throughout our lives, whether at work, at home, in our relationships or lack thereof, and in trying to put our lives back together after a divorce or other traumatic event. Coaching is no substitute for psychotherapy, which I have undergone and learned important things about myself and how to deal with my own personal pain of the past. But the coaching process IS therapeutic, and requires some similar skills. Typically, for the motivated client, it is faster and more practical oriented--for actually getting somewhere rather than just healing. I have worked with over 400 clients in the past ten years, locally and around the country, and participated in coaching webinars with professionals on every continent but Antarctica. Some engagements are short-term and others longer to overcome more challenges. Also, being a divorced dad, I understand the challenges, emotionally, organizationally and financially, that divorced dads face, so I have a special program that offers advice and support to those who want to do the best for themselves and their children.


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Licenses & Certifications

Certification, Career Management Professional-Practitioner, ICCI, 2008 M.A. Organizational Behavior, Washington University of St. Louis

Coaching Rates

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Business school teaches us technology, theories, and methods that are valuable business skills. What they don't teach, however, often makes the difference between a successful and satisfied employee and one who hates his/her job, has a career that just has not taken off, or worse, resulted in one or several terminations. This can be due to bad choices, bad management, and bad luck, and often is. However, it also it can be a lack of understanding of corporate politics, bad habits, poor communication skills, lack of leadership training, bringing too many emotions to work, or failure to make good decisions. My coaching sessions get to the bottom of the negative patterns and identify the skills or lack thereof and behaviors that are holding you back. Then we develop strategies for change and growth that can move you out of the negative space and into a positive and enthusiastic one in which your career can thrive and you can actually start enjoying what you do everyday. My training is not simply in coaching, but in Organizational Analysis and Development, so I am able to understand and explain the structure and environment you have been in and how even small changes in behavior or learning new interpersonal skills can make a huge difference in effectiveness and how people perceive you. My corporate charges are per hour and priced based on multiple sessions; video or phone meetings are typically held weekly.

In the Silver Package, you receive a custom-written resume, a cover letter, and one career/resume coaching session. For those who already know the type of position they are seeking and are very confident of their interviewing performance, this is a great value. The resume is still custom-written by me, a Certified pro, rather than the cookie-cutter variety often advertised for less than $100 that will not distinguish you from the multitudes of other applicants. Payable in two payments or at the beginning of the engagement.

The Gold Package provides you the opportunity to work with a Certified Career Coach and focuses on the resume and helping to perfect your interviewing skills. It includes 3 individual coaching sessions, a new custom-created resume that reflects your true value to a potential employer, and a professional 3-letter set that includes a Cover Letter, Thank You Note, and Networking Letter. The 3 coaching sessions cover: 1) Resume-building; 2) Search Strategies and Networking Skills; 3) Interviewing Methods & Skill Development. Services in the Gold Package bought a la carte total $600, but are discounted $101 to $499, payable in 2 payments. Paying 100% upfront saves another $10.

This package provides you the opportunity to work with a Certified Career Coach to help you move on to your next great position. It includes 5 individual coaching sessions geared directly toward your specific needs, a new custom-created resume that reflects your true value to a potential employer, and a professional 3-letter set that includes a Cover Letter, Thank You Note, and Networking Letter. The 5 coaching sessions cover: 1) History and Career Goals; 2) Resume-building; 3) Search Strategies and Networking Skills; 4) Interviewing Methods & Skill Development; 5) Interviewing Performance, Etiquette & Negotiating Compensation. Services in the Platinum Package bought a la carte total $925, but are discounted $200 to $725, payable in 3 payments. Paying 100% upfront saves another $25.

Client Reviews for Allan Smith

My resume is superb!
― Laurie S., M.Ed, 2018, St. Louis Public Schools
Allan transformed my resume within a short amount of time. He was very responsive to my requests, and very patient with me. I highly recommend his service.
― T.L, I.T. Division Pricing Director, 2017 Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
Allan helped me out with some career growth items. He was very professional. His advice and direction helped me become a better communicator.
― L.B., 2016 The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Allan has worked with me personally as a Business Coach and Consultant for the past year. I value being able to bounce ideas, challenges and opportunities that I encounter off of him. I really value his experience as a business owner. Without much explanation, he gets it! I really appreciate his prodding to stay on task-who but your mother, ever did this?
― Gretchen C., MSPH, 2008
When it comes to successfully running an organization from all levels, Allan has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to offer. He has been instrumental in providing sound and creative business advice to the Board we sit on together. Many of his ideas have successfully been implemented and resulted in a positive turn around to the organization financially. I would definitely consult with Allan on any strategic and organizational decision.
― D.W., Department Director, 2008 Nidec Americas Holding Company
Allan has been a great supporter of "applied technology" as it relates to OD work, and has generously given of his time and energy to create a sustainable community of learners at Orgdyne. Things that I greatly admire about Allan are his business acumen, openness to feedback, and eloquence. He is a charter member of the "Coach Consultants Consortium" and a valued asset to our international team.
― Anil B., MSM, PhD, 2009
Allan was invaluable in helping me realize the value of my personal "product" and developing my interview skills. He created a creative but realistic plan to aid me in my job search. It has been a pleasure working with him. I recommend him highly.
― Robert S., 2012 National Labor Relations Board Attorney, Retired
Allan is a great coach and mentor. When he took on assignments for us at BPI (SSP), I could see his care and concern for the individuals he was coaching. I was impressed with his depth of character and kind heart. It was a pleasure working with Allan and the bonus was some great conversation!
― -Peg S., 2013
I was looking for someone who could strengthen my resume and make me stand out among the crowd. Allan brought a wealth of knowledge and business experiences to our conversations as we developed a plan and action. Allan was very easy to communicate with and was prompt with his work. He is extremely detail-orientated and knows what employers are looking for in potential hires. Overall, I am very pleased with his coaching.
― Tyler P., 2016 Eurofins Scientific
Allan met with me to prepare for a call back interview. I really wanted the job, and he helped me think through a strategy for how to communicate that. I went into the interview with confidence. And it was a success! I got a job offer the next morning. Allan knows his stuff when it comes to job searching! Plus, he's personable and really took the time to get to know me as a client. Meeting with him was a great investment in my future.
― Sabrina M, Ph.D., 2016
Allan is a true professional and is very inspiring. Not only did he help me complete a massive overhaul of my resume which has increased my visibility in the job market, he helped me better understand my wants and needs as an employee and has encouraged me to dream big rather than settling. Highly recommend Allan!
― Chris G., V.P. Development, 2016
Allan was so helpful in my resume prep and interview prep! I landed a job 2 weeks later. He also helped with negotiation skills which led to a 20% salary increase! Thanks Allan!
― Catherine R., Senior Analyst, 2017 Scottrade
Allan did a great job of helping me communicate what I did to contribute to the success I have had in past roles and how they all play together to tell my story.
― S.T., Former Communications Brand Manager, 2017, Energizer Holdings
Allan is genuinely a dedicated, amazingly talented coach. In one phone call, he was able to help me see both my professional and personal challenges in a completely different way, allowing me to consider options that I never would have come up with on my own. It is clear that he sincerely enjoys helping others succeed, and I look forward to working with Allan to further my growth!
― A. R., 2017

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