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About Coach Terry Sidhu

Terry launched his life coaching practice off of the success of his blog, The Lions Life, rated one of the top 100 life blogs. After launching his company, VanCity Life Coach Inc. in 2014, Terry quickly became recognized as one of the top Life and Relationship Coaches in Vancouver, Canada, and has since expanded his practice internationally. Terrys method to coaching is like no other in the industry. With an empathetic and non-aggressive approach, Terry prides himself on educating his clients about their unique value as he helps them develop a plan to attain fulfillment. His coaching model puts his clients identity at the center of their personal development, emphasizing the value of self-expression and individuality. Built using the psychology on motivation and behavior, the management and development principles of marketing, and the mindful properties of spirituality, his personal development model is fully comprehensive and inspires his clients to grow independently with confidence. We all desire the same emotional experiences in life, its what unites us all, but what truly makes us unique is the reason we exist; we each have an evolutionary role to play. My role, I feel, is to help people uncover theirs. Dedicated to evolving the human experience, Terry's mission is to not only provide a reassuring service, but to raise industry standards, and make life coaching services more accessible so that every individual can realize their value.


Life Coaching Designed to help you regain control over your life, learn to harness the power of your identity and overcome the restrictions keeping you from moving your life forward. -Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect -Revive Your Identity and Establish Your Purpose -Identify Changes and Define Your Life Missions -Set and Start Work Toward Your Goals -Develop A Healthy Mindset and an Optimistic Outlook on Life -Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity -Improve Confidence and Learn to Trust Yourself -Tackle Insecurity and Self-Doubt -Learn to Manage your Mental Health -Overcome Troubles Caused by Interactions with Other People Performance Coaching Realign your intention and set your focus as you learn how to mange your mind and stabilize your thoughts. With a non-aggressive, non-intrusive approach, you'll mindfully enhance productivity. -Learn to Adapt to What Your Mind and Body Needs -Discover Techniques to Overcome Mental Restrictions -Build A Healthier Relationship with Yourself -Harness Creative Energy -Prepare Your Mind for Contingencies -Utilize Motivation More Effectively -Restructure Your Work Week -Strengthen Confidence and Self-Belief -Face Your Truth and Deal with It Effectively -Free Yourself from the Influences of Expectation and Pressure Relationship Coaching You and/or your partner will detach from the pressures influencing the perspective your relationship. Learn to overcome the troubles caused by your differences, and guide you on how to restore balance. -Learn How to Identify and Overcome Recurring Problems -Better Communicate to Your Partner -Restore Balance and Partnership -Strengthen Trust and Honesty -Explore How Your Relationship Has Evolved -Understand How Personal Motivations Impact Your Relationship -Reconnect You to Your Relationships Purpose -Revive Your Individual Identities -Overcome Break-Ups and Deal with Separation Additional Services Need a consultant to support your personal development program? Terry often lends his expertise in the following arenas: -Recovery Coaching (Addiction Recovery) -Integration Coaching (Integrating Life Changing/Affirming Experiences) -Youth/Young Adult Mentoring Programs (Life and Mental Health Management) -Community Support Services (Workshops and Topical Talks with Local Communities) -Human Resource Support (Assisting HR Teams with Employee Development) -Yoga, Meditation and Psycho-Spiritual Education (Teaching Techniques on Managing Consciousness) For more information on any additional services, please contact.

Licenses & Certifications

Advanced Diploma: Psychology, BA Marketing Management

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Client Reviews for Terry Sidhu

SIMPLY THE BEST. Before choosing to work with Terry, I spoke with 4 other Life Coaches and a psychologist; I was really lost and trying everything (and everyone) that could help me surpass what I was going through. I was convinced that I wanted to work with a female Life Coach (being a female myself), but from the first 2 minutes of speaking to Terry, I felt that this was someone who really gets me (like a close friend) and knows what I'm going through. Terry had the best advice on various "life situations" and all the tips he gave me always made perfect sense. He's truly the best guide to help anyone get through a difficult or confusing period. When I first contacted Terry, I didn't even know what was going wrong. He helped me pinpoint what wasn't going well and how to make it go well - without taking drastic decisions right away that I might regret later. I would recommend Terry to anyone who's feeling confused at any point in their life regarding any situation... Terry will be there to listen to you and to guide you to a happier and more positive place. Thank you Terry for doing this for a living and for spreading positivity in the world.
Fate has brought me to cross paths with Terry and it was the best thing that happened to me in 2015. I lacked purpose and was desperate for some help and guidance and didn't know what to expect from a "life coach" and, in approximately 2 months, I am a more determined person, more positive, energetic and aware of my surroundings because of Terry's coaching techniques. I can proudly say that I am so much closer to finding out my purpose in life thanks to Terry. He manages to get the best out of me and he put me on the right path. He is highly recommended. Terry is genuine, dedicated, very patient, understanding and many more but most of all, he is very passionate about what he does and that's the most important thing.
Terry has been amazing. I couldn't be happier with the experience that I have had with him. Terry first tries to figure out what makes you 'tick' then begins to formulate a plan together with you that will allow you to reach your goals, starting with the person you are at the beginning. He teaches you what you need to understand regarding the model he presents, gives you the tools to build it, then 'pushes you out of the nest' in order for you to grow. During the process his insight and feedback give you an opportunity to truly reflect upon what is going on inside and around you. He certainly has an amazing ability to read situations and people in a way that paints a very clear picture. I am so excited to see what else we will work on when begin the next phase.

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