Life coach Terry Sidhu - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Life Coach | Relationship
Life Coach Terry Sidhu - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Terry Sidhu

Vancouver  ·  British Columbia  ·  Canada

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Integration Coach | Family/Group Unit Coach

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Originally from the U.K. I left behind a convenient life, centered around a prosperous career in Marketing, in pursuit of genuine and lasting fulfillment. I applied tools designed to help corporations expand and grow successfully, onto my own life goals and aspirations. When I moved to Vancouver, B.C. I started blogging about my experiences and The Lions Life grew into a platform for advice, and inspiration for people across the world. The response I received was so inspiring, that it ignited a passion within me to help others, and cultivated my career into life coaching. With a bachelors degree in Marketing Management, and a diploma in Psychology, I developed a model that will help you navigate your life into fulfillment. A model which combines the applied management tools of marketing, and the motivational applications of psychology. Furthermore, I actively seek connections and developments in areas such as: Psychology, Science, Business and Marketing, History, and Philosophy. I also incorporate spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness, to better serve my clients, and improve my coaching practice.


Vancouver  ·  British Columbia  ·  Canada


LIFE COACHING My work involves empowering your identity to guide your life into fulfillment. With a variety of coaching options available, I'll cater a program that'll help you achieve your coaching goals. - Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect - Revive Your Identity and Establish Your Purpose - Identify Changes and Define Your Life Missions - Set and Start Work Toward Your Goals - Develop A Positive Mindset and an Optimistic Outlook on Life - Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity - Improve Confidence and Learn to Trust Yourself - Tackle Insecurity and Self-Doubt RELATIONSHIP COACHING Many pressures, both internal and external can influence problems inside of your relationship. I'll help you and your partner overcome the troubles caused by your differences, and then guide you through to restoring balance. - Learn How to Identify and Overcome Recurring Problems - Better Communicate to Your Partner - Restore Balance and Partnership - Strengthen Trust and Honesty - Explore How Your Relationship Has Evolved - Understand How Personal Motivations Impact Your Relationship - Reconnect You to Your Relationships Purpose - Revive Your Individual Identities FAMILY/GROUP UNIT COACHING When individuals are brought together and form a unit, its important to regularly evaluate, and communicate openly to minimize conflict. I help family/group units develop a stronger bond, and come together as a team. - Understand Individual Strengths - Learn How to Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Open Communication - Improve Communication Between Family/Group Members - Establish How Individual Identities Impact One Another - Identify How Each Person Contributes to The Unit - Set and Start Work Toward Group Goals - Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect - Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity ADDITIONAL SERVICES - Group Coaching Workshops - Speaking Engagements - Mentoring Programs - Community Support Services - Harm Reduction Consulting - Integration Services

Licenses & Certifications

Advanced Diploma: Psychology, BA Marketing Management


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $50

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