Coach George Gilraine - Oakville, Ontario, Canada - Organizational and leadership effectiveness;
Life Coach George Gilraine - Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Coach George Gilraine

Oakville  ·  Ontario  ·  Canada
Career Coaching  ·  Business Coaching  ·  Communication Coaching

Organizational and leadership effectiveness; helping new leaders maximize their success and accelerate their time to impact. Supporting unit heads who are leading their organization through challenging times.

About Coach George Gilraine

George is not just an executive with a Finance, S&M and General Management background experienced in leading teams and driving business turnarounds. Healso has spent the last 12 years developing commercial and organizational effectiveness guidelines. Assessing performance against these guidelines and coachingsenior leaders and their teams in implementing plans to close the identified gaps. His approach isbased on Baldridge Performance Excellence, European Federation of Quality Managementand commonly accepted Good Management Practice fundamentals.


Oakville  ·  Ontario  ·  Canada


Sales and Marketing, General Management, Department heads in various industries. Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Enzyme, Medical, Consulting

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Executive Coach


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $50
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

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