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Coach Godfrey Oyeniran

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Career Coaching; Finance Coaching

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About Coach Godfrey Oyeniran

I help individuals get ahead in their careers and take better control over their finances. In a previous life, I was an investment analyst working in the UK (where I'm from), the US and Hong Kong (where I live). I have always been passionate about personal transformation and have long been immersed in the worlds of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and so on. But it was only when I completed my coach training that I realised that I could leverage my long-held passion for personal development and deep knowledge of finance in empowering ways. That is the reason why I've followed the career coaching and finance coaching paths.


Hong Kong  ·  Hong Kong  ·  Hong Kong


Career Coaching: I work with individuals in different fields that are struggling to engage with their existing roles. But because I have a finance sector background, I have a particular affinity to those already in or looking to get into the industry. I also provide resume writing services. Financial Coaching: This is NOT about financial advice. This is about financial education, understanding the psychology behind why you do what you do with your money, creating a framework and making you accountable.


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $50
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

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