Coach Heather Hancock - Sooke, British Columbia, Canada - I work with women
Life Coach Heather Hancock - Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

Coach Heather Hancock

Sooke  ·  British Columbia  ·  Canada
Personal Coaching  ·  Relationships Coaching  ·  Family Coaching  ·  Communication Coaching  ·  Spiritual Coaching

I work with women in the following areas: Healing emotional & spiritual wounds caused by trauma, abuse, bullying, etc. Increasing Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Establishing Healthy Boundaries Finding Identity & Passion

Response Rate: Within A Day

About Coach Heather Hancock

I endured intense bullying and abuse growing up and in my adult life. My self-esteem was very low in my teen & young adult years. These challenges have developed a deep empathy in me and a desire to help other women in similar situations. I worked for 22 years in the healthcare industry before becoming a CPC. All of my life experiences have created a deep desire to help other women not only survive, but overcome and thrive. I use proven coaching methods combined with Christian Inner Healing Prayer to help my clients achieve freedom and remove or navigate around roadblocks/obstacles to successfully achieve their goals and dreams.


Sooke  ·  British Columbia  ·  Canada


- Christian Inner Healing of emotional and spiritual wounds using guided prayer - Trauma and abuse recovery. - Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence while establishing identity, purpose and passion. - Disability advocacy and adjusting to life with a disability or adapting to changes that happen as a result of aging with a disability. - Anxiety and Depression. - Relationships. - Family issues. - Boundaries - Christian Life issues

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)


Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month
Monthly Combo Package - save 30%: $150/month

Two 30 minutes phone calls plus unlimited text.

Monthly Combo Package: $250/month

Four 30 minute phone calls plus unlimited text.

Guided Prayer Session Package (4 sessions): $400

60 minute phone or video calls to facilitate guided prayer sessions. Followed by unlimited text for the remainder of each week. This process usually takes 4 weeks, but may take up to 6 weeks as each client is different).

Client Reviews for Heather Hancock

"Heather is very thorough and cares very much about walking along side you in your struggles. She takes the time to have a thorough understanding on how to cater to your learning/communication style. She is a true empath, who has been encouraging and honest with me from the start of our session. It is a true blessing to work with her."
― Diane B.
Heather has been an incredible guide through my journey this past year. I could see and feel the growth and changes manifesting in my life even after our first session. She put me to work on achieving my goals in manageable ways and the outcome has been life changing. It is clear that God sent Heather into my life with a purpose and I am eternally grateful she said yes!”
― Shelagh
Heather clearly and concisely explained the process that we would go through and I was excited at the prospect of having a clearer picture of who I was and what my purpose is.  I have struggled with identity issues and knowing God’s purpose for my life.     Since we began our coaching sessions, my thinking is changing.  I am more positive about my life.  My binge eating addiction has been removed and I am learning to love and value myself while making healthy changes.  Heather has guided me in setting up realistic goals and is encouraging me to take the steps necessary to achieve them.  The vision statement has had the most impact so far, because I now have hope for the future.     I would highly recommend Heather Hancock as a Life Coach.  She is respectful, kind, compassionate and focused.  She is skillful in what she does and gently calls me to account when needed.  The coaching process is priceless and I truly believe that if anyone has the opportunity to invest in themselves and choose a Life Coach, that Heather would be a great Coach to partner with. She is a solid Christian woman, who truly understands suffering and knows how to walk alongside those that are suffering."    
― Nicole

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