Life Coach Barbara Simon - Newport, New South Wales, Australia

Coach Barbara Simon

Newport  ·  New South Wales  ·  Australia

Overcoming fear, increase confidence, relationship coaching, life after children - the 3rd act in life, personal empowerment, communication skills, Team coaching,

About Coach Barbara Simon

My name is Barbara and I live in beautiful Australia where I moved to in the year 2000 with my husband and 2 children who are now grown up and living their own lives. My original background is in Social work and later on I studies Natural Therapies and Life coaching. All my life I have been supporting people because that is my passion and I have learnt not only myself but also through my clients that change is possible no matter what age - as long as you really want it. I love pushing the boundaries we set ourselves and enjoy sharing the satisfaction and joy about achievements my clients reach, often never thought possible. Through constant learning and increasing of my professional expertise I now have a solid foundation to work with my clients and make them feel safe. Because that is in the end what moves us forward, knowing we are safe to do so and having someone that supports our move. This is your life and it is your decision what you want out of it, no judgement, just acceptance. I am looking forward to working with you whenever you are ready and feel I might be the right coach for you.


Overcoming fear and rebuilding confidence using EMDR and a specialised coaching technique from Germany NLP and Hypnotic language Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Communication skills Mindfull meditation All of those skills are being used in my coaching-sessions, no matter what the issue is. It all comes down to being open and honest and trust me that I will find the right path to support you on your journey.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Barbara Simon

We are so glad to have worked with Barbara on restoring our relationship. It really was our last straw as we were close to separating. The warm and non-judgemental presence of Barbara helped us getting more clarity for our issues and developing the courage to be vulnerable, which has lead to more intimacy and happiness as well as much better communication between us. Thank you so much, we surely will be back when we need you.
When I finally decided to get support in finding the right path and developing the courage to move to the next level in my life I came across Barbara who I connected with immediately. Working with Barbara has shown me a whole new perspective in life and I am now confident and strong in making my life decisions. Learning to trust and love myself is one of the biggest benefits and I highly recommend Barbara when you are looking for a fabulous coach. She is worth every cent :)
I was feeling down for several month and unable to shake it on my own. I realized a certain pattern behaviour was causing me sadness but I didn't know how to break the cycle. A chance encounter with Barbara proved to be a divine intervention. I decided to get help from Barbara and was so happy with my decision and results. Barbara is warm, kind and reassuring. With her help I was able to get over what was pulling me down and go back to my content self. I will be forever grateful to Barbara and recommend her warmly.

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