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Life Coach Maggie Dennison - Santa Barbara, California, United States

Coach Maggie Dennison

Santa Barbara  ·  California  ·  United States
Personal Coaching  ·  Business Coaching  ·  Communication Coaching  ·  Spiritual Coaching  ·  Stress Coaching

Marketing strategy, branding, messaging, marketing communication, mindset, beliefs, copywriting, lifestyle

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About Coach Maggie Dennison

I started out as a Life Coach in the late nineties, when coaching was in its infancy. Then I shifted into General Business Coaching. Later, for a number of years, I was a full-time copywriter helping clients create compelling and inspiring messages. Eventually I added coaching back into my mix, this time exclusively for marketing but combined with mindset and marketing you, your story and your personality, as well as what you do. You'll find that I'm straightforward, curious and reliable. I grew up in Northern Ireland and my adventurous spirit has led me to live in 7 different countries so far. Along the way, I worked for multi-national corporations, and studied to be a psychotherapist but decided that work wasn't right for me. However the training gave me tremendous insights into effective communication and human behavior. Those insights, along with close to 30 years of personal and spiritual development, color my work daily.


Santa Barbara  ·  California  ·  United States


Putting YOU into your business so you attract clients who resonate with who you, your story and your personality, as well as with what can do for them. Marketing communications, marketing strategy. The psychology of marketing, branding, mindset and beliefs. Copywriting. Public speaking and presentations. 18 years experience working for multinational corporations in Europe. A wide range of training in communication skills, presentation skills, group dynamics, team management, project management. Over 30 years of personal discovery and spiritual growth. I'm fascinated by the psychology of human behavior and what triggers people to do what they do.

Licenses & Certifications

MA in Applied Psychology Distinguished Toastmaster Award Middendorf Breathwork


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $50
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

Client Reviews for Maggie Dennison

The results were amazing... I cannot speak highly enough of the professional and completely thorough approach Maggie takes when working with a person. The results were amazing. I went from one response a month from potential clients to three a week! The Santa Barbara area is known as an extremely difficult place to build a private practice. Within one month of the changes Maggie suggested, I needed to create a waiting list. I recommend Maggie and her help without reservation. Dr. Judith St.King President Hope Counseling Center, Santa Barbara
― Dr.Judith St. King
25 years later.. I have been in my profession for over 25 yrs and still had difficulty clearly communicating what I do, on my website and at networking events. Maggie, with fresh eyes, opened my mind to how others perceive my work and how to speak and write about it in an authentic direct way. She makes marketing fun! Dr. Geri Greenberg, DC LAc Acupuncturist and Chiropractor Sherman Oaks, California
― Geri Greenberg
I would trust her with any marketing and copywriting job... Maggie produced great copy for my website. More importantly, she was instrumental in helping me clarify both my target market and my message. She has been thorough and professional from the first time we met. I would trust her with any marketing and copywriting job, and I will certainly be using her services again in the future.. Dave Mochel Business Consultant CEO Applied Attention Carpinteria, California, USA
― Dave Mochel
If you're looking for a coach, look no further than Maggie Dennison. Maggie is knowledgeable, competent, wise and affordable. When I came up against a scary writing project that overwhelmed me, I got stuck in procrastination. I called Maggie and in a very short time she guided me successfully through it, and gave me some great marketing ideas as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Maggie. Give her a call! Patricia DeOrio Practical Spirituality Santa Barbara, California
― Patricia DiOrio
I was tired working with clients I didn't want to work with... Maggie helped me focus on the clients I really wanted and that has made all the difference. Now I have so much more passion about my work. Maggie didn't just tell me what to do, she listened to me and then told me what I already knew at some level. She taught me how to help myself by patiently learning who I really was and then teaching me how to create the reality that would best serve that person. If you are looking for someone to teach you how to help yourself, Maggie is the real deal. Not only does she totally know what she is doing, she is willing to teach you what she knows so that you can do it yourself. She is conscious and awake to the reality of you and your business. Maggie doesn't BS around - - she gets to the point - - and when she does, you know that she is right. The end product is simple, clear, exactly what I would have wanted if I knew how to do it. A powerful tool in my marketing strategy. Maggie's business is business - that is what she does. Richard "Rick" Dolwig Mediator and Arbitrator Santa Barbara, California
― Rick Dolwig
I was feeling lost and ignorant.. ...about how to run or market a business, when I met Maggie. I have systematically gotten better through her wisdom, guidance, emotional intelligence and coaching. She has a gentle touch with a crisp tongue, and I believe it's the perfect formula for balancing the much needed nurturing touch with the discipline to keep you accountable and moving forward. She is a great fit for anyone who wants to establish or reestablish their foundation and use it to springboard towards their dreams. Shae McNamara Retired dual professional athlete Peak Performance and Mindset Coach Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
― Shae McNamara

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