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Spirituality, relationships, life purpose, life path, mourning, overcoming challenges, etc.

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About Coach Jennifer Passavant

As an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach with over 15 years experience, I use my intuition to help clients obtain a Higher perspective of their personal challenge to better understand what karmic lesson or healing can be gleaned from the situation, be it relationships, career/life's purpose, mourning the loss of a loved one, feeling lost or stuck on their path, to name a few. I then offer new perspectives or teach clients tools and techniques to overcome their challenges in a positive and impactful way.


I utilize my spiritual knowledge and intuition in order to give clients a Higher perspective of the challenge they're facing and then offer tools, techniques, and new perspectives in order to empower them to overcome their challenges.

Licenses & Certifications

Ordained Interfaith Minister, Advanced Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Angelic Healing Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner. I also channel a Seraphim Angel who calls himself Ian, as well as Quan Yin.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Jennifer Passavant

In each session that I have had, I have found many benefits. The healings have started to allow my body to heal in mind, body and spirit. The sessions have also given me insights and advice in ways that have been very beneficial and have allowed me to evolve and grow. With the sessions, I am learning more about of myself every time.
Jennifer is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet! SheÕs super friendly and really pays close attention to you and your ailments. If you ever want some kick butt reiki therapy,some good laughs (and vibes :) ) then please, by all means, go and make an appointment with this woman! Totally worth it :)
Jen is an incredible person, I was a bit skeptical about energy healing before I met her, but just being around her made me incredibly faithful in myself. I think because she saw me for who I was gave me courage to accept that I was the natural born healer I always knew I was. And accepting my own inner light can be painful, but I felt like meeting Jen was the best thing that has ever happened for my spiritual intelligence. Beforehand, I was struggling with the oh so large and ominous task of balancing my logical intelligence with my subjective spiritual intelligence, being a student of both science and art. I think by being around others like us, or more spiritually aware, it catalyzes our own growth. She helped me a lot with digging down to the more intuitive aspects of my psyche that I was unsure of (not trusting intuition) which made me more confident that I already possessed all the answers that I had questions to. Shes incredible at working with difficult energy blocks and if you have a doozy; she's your gal. There's a lot about Jen that would be difficult to sum up into a testimonial, but talking to her is like being able to see through a fog that you normally would guess your way through. I am grateful that I have someone so special in my life to call to for counsel and advice for whatever spiritual and personal growth dilemmas that I may need help with. I will continue to see her for occasional energy healing sessions.
Thank you, so much. I am in a much more positive vibe now. I am able to understand more clearly what needs to be done."
You have taught me that words hurt and you educated me through my own verbal ignorance. You have walked with me through some abrasive times on my own path and always persuaded me to keep going. Your insight and knowledge has shown me that there is always an answer and a way to do anything. Your attitude that LOVE will overcome all things is quite comforting and refreshing. You have nursed me through my hate and anger to where I can forgive and just walk away now. You are an angelic blessing.
I booked a session with Jen and it was absolutely wonderful!. She is truly a gifted life coach and energy healer, who helped me gain clarity in a situation that has been a source of anxiety for me for a very long time. Never before have I felt this kind of freedom from my issue and know for sure that I will move into the next chapter of my life unhindered and self-assured. Beyond her spiritual talents, Jen's sweet, kind and caring demeanor make you feel like you're talking to a trusted friend. She's a treasure, indeed." - Luanne Hunt, California "Hello, I'm a client of Jennifer Passavant. I come to her for energy work about twice a month. She is kind, efficient, and competent. With Jennifer I feel a strong energy. It is palpable. Every time I go I get good advice and I feel better than when I came in. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who is ready to let go of stress, feelings, and hurts that no longer serve them.
I'd advise anyone seeking spiritual guidance to make Jen's acquaintance. She doesn't engage in "cookie-cutter" spiritual therapy; the one-size-fits-all therapeutic response is not Jen. She LISTENS and provides assistance in a truly caring way. Her manner is to the point, with a great deal of compassionate understanding. A deep sense of recognizing the individual needs of the human being that is in spiritual turmoil, this is Jen. She also carries with her a wealth of knowledge about "hands on" materials that assists you with your own spiritual road-map. A very graceful leader for the soul's desire for loving understanding.
Jen, thank you for being my spiritual warrior. You have been instrumental these last few years in me finding the path to my bliss and you continue to help me in staying on that path. You have opened my eyes and my heart to infinite possibilities in this world (and beyond!) and I am so grateful for the role you have played, and continue to play, in my life as my friend and teacher. One of the things I love most about you is your thirst for knowledge and enlightenment. You are always seeking... always looking beyond the obvious for a deeper meaning and greater insight. You have taught me a lot about different philosophies and ways of thinking and helped me reach beyond what I thought I knew- what was taught to me but never really resonated- to see MY light, my truth. You didn't ÒpushÓ your truth on me, but rather encouraged me to seek what felt right to me, what resonated most strongly with me. And you continue to do so. And by always seeking yourself, you continue to be further enlightened; you continue to gain more knowledge and more ideas that continue to shape who you are. You are always evolving and because you're eager to share your ideas and impart your wisdom, I also evolve, continuing to learn and grow from you. Thank you for being open, honest, and kind. Thank you for the gift of your light in this oftentimes dark world. Thank you for kick-starting my spiritual growth and for giving me the encouraging nudge to continue on my path at those times when I'm feeling discouraged or lost. THANK YOU.
Jennifer saved my life. In 2004, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I've always been a sensitive & emotional soul. Hence, I absorb an abundance of other people's energy - good or bad. Towards the end of 2006, I randomly met Jen at a store in Kalamazoo, MI. Instantaneously I was attracted to her beauty. However, now that I think about it, it wasn't her outer beauty that drew me to her, it was more her divine soul that captured me through her ocean blue eyes. The timing of me meeting her was more than just a coincidence. Our encounter was written. I feel that no matter what paths I've chosen in my past, all roads eventually led to Jen; for I needed her without even knowing it. We got to talking, exchanged numbers and a few days later we met over coffee. I was very lost during this time thinking that i might relapse in depression again. When Jen & I conversed... it was as if we'd been friends forever. That's how comfortable I felt with her. She's an excellent listener with an altruistic personality. She shared with me her perception of the universe and enlightened me by introducing the "Conversations with God" books. After spending an incredible amount of time with her at the coffee house... I realized she made me look at my life with fresh eyes, a positive mind & most of all a faithful heart to the universe. It's 2013 and I still think back of the knowledge & advice Jen has passed to me. "Angels" DO exist. Like I said, Jen saved my life. Thank youÉ
Jen Passavant, a good listener and a friend. I have come to Jen with countless problems about life. An example of such things she has helped me think through was when I have been lonely and stressed about my place in life when it came to questioning my sexual orientation. Jen just listened and never judged or offered advice that contradicted my religious beliefs. She reaffirmed me and talked about what love is and that I need to feel good about myself and who I am. Jen is a positive person that loves the whole person. She has reminded me many times to stay in tune with my whole self. What I mean is that she reminded me that I am mind, body, soul, and spirit, and that I need to keep all those healthy and try to find peace in that.
Finding myself awake at the wee hours in the morning wrestling with my worries, often Jen has provided a positive counterpoint, a balance of spirit that helps me find my way further and some true comfort of spirit. Sometimes rolling over things in my mind at times and knowing that, if not near by, she is here in spirit. Someone who has an amazing soul behind a lovely smile and beautiful eyes, as wonderful to look at they only show a mere keyhole view into the person behind them. There's the mystery, the wonder of knowing Jen as well, the wonderment of having met her and having her in my life, and loving her very much. Sometimes her coming into my life is like breaking out of a dark jungle and seeing a wonderful temple stretched out below me, radiant in the sun chasing away my dark corners of the soul. Maybe that's the finding part of knowing Jen, loving her and what she can bring to someone's life. Opposite in some ways, but with ability to increase my life with a feeling and friendship that is totally unique and quite lovely.
I always thought that I could handle all of my life's tribulations on my own. But when a life changing event occurred, I knew then that I needed feedback, guidance, and direction. I decided to sit down with Jen and discuss what was going on in my life. She was patient and was able to see viable options for me that had never even crossed my mind. There are times still where I question what my best options are; however, Jen has assisted me in continuing on the most beneficial and soulfully advancing path. I am so thankful for her help and thankful that God and my angels lead me to her.
I have known Jennifer for many years now. She came into my life in 2003 and was the first person I could really talk to about anything. She also introduced me to helpful resources that really helped change my perspective. She has been my angel who never judged anything I ever did, she gave me hope, and she has been a true friend when I needed one. I am so thankful to still have her in my life today. I learned a lot of new things being in her presence. She really helped me be a better person. If you are feeling lost or down, I highly recommend her as someone who can help you make impactful positive changes in your life.

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