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Business startup, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategist, Sales Skills and Strategies, Financial Fitness, Time management in support of goals, Visioning to clarify your dream and then strategizing to accomplish your dream, Improving quality of life, Finding your life purpose, Developing your life plan

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About Coach Iola Freeland

Back in the '90's, I figured out that I wanted to help match others up with their solutions. I didn't know how to make this happen so I put it aside knowing that I would eventually have my answer. 6 years later, my answer came in the form of a friend who told me about coaching. This was a lightbulb moment as I instantly recognized this as what I had figured out years before. After some searching on the internet, I discovered a few training schools for coaching and selected one that was the most focused on experiential learning. I wanted a combination of practice and book learning and none of the others provided actual coaching practice. That was in 2000 which was the same year I brought my elderly father home after losing his wife. The combination of intense coaching training and caring for my father pushed me to develop and accelerate my skills and expertise while building my business. I had dabbled in business before when I was in an MLM. Loved the products but there was a disagreement among the co-founders and the company did not survive. Now I was applying some of the business principals I had learned and doing everything I could think of to promote my services and learn as much as possible about the most cutting edge marketing and advertising strategies for both online and offline activities. As a result, I have acquired a vast library of the most effective methods, templates, tools and resources for helping my clients achieve their dreams in the most expedient and efficient way possible. Ultimately, I have learned that focusing on quality of life is the fastest way to achieve your dreams AND enjoy the journey! This may seem simple to do, but in fact, it is usually not the case. I teach clients how to do this while working towards achieving their dreams without experiencing burnout. They get to experience what it feels like to enjoy the journey instead of having to wait until their dream is achieved before they can be happy.


Over 30 years in the business and the corporate world. Have helped clients to uncover long lost dreams and then realize those dreams. I have extensive experience in helping clients achieve more control and independence through having their own business. Whether starting a business for the first time or wanting to achieve more growth, I have the knowledge, tools, resources and expertise in helping you navigate your path to success.

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