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Achieving Personal Goals

About Coach John Cockburn-Evans

John is a male Professionally Certified Coach based in Suffolk, in the South East of the United Kingdom, with credentials from the international coaching federation. John specialises in Personal Growth, Strategic Thinking/Planning, Team Effectiveness, Career Progression /Transition and, has experience working with clients in the following positions: C-Suite CEO/CIO/CFO, High Potential Employee, Vice President/SVP/EVP, and speaks the following languages: English. Their business clients come from the following sectors: Energy and Utilities, Petrochemicals,FMCG and Science, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, and Professional Services. John has Prior Experience Delivering Coach Skills Training to Managers and Leaders. John is also licensed to deliver the ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Assessment. This coach specialises in life and leadership coaching for achieving professional and/or personal goals. They can help you clarify what you want out of your current life/professional situation, and figure out a plan on how to get from where you currently are to the new place you want to be in. People who are looking to work with a coach to reach personal goals fall into several groups: those who want to improve their life satisfaction and effectiveness, those who know what they want but haven't been successful at getting there, and people who feel that their life could be better but don't know exactly what they want. A good life/business coach can help you understand what your situation is, and why do you want to achieve your goals. Many times you have self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent you from getting what you want, and these need to be addressed. Whatever your situation is, a professional life coach can help you with all stages of improving your life. They can also help you figure out a plan that will advance you towards your goals. The plan will be custom tailored to your function of what has worked for you in the past, and what hasn't. They will hold you accountable. Many times having someone that asks about your progress is the crucial factor that makes all the difference between you sticking to your plan and actually doing the things that need to be done, and procrastinating and leaving out the important things for another time. They have probably helped others that have been in exactly the same life situation as you to reach the same goals. This is important because you will probably face difficulties along the way and someone who has helped others will know how to deal with the specific difficulties that may arise along the way.


I have worked in senior leadership positions both in manufacturing and consulting with international corporations. I am fully cognisant with working in these environments and their associated complexity. I have a specific skill in breaking through the "froth" and getting clarity of purpose in order to drive teams and individuals forward. I utilise my coaching skills to support my private consulting work where I help businesses, simplify processes and remove "waste". I also understand different cultures, and have delivered a "Change Management" Module for an eMBA at a local Business School. I race cars in a UK Championship for fun, which helps keep me focused. My own personal coaching journey, enables me to stay at a high level of energy, self aware and mindful on the race track.
ICF Verified

Licenses & Certifications

Master's - Engineering Certified Professional Coach (CPC) iPEC International Coaching Federation (ACC)

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for John Cockburn-Evans

John had a very natural coaching style that quickly put me at ease. He’s comfortable switching between serious tone and lighter ones, which makes thinking and exploration very fluid. John picked up that I like my thoughts and assumptions to be challenged. I can still hear his voice in my head when I’m up against issues we’ve explored. In working with John, I was reminded of the power of metaphors and straight forward speaking and mirroring. With John’s help, I was reminded of the importance of some of my previous work and have since given it much greater weight.
― Sehaam Caselberg - Senior HR Business Partner
I have held held many senior and strategic roles in my career, with businesses and people dependent on my decision-making ability. I had therefore always considered myself to be a confident and charismatic leader. As such, I was not in the least surprised at high scores in my initial ELI assessment. When however my scores dipped strongly under stress into the very low numbers, it was like John shining a light on how my resultant behaviours had reduced my success-rate in certain situations and therefore limited my personal progression. John’s sensitive interpretation of the hard data, coupled with sympathetic situational analysis enabled me to recognise and manage my own energy levels in any given situation. The final results are yet to be seen and it’s still not an unconscious process but keeping connected with John allows me to continually refine the process to the point that I’m sure I will be able to attribute specific positive outcomes to it.
― Paul Clow - Managing Director
It was my good fortune to have a coaching sessions with John during very challenging and decisive period of my life. At that time ,I was changing career and everyone knows how uneasy to take charge of your own transition. John helped me to learn, listen to myself and realize what I want to do and how I show up in a new role and as a leader (which I rarely discussed openly with anyone before). It was an advantage to have John’s perspective be different from what recruiters/friends/colleagues all around me are saying and thinking. He asked questions with fresh eyes and helped me get out of my “box”: I had major breakthrough during our work changing the industry, market, role I work and my career vision itself, extending my network going beyond my country. Lastly, I feel like I “gel” with John who builds a lot of trust while we creating my future. If I need a change again I know what to do, and where I get support.
― Yulia Yakimento - Business Process Manager
I used John’s business coaching services and I could not be happier with the results. From the initial meeting John and I understood exactly where. I wanted my business to go. Johns advice has really helped me plan my next moves and take my business to the next level. His advice and guidance shows so much knowledge. I saw a difference within a week of working with John. I had been considering a business coach for a while and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made. I would not hesitate to recommend John’s services. I now look forward to the possibilities of John and I working together on future projects.
― Pearl Cox - Owner Strategic Digital Marketing
I work in a very strategic growing business environment, growth rates within my business is very aggressive. Within this type of environment, it is important to match my own personal growth to match the type of business that I operate. I researched a few different consultants and finally selected John, why? I found John approachable and authentic throughout our sessions, not selling but more listening to the challenges I face in this demanding environment. Some of the tools that John deployed were interesting and the approach was not what I expected, the ELI is a very powerful tool, and I was able to remove some key energy blocks with John’s support. John guided me through the process, and was able to use his business and operational experience to help me understand how to move some of the barriers I had built up that stopped me from moving forward.
― Steve Appleton - Managing Director

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