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Bellevue  ·  Washington  ·  United States
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Leadership, Confidence, Communication, Career, Personal and Professional growth

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About Coach Nora Paxton

Nora is a professional Leadership Coach, passionate, Intuitive and confident to inspire and empower people to unlock their full potential. Nora draws on her past experiences and successes in leading high-performance teams and working with all levels of management teams, from the President and CEO to the new hire. With over 20 years of experience in corporate and technology. Nora brings out the strengths and leadership skills of the people she works with. ------------------------------- The experience you have is a result of how you see...and how you see is a result of the experience you have. Your mindset, beliefs, and body all work together. I became interested in coaching as a direct result of leading high-performance teams over my 20-years professional career. I became particularly interested in helping men with their personal challenges and how it impacted their confidence. Over the past 10 years, I refined my coaching abilities to successfully improve their mindset in their professional, and ultimately, in their personal lives. I help MEN find confidence, clarity, and purpose, through a structure coaching approach.There are 3 key elements in my coaching process: 1- (WHO) Help my clients to discover and understand who they are 2- (WHAT) Help my clients identify and clarify what they most want 3- (HOW) Help my clients to create and develop strategies for how they will achieve their goals. What I have found with many years of practice that makes coaching so powerful, is the WHO element. Goals (WHAT) and strategies are great, but unless integrated with the person (WHO), they will take longer to accomplish, probably not be what the person really wants and not cause the level of happiness and fulfillment that are possible. My coaching style is perceptive, supportive and challenging. If you are seeking more clarity, happiness & success in your life and career, and you are willing to invest in yourself, you have come to the right place. My preference is to work with men who truly desire to make a change in their lives;


Bellevue  ·  Washington  ·  United States


executive Life coach for me specialized in : Confidence, Career and personal growth, Leadership, communication

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Myers Brigg Certified Practitioner Leadership Coach LinkedIn Coach


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $175
Monthly Partnership: $497/month

Start your journey to rediscovering yourself! Designed to help you rekindle your purpose and start taking charge of your life, this program includes a step-by-step process — from discovering when you feel most alive, to defining your needs and values and learning how to make the right changes. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION FOR YOU IF… • You want to be really listened to in a “safe harbor” environment with no judgment. • You want to increase your confidence in working on your personal appearance. • You want to identify your strengths and how to use them in your everyday life. • You want to rediscover yourself and see the world through a new pair of lens. • You want to overcome your negative beliefs and self-doubts, freeing you to ‘be your true self” • You want to build your confidence and courage to step forward and start living again. • You want to be comfortable and happy with your authentic self YOU WILL GET: MBTI Type II Assessment + Feedback Review Session (1 hour) 2 x 1 hour Private Coaching Sessions per month Coaching over messaging (up to 5 messages per month) My signature 90-Day Focus Plan (Goal Tracking)

Rebalance Your Life - 12 months partnership: $5000

This premium package is designed to give you the right tools for real and long-lasting breakthrough. Through practice, you will master how to get your confidence back and never look back again. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION FOR YOU IF… • You want to transform your life for the better and become a master in dealing with fear, self-doubt, second-guessing, people pleasing and all those other things that keep you from being You. • You’re ready to find what truly matters to you and to align around those things. • You want to explore your own potential and see what kind of difference you can make. YOU WILL GET: MBTI Type II Assessment + Feedback Review Session (90 minutes) 1 hour initial discovery Session 24 x 1 hour coaching sessions Unlimited messaging

Client Reviews for Nora Paxton

Great talking to you on Saturday. You always have such great energy and I really appreciate the pointers and suggestions you gave me. Love a new perspective that helps me with my most common triggers.
― Adrian A.
I was a broken-down loser before I met Nora. I hated my job, which I didn’t make much money at. My girlfriend had just left me and took everything. I didn’t even have enough motivation to clean my own house. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting ahead in life. Especially since I had tried every self-help program out there! Some stuff helped but nothing seemed to do exactly what it said it would. I just kept falling into the same slump over-and-over again. I had never tried a life coach before so I was a little bit nervous and skeptical. But what I found out was why all that other stuff wasn’t working. My sessions with Nora began with testing to learn exactly what type of person I am. Then, she was able to provide the exact information that I needed in a way that made perfect sense. By aligning everything in my life with my exact cognitive profile things just started to happen fast. Within a few months my life was turned completely around. I found a new job that is better than any job I’ve ever had. My house is more organized than it has ever been before. And the funny part is my ex-girlfriend, who swore she would never date a loser like me again….wants me back. Oh, how good it feels! It’s funny to think back to my first consultation with Nora. I was nervous and I almost didn’t make the call. What a huge mistake that would have been. Nora is the sweetest lady and her heart is truly in helping people. Many people have tried coaching my life but Nora is my first professional life coach. Thanks to Nora my life has changed forever. I strongly recommend giving her a try.
― Victor
I have been very happy to be a client of Nora. Nora is an intellectually and emotionally intelligent person who is able to draw on her diverse background and apply it to a coaching context. This is a unique combination that I have personally never seen in this field. During our discussions, I felt an immediate and personal connection with Nora. As our discussions continued, I also experienced a sense of "safe harbor" where I could state exactly what was on my mind whilst knowing there was no judgment, everything was in complete confidence and I was listened to and heard as I needed to be heard. My sessions with Nora gave me a number of things of which one was something I didn't even know I was missing. I was so focused on negative aspects about my physical and mental projection. She specifically highlighted the many strengths I have; not just generic strengths but actual strengths I possess that I can utilize in my everyday life. I cannot recommend Nora Paxton enough; Nora is a wonderful person who can help any man in similar circumstances to me.
― Cliff M.
Dear Nora, thank you for bringing the best out of me and showing me what I have been missing in my life. As you know, I am a person that is difficult to connect with for many reasons but with you the connection seemed natural, genuine and warming; something else I had never experienced before. I loved the sense of being listened to and heard as I needed to be heard. I feel so much more confident not only in my personal appearance as well as in my strengths. You've highlighted attributes that I "conveniently" overlooked and strengths I have ; and help me develop the natural ability I possess that I now utilize in my everyday life. You've described the piece of my soul that is missing, why I need it and how I can obtain that piece to make my life whole and better than it has ever been before. PS: Just bought myself a new guitar and loving it
― Peter F.
Thank you Nora for your advice. It gave me 2 things: 1) be more focused/appreciate more, the small talk introduction my manager likes to start with. 2) get outside or my comfort zone and express some of the soft topics mentioned above in an easy and concise way. Thank you again and looking forward to our next session
― Martin W.
Nora, thank you for helping me identify and focus on my strengths. Working with you helped me gain some valuable insights into what my passions and strengths are in both my personal and work truly opened my eyes to what gives me happiness and satisfaction, which I can now apply with confidence to all facets of my life
― Andrew S.
Thank you Nora for doing the work that you are doing. I feel so blessed and grateful that I signed up for your program and work with you. Because the burden I have been carrying around for years has now completely shifted as a result of the work we’ve been doing together for the past few weeks. I have been looking for you my whole life. I cannot believe I finally found a lifecoach and mentor who gets me, who can work with me and truly has my best interest in mind. And most importantly, help me get success in areas where I felt the most defeated. I just want you to know how important and how powerful you are. Thank you for doing this life changing work. My life will literally never be the same. I look forward to our next session.
― Darrin W.
Hi Nora, thank you for al you help on this journey, your time and wisdom was and is invaluable to my professional endeavors. You helped me to cut out the noise and focus on becoming a Data scientist. It's going to be a learning curve but I am confident now I will have the ability to flex my entrepreneurial talents and will be able to make an immediate impact in this company. So stoked!
― Josh C.
NORA IS AN EXCEPTIONAL COACH AND INCREDIBLE MOTIVATOR. She has a unique ability to speak to men in a direct and sensible way and, mixed with the skill how to read unsaid messages, provides the right tools for real breakthroughs. My entire experience was bundled with an incredible amount of fun, energy and optimism. I have a wonderful wife and kids; however, I no longer felt I was contributing to the marriage in ways that were meaningful to me. In my sessions with Nora, I quickly realized I lost myself by “adopting” my wife’s character. On the surface, all was well but deep down I no longer had a real voice in the marriage. I felt submissive while trying to make everyone else happy. Nora instills confidence in so many ways. Our sessions were very helpful in recollecting who I really was and what I enjoyed in life. She brought-out my true personality and challenged me to create cooperation and joy, especially with my wife, since I was constantly gravitating towards the children to fill my void. I BEGAN HAVING FUN SIMPLY BEING ME. I LEARNED TO HAVE RESPECT FOR MYSELF, AND THE BREAKTHROUGH WAS WHEN MY WIFE BEGAN TO RESPECT ME. Nora breeds confidence to take on new challenges. I was your typical guy with baggy jeans, large shirts, and oversize suits. She took me on a couple of shopping trips to upgrade my wardrobe and invested in quality pieces that fit me properly without breaking the bank. I didn’t realize Nora was a fashionista and man, can she pick clothes! When you feel great about your appearance, natural confidence oozes out of you. I started wearing cologne and she even helped me pick the right one. I’m not the best-looking guy, but I can attest: clothes helps make the man. People in the office started to notice the change. I love to learn, it is who I truly am, and my next challenge is to take a few piano lessons. Nora coached me to rediscover myself and somehow successfully change my mindset. I have newfound energy and a new thirst for life. As far as my family, it was a very difficult challenge for my wife to say the least but it ultimately paid off.
― Chris M.
I MET NORA 3 YEARS AGO. I WAS IN THE EMOTIONAL THROES OF A DIVORCE AND FROM DAY 1, NORA WAS THERE FOR ME. She proved to be an excellent listener, and truly understood what I was going through. She let me speak, at times for long periods. I was animated; angry, and quite emotional, but never at any time did Nora judge me or try to make me a different person. On the contrary, she embraced who I was, and encouraged me to be who I am. I have always felt safe with her and as a consequence felt able to bring up absolutely anything. She is very accepting and understanding. She has always been open to discussing, or just listening to, anything that is on my mind. SHE LISTENS EXCEPTIONALLY WELL AND THROUGH HER COMPASSION AND GIFTED INSIGHTS, I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH A NEW LENS. She sees the good in me and focuses on making my strengths even stronger. I have my fair share of weaknesses, but never at one time has Nora made me feel bad about any of these. She just accepts me for who I am. I can’t say enough about how Nora has transformed my life for the better. She has a wonderful spirit about her, a fun sense of humor and manages to keep things in perspective. She is very real, down to earth, and has the experience and coaching skills to bring a better balance to many people’s lives.
― Dominic C.

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