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Coach Aakriti Kundu

Pune  ·  Maharashtra  ·  India
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Health, Weight loss, Relationships

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About Coach Aakriti Kundu

Aakriti Kundu helps women who are tired of stressing about what to eat, what they weigh, and how they live up to society's impossible beauty standards. By working through food obsession and body shame, she coaches women of all ages to feel fantastic in their bodies by giving them the confidence to feel amazing in their clothes, eat guilt free, and shake the booty they were born with! Aakriti is an acclaimed professional contemporary and jazz dancer, a highly sought after yoga teacher and a health coach. When she's not sharing her revolutionary fitness ideas online, she can be found petting any and all dogs she can find, baking good-for-you goodies, eating chocolate, and watching funny TV shows. Find me on Instagram @aakritikundu


Self Love, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Work Life balance, Emotional Eating, Cravings, Goal Setting, Productivity, Lifestyle Upliftment, Fitness training, Nutritional Coaching

Licenses & Certifications

ICF Certified Weight Loss Coach + EFT Coach

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

6 week course to stop stressing about every damn thing. Your body needs to relax and rest in order to release weight. Uncover beliefs and blocks to weight loss Learn to build a workout routine that you absolutely LOVE Tailor a Diet thatgives you nutritional, leaves you feeling full and loved in your body 6 One-on-one Calls with me Self Motivation Deep Dive Call Guided meditations each week Relaxation Techniques

You live like Wonder Woman, running from point A to point B putting out fires everywhere and have to keep all the balls in the air- at work, at home, as a Mom Wife/Girlfriend Boss/Employee Sister Friend Daughter This list is way too ling, especially if you are someone who cannot stand to sit still and constantly runs themselves into the ground. So now, your weight is all over the place, your health is shot, you are taking all the medications but you can't eat, can't sleep and you're anxiety creeps up at least once a day to say hello and usually at the worst possible times. When you're productivity goes downhill and you have no safety net to fall back on, that may be too late. DON,T WAIT TO BE BROKEN or maybe you did and now you wanna learn how to take better care of yourself so you're never in that position again. In this 12 week course you get ~12 one on one calls, weekly with me ~The most efficient stress release technique (works on the go too) ~Guided relaxation Audio ~Meditation Techniques for Busy Women ~Eating for Productivity ~Resetting your Bio Rhythms for Optimum Efficiency ~Tuning into your Feminine Power to BE your BEST in all your roles ~Roadmap to Success and your Passionate Purpose

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