Life coach Ignas Genys - Vilnius, Vilniaus, Lithuania - Career and Personal Development
Life Coach Ignas Genys - Vilnius, Vilniaus, Lithuania

Ignas Genys

Vilnius  ·  Vilniaus  ·  Lithuania
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Career and Personal Development

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I am a certified life coach and I specialize in career and personal development. Coaching is more than profession for me - it is part of my own growth. It allows continuous learning whether I'm a coach or a client. Coaching is an opportunity to relate truthfully and be genuine with oneself. It is a breathing space for gaining clarity and direction, deeper understanding and support. When I coach I create space conducive to learning with continuous support and incentive to take a deeper look within. In coaching: - You will review your situation from different angles and gain more clarity; - Discover your limiting beliefs and work to release them; - Start changing the habit patterns that are slowing you down; - We will work together to uncover the hidden possibilities and help you actualize them. I offer a FREE coaching conversation after which you will be able to evaluate its benefits and decide if coaching is something youd like to continue in the long run.


Vilnius  ·  Vilniaus  ·  Lithuania


Career Decision Relationship Personal Development

Licenses & Certifications

ICF accredited Certified Coach Certified by Baltic Coaching Centre Member of International Coach Federation Certified Points of You trainer Westminster Indemnity Insurance


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $40

Client Reviews

I wanted to cure my symptoms, Ignas helped and is helping me to cure the disease.
Mr. Ignas is a good listener. He will let you tell your story and be comfortable. He provides privacy into details you don't want to include in the session. He offers a very flexible free 1 hour session through Skype that make things easy for you. He often leads you to the realization of your own conflicts and its proper resolutions. Keen to details and very observant. A session with him is like letting your inner thoughts be free. You can tell everything to anything that you think hinders your capabilities in having a happy life. In addition, he creates a very positive atmosphere through out the session that will make you feel at ease after it. Book him now and you will never regret.
I had a coaching session from Ignas and found him to be very present. He meets you where you are at and allowed space for you to be listened to and heard. The questions he asked brought me back to my own thoughts and feelings on issues relating to my next steps in my professional development which helped me to gain clarity on what matters to me and my next steps - thank you.

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