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Life Coach Russell Heath - New York, NY

Coach Russell Heath

New York  ·  New York

Leadership coaching; getting unstuck; relationship; living a big vibrant life

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About Coach Russell Heath

Heres the deal: life is short and if youre not reveling in it, youre pissing it away. Heres the rest of the deal: Its totally your choice whether your life is a drag or fires you up. If you live in grayness; if tomorrow is looking pretty much like yesterdaystop it. Plant your flag and declare that from this day forward, your life is going to be livednot survived. Your options are unlimited: There are mountains to climb, seas to cross, kids to comfort, elders to tuck in, stories to tell, books to write, businesses to start, statues to sculpt, great thoughts to think, trees to hug, hearts to touch. What stops you? You know the answer intimately: Fear, resignation, petulance, wanting someone to do it for you, your golden handcuffs. Whatever your reasons, they serve one purposeto keep you on the sidelines out of the action. If thats where you want to be, on the sidelines out of lifes big game, youve plenty of company. Its where most people are. My guess, however, is that you want to be part of the action, or better yet, driving the action. What would it be like if your life were splashed with color? If you were launched on a career or project that lit you up? If your love for family and friends pumped through you? If the beauty in your day lifted you high, struck, and rang you like a bell? I work with high-powered people who want exciting, hand-crafted, and deeply-lived lives. Coaching is a gentle conversation that demolishes the barriers that stop us and builds in us the capacity to do what we hadnt thought possible. We work towards goals, distinguish whats holding you back, develop new behaviors, and puts the rubber to the road. At the end of it, you will step out of your normal and into a new world that you have designed. Work with me to find your purpose, your passion, and your path. We will break up that part of you that keeps you safe, comfortable, secureand on the sidelines, living small and bored silly. Call me--today.


New York  ·  New York


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $50
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

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