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About Coach Dr Paola Fiore

I am an Italy based consultant, communicator, trainer and professional coach with over 24 years of multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in developing a culture of sustainable development and social responsibility. I am also the Founder of ETICAMBIENTE Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting, an Italian boutique consulting and coaching firm with over 18 years of experience in creating and promoting sustainability and CSR projects that help companies and consumers make more responsible choices about production and consumption. I am a Member of the International Coach Federation, a Member of the Association for Coaching and Team Leader and Point of Contact for the Association for Coaching in Italy. I am a Certified Professional Coach by the Erickson College International, an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, an Accredited Executive Foundation Coach by the Association for Coaching, and I am the first Italian Certified Coach, and among the first 250 Certified Coaches in the world, in Conversational Intelligence, the global movement about the neuroscience of conversations developed by Judith E. Glaser.


As a professional coach, I provide one-on-one and group coaching in person and online. I work in English and Italian with CEOs and Boards, C-Level Executives, Senior and Middle Managers, Entrepreneurs, Startups and High Potentials People and Teams from all around the world. I empower individuals and organizations who wish to undertake new paths of personal and professional growth towards a sustainable lifestyle, career and business. In particular, I specialize in coaching leaders, innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs who wish to become authentic sustainability champions. By valuing natural capital and ecosystem services as critical assets, they see sustainability as one of the greatest business opportunities of our time. They hear the pressure from customers and partners to increase transparency on sustainability performance, and make supply chains more sustainable. Through individual and group coaching programs, I empower my customers to integrate sustainability, social responsibility and environmental and social benefits as core values into conversations and organizations, and take clear action steps towards effective stakeholder engagement and communication, while creating a culture of resilience and positive change. My clients move towards their desired outcomes, and see how these changes can fit sustainably into their bigger picture. By honoring their values, they take inspired steps that lead to important shifts in attitude, behaviors and habit formation. They improve the company's performance and brand reputation, and develop sustainable products and services. Through coaching, they achieve proven results that sustainability is a strategic objective that supports the Triple Bottom Line and our Planet's life.
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Licenses & Certifications

- Accredited Professional Coach by the Erickson College International (EPC) - Erickson Certified Professional Coach by the Erickson College International (ECPC) - First Italian Certified Coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ Certified Coach) - Accredited Executive Foundation Coach by the Association for Coaching (AC) - Third Italian Accredited Coach by the Association for Coaching (AC) - Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) - Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) - Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Italian Chapter - Member (MAC) of the Association for Coaching (AC) - Funding Member of the Association for Coaching (AC) - Team Leader & Point of Contact in Italy for the Association for Coaching (AC)

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Dr Paola Fiore

Paola has created a pass and worked on it with me during our 3 month contract to help me see what can be possible in my life and career. Her gentle probing and guidance on the pass to self-discovery has helped me become more confident in myself and aware of the resources already available to me. We did some great visualization work, and I have learnt that a visualization approach and visual tools can be very powerful and helpful to come unstuck and see the other options available in the moment. Paola has helped me to find my inner strengths and act more consciously on what is best for me. Now I know how to keep myself accountable and stay on track with my bigger and smaller goals.
― Alevtina K
Paola supports you to dive deeper into your thoughts and feelings and find what lays beneath; her coaching style is supportive, open and inquisitive. Paola has kept asking me the question "What else?": it made me stop and consider deeper even though I thought I had gone as deep as I could. She gave me the time and space to do that in every session. Paola gave me all the necessary time and space that created in me some amazing and enlightening responses. I discovered that it is important for me to have my head and heart aligned on both my personal and professional goals, or I loose my energy and lack motivation in life and work. I would like to thank Paola for having given me the time and space to understand my inner purpose and the importance of staying focused on my core values and big goals. Paola helped me on personal and professional level to reach a fuller potential than when I started working with her.
― Michele R
Paola's coaching style is gentle, curious and very present. She is a great listener and great at asking powerful and relevant questions that gave me new levels of awareness and moved me into action. I learned to trust myself more. Sometimes, my coaching requests were motivated from a lack of trust, or from wanting to be "helped" in some way. Paola gave me the opportunity to step fully into my own awareness, creativity and power through her powerful questions and reflections. I have fulfilled on many of my business tasks and marketing projects during the time we worked together. I was very motivated after every one of our sessions to take action on my goals; I completed a lot of projects that were sitting on the table, so-to-speak, for a long time. Paola is a wonderful coach. She brings great energy to every conversation. She is calm and gentle yet powerful in her approach. Her excellent presence and listening skills have her asking questions that create big shifts in thinking and had me move readily into action. She is delightful to work with!
― Nancy H
Paola is a warm supportive coach; her approach is gentle, but powerful, supportive yet challenging. She listens, hears and asks questions which encourage self-reflection, deeper understanding, and new levels of awareness. Her listening and questioning enabled me to explore what I really wanted, where I wanted to go, and what matters most to me. I made decisions, both on the personal and professional side, and acted accordingly on them. The outcomes have been very positive for me.
― Shirley S
Paola was a great coach and a true partner for me. During our 3-month coaching relationship, I felt truly supported and gently guided to explore the dilemma I was dealing with and create my own solutions. She mirrored me, and let me lead the direction of each coaching session while also challenging me to find new, concrete and immediately applicable solutions. She literally helped me to move forward at my own rhythm. The most impressive aspects of her coaching style are her presence and listening skills. As a great listener and excellent thinking partner, she knew exactly how to hold space for me and give me time to reflect and listen to my own feelings. After that, she challenged me to create concrete actions and to hold myself accountable. Her confirmations throughout the call and her ability to use silence and space during the coaching session was great. I had great changes in my life as a result of my coaching with Paola. I'm very grateful for the gift that our coaching partnership made possible.
― Diana M
Paola is very collaborative and supportive. She has a gentle tenacity; she never pushes and stays very present. Paola is a great listener. Her curiosity and questioning was always aligned with my stated personal and professional goals during our 6-month coaching agreement. Paola has helped me clarify and simplify my agenda; get focused on how to better manage my time and energy; and, create a new strategy for chunking down a large task into approachable and enjoyable smaller steps. I recommend Paola as one of the best professional coaches I worked with.
― Selina M
Paola works with a powerful solution-focused coaching-process. She is very structured and fully aware of her coaching role and coaching responsibilities. She helped me developing new insights and business strategies, because she stayed within her solution-focused mindset during our 3-month coaching contract. I was able to re-define and improve the marketing and communication plan of my consulting company, and also to clear a personal issue that was blocking me. Paola is a very motivated and skilled professional coach. I am thankful for the time we spent together. I hope many more clients will have the opportunity to work with Paola.
― Ralf F.

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