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Coach Tom Bohinc

Global Citizen - France - USA
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My expertise is about personal and professional potential for learning, achievement, and connection and all of the experiences that bring fulfillment, meaning, and happiness in men and in women. You will take actions that you have never taken, think thoughts that you have never thought, be moved and inspired in ways you have never before. You will hold your own vision without compromise and it will propel you. In your gut, in your bones, in your soul, if you feel a pull for connection and greatness (no matter how humble) and you are willing to change-up your view of who you are and the resources you can tap - you can have an amazing life ahead. Personal Coaching. Start by understanding yourself with a new perspective, greater intuition, and connection. A large part of your identity is your own happiness. Happy is a reward itself and it is unique to you and shared with others - at the same time. Professional Coaching Clients include everyday individuals of any age, including senior executives, young professionals, community -team -group leaders, and entrepreneurs. This is a no holes barred, nor magic solutions, fully empowered solution. My assumption is to learn to recognize and trust your instincts/intelligence, to leverage the whole of the resources available, and to stay curious in action and always, always focus on your own compelling goals without compromise. and current reality with clear mind and heart. The pace we explore and the topics we choose are in your control. They should be new but they may have been with you too long. They can be inspiring or unsettling or confusing, and we quickly learn to love them, make choices, take action and learn.

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About Coach Tom Bohinc

Tom is one of those rare individuals with deep insights into living fully and real-world experience in creating and leading effectively. His qualifications and training include esteemed sources such as Coaches Training Institute, The Leadership Circle, Minds at Work (Harvard), and WBECS. He has a Masters from Case Western Reserve University. He currently lives in both France and the US - working remotely and face to face.


Leadership, Innovation, Fulfillment, Balance, Insight, Accountability, Trust, Connection, Career.

Licenses & Certifications

Leadership Assessment (LCP), Team and Culture Assessment (LCP), Adult Development and Personal Maturity (SOI), Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC)

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

We find that coaching results take some period of commitment. We recommend a coaching package over 24 weeks (6 months) where we will gain more clarity, motivation and make real change in one or more areas. Coaching includes: - Email and texts support (no hard limit). - 2 X Monthly (60 +- min) video/phone coaching. - Proprietary 12-week program - Emergency or hot topic schedule options

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2X 60 min live coaching Emergency or hot-topic schedule options. Text and e-mail contacts Monthly coach's perspective and client journal

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Client Reviews for Tom Bohinc

My serious girlfriend broke up with me and cut off all communication. Nothing seemed more important than finding someone to talk through what I was thinking and feeling and gain perspective. I was a mess. Tom was very insightful and both patient and direct about how I felt and supported options to for me to make the best choices. Long story short, I decided to approach her again. - and we are together, sharing all of our lives and just recently married. Tom was able to speak right to the heart of this experience. There is a lot to be said for someone who does this.
― Alex P
Working with Tom gave me a whole new perspective on myself and the people I work with every day. Ultimately, I am happier and so is my team. My life has changed.
― Allen B
I was devastated when I was down-sized from my prestigious organization - and only a month before my full retirement. I could barely get out of bed. It was Tom whose listening and feedback helped me process through this shock and emerge the better. Finding a strong position at my age was not something I thought was going to happen - but it did. Thanks in large part to Tom
― Dan Z
As a young man trying to make a stable and rewarding career, I chose Tom for his experience and because of how he came across - straight shooter - experienced - insightful. Following Tom's coaching was the best thing I could have done - shifting from social services work to the for-profit world was tough and Tom was there all the way helping me see my strengths, present my self well and go "all-in". I am now in my second career managing exciting work, paying down my student debt and living in NYC. It was a stretch to hire Tom, but it has paid off in the best way imagined.
― Tyler T
As I high-potential technology leader Tom helped to expand my awareness and my engagement across my internal customers, bringing me a clear insight into where I was on-track and where I needed work.
― Jeff H
I was overwhelmed with anxiety and doubt as I adjusted to my loss of vision. Tom helped me gain new perspectives and new strengths on a personal level, and also new courage in my business.
― Curt W
Work with Tom if you are a senior business professional. I worked with Tom because I felt stuck in my role as operations director, and working with him we changed my priorities, my delegation and direction to the team, and innovation and creative focus and my assertion in this all-male executive team. I am now the COO.
― Julia B
Tom was instrumental as I worked through losing my high tech leadership position and shifted to entrepreneurship. I now am the CEO of a funded start-up with a working product and market testing under-way. From insight to vision to relationships, Tom made the difference.
― Alon L

Case Studies for Tom Bohinc

The executive team of a company approaching $1b revenue engaged our leadership assessment services. From the feedback in their leadership assessments, the experience of the front-line management showed as a clear area of attention. We designed training programs over two years that shifted the level of commitment and interaction in his team, changing the tone and performance from conflict and rescue to collaboration and creative change by the front line teams.
I was called by the CEO of a $50m company with a global reach and high innovation to help plan development for his leadership team so that the company's fast growth can continue. We highlighted his goals, his team strengths and team challenges. Then designed a development plan for the team that included individual assessments, training and coaching; a new engagement/interactions guideline for the CEO; and an organizational structure for the new leadership team. That team is in place and growth continues.

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