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About Coach Marianna Guenther

Marianna Guenther is a Strategic Intervention Coach with the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Institute and Strategic Intervention. She is also a Life and Success Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Fitness and Nutritional Expert. She holds B.S in Finance and MBA in Management. After spending 15+ years in corporate finance sharing her knowledge, leading teams, coaching and mentoring her employees and helping clients realize their business goals, she decided to pursue a path of becoming a coach, author, and speaker. Marianna helps successful women who reached a point where they want to grow and continue to succeed, improve their life or boost their career but maybe they cannot make their mind, or dont know which way to go or they are unable to make a decision about their personal life or professional career. She helps realize what they like and what makes them feel fulfilled so they can have more of it and utilize that power for other areas of their lives. Most importantly, she helps them find meaning and true purpose they were destined for. Maybe they've on crossroads, or they love their job and career but know there is more or theyve lost passion for what they're doing, or theyre stuck about how to do it or how to make it happen or they don't know which direction to pursue or which way to. She helps them to identify the best strategy, define the path to follow ensuring that it is aligned with their bigger mission. Working with her clients, she helps them determine the exact steps to get there so they come out the other end happier, clear and stronger. Whether you created success in your life and want more of it or youre not fulfilled in what youve created or don't know which direction to go, and maybe you feel almost trapped by what you created (which actually makes it so much more difficult) or youre unable to choose your next and new path direction but you dont know what it is or how to get there but you know theres an answer out there and that theres something more for you but youre not crystal clear what it is and how to make it happen, Marianna will help you to get out of that place much stronger and she will help you figure out what it is and actively create it. Marianna and her husband, two awesome, athletic and awesome sons, and her dog Champ enjoy an active, healthy and busy lifestyle.

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