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Coach Chris Gill

York  ·  Noth Yorkshire  ·  United Kingdom
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Expertise: Millennials, career change, women returning to work, relationships, starting and building a business, managing stress, finding your best self

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About Coach Chris Gill

My name is Chris and I am male coach based in the UK, with credentials from the international coaching federation (ICF) and The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I qualified with CTI which is recognised as probably the most rigorous coach training worldwide, and I am a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC). I specialize in Personal Coaching, and Professional Coaching and have experience working with clients from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. I am passionate about helping people get to where they want to be and to become the person they want to be. The smallest of changes we make in life can have a huge impact further down the track. I believe the toughest part of 'getting out of our own way' is making the decision that a change is needed. A little bit about coaching: A coach can help clarify what you want out of your current life situation, and figure out a plan on how to get from where you currently are to the new place you want to be. People who are looking to work with a coach to reach personal goals fall into several groups: those who want to improve their life satisfaction and fulfilment, those who know what they want but haven't been successful at getting there, and people who feel that their life could be better but don't know exactly what they want. A good coach can help you get clarity about what it is that you want to achieve and what your goals are. Most of us have self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent us from getting what we want, and these need to be addressed. Whatever your situation is, a coach can help you with all stages of improving your life. They can also help you figure out a plan that will advance you towards your goals. The plan will be tailored to your needs taking into account what has worked for you in the past and what hasn't. They will hold you accountable. For most people having someone that asks about your progress is the crucial factor that makes all the difference between you sticking to your plan and actually doing the things that need to be done, and procrastinating and leaving out the important things for another time. Coaches with extensive experience have probably helped others that have been in exactly the same life situation as you to reach the same goals. This is important because you will probably face difficulties along the way and someone who has helped others will know how to deal with the specific difficulties that may arise along the way.


Struggling in a relationship Feeling trapped in your life with no choices Wanting a change of career, a fresh direction Feeling inadequate, no energy, lost, helpless Starting up your own business, what are the steps you need to take Getting started in your working life, that first position

Licenses & Certifications

CPCC Certified Professional Coactive Coach ACC Associate Certified Coach Master's Degree - Information Technology Bachelor's Degree - Accounting & Finance

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Ever feel like you are sitting on the sidelines looking in at your own life. You are not alone, lots of people feel that way about their lives, but it's not how it has to be. If you want to start making the choices and decisions that fit who you really are, then it's time for a fresh perspective. This is a 4 session 'wake-up call'. A fresh look at YOU, and a re-energised perspective on YOUR life. We'll look at what's important in your life, what you are really about, when you are acting on purpose and when you're not. We'll put that inner critic in its place and get your best-self standing front and centre in YOUR life. 4 x 1 hours calls, homework, follow up, documentation.

Client Reviews for Chris Gill

From the beginning, it was apparent that Chris had a lot more knowledge of what was going on that even I was seeing. Things that seemed to be obvious but were clouded by years of inner conflict and trying to fight for what seemed to be a purpose. He absolutely helped to lift the veil and bring clarity to what I was feeling and also why. I feel a new zest for life and am back out there as the controller of my life.
― Matthew R.
From the moment that I started to work with Chris, it was obvious that he knew where to ask questions and how to make the most of our time. He was very observant and was quick to point out things that I was blind to see and helped to give me a grasp on why I felt the way I did and formulate a plan to get me back to feeling in control of my life.
― Matthew R.
Really supportive and approachable coach. Was really helpful in discussing the issues I was having with my small business ideas. Helpful in the dramas I had in my relationships. Sensitive and supportive of diversity while recognising cultural differences.
― Peter L.
I wanted motivation, and a better understanding of some of my behaviours around procrastination. I thought a coach would hold me to account to ‘doing’ things. Thankfully, you saw beyond this. So, no, my specific expectations were not met, but the outcome was so much better, and enduring, and life changing.
― TT. North West, England
I do now have an extra level of confidence within my highly competitive work place. I am no longer holding back. My focus is less on ‘doing’ things, and much more on ‘being’. I am much more ‘being’ me; bringing my style, my personality, my uniqueness to everything I do. And what amazes me is that it is so much easier. It is now just so much less effort to be more satisfied and successful in my working life.
― TW. North West, England
Following coaching with Chris, I am more analytical and thoughtful about situations. I see the possibilities in a situation and not the potential problems. I have greater self-awareness and feel I can use my learning both at work and at home to my real advantage.
― SS. North West, England
The journey was an emotional roller coaster but with each step it took me to a better, stronger and happier state of mind and being. There were moments when I slipped backwards but I believe this needed to happen to allow me to take two steps forward. When reflecting on ME and how I felt at the beginning to where I am now I now have the know how to deal with situations, value my values and defend and honour them. Believe and respect myself and ensure moving forward that I do not forget this or allow others to disrespect me. Family and friends see a change in me and for the better. I have got my “MOJO” back.
― CF. Scotland
I was amazed at how quickly Chris got the measure of me. He is hugely insightful and for me the most important thing in a Coach is their genuine motivation to what they do, to make a difference and to strike a balance of being on the side of their Coachee whilst still challenging them, and Chris has all these qualities is spades. That, and patience!
― ST, London England
Thanks for helping me develop as a human being and help to balance out recognising the importance of emotions with using my energy effectively.
― CS. North West, England
Through coaching with you and your techniques I rediscovered the things that are important to me (in all areas of my life from my values to relationships to activities to just day to day living) and I now know how to focus on those. When I started coaching I was in a grey hole – the coaching journey brought back the colour that I had enjoyed at different points in my life and really gave me the confidence and the techniques to shape my day to day and future plans to keep that colour. The culmination of this stage of coaching was a complete change in work/home life - pretty substantial changes that definitely feel right. The positive energy I now have about my life and the way in which I now approach change is dramatically different.
― CA. South West, England
working with Chris my expectations were exceeded. I entered the sessions feeling as though I had unfulfilled potential and being at quite a low point, with a lot of change, and emerged some months later able to understand all the elements that keep me on purpose, and more importantly, what that purpose is.
― SC.Manchester England

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