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About Coach Kirstin ODonovan

Im Kirstin ODonovan - a productivity coach, author and speaker from South Africa, based in Madrid, Spain. As the founder of Top Results Coaching, I've designed my business to reflect the values I believe in as well as the professional know-how that I've acquired. Although I'm incredibly proud of my professional achievements, they're not the only factors that have made me who I am today. Many of my strengths as a coach lie in who I am as a person and this is why I would like to share some of my thoughts and motivations with you! My own self-actualisation came together with my professional success. I'm fortunate enough to be able to work in a field that I have personally benefited from and feel incredibly passionate about helping my clients is as fulfilling to me as it is beneficial to them. The path to reaching a happy place in my life has not been easy there have been many ups and downs. The barriers I've overcome have not only made me stronger, but also more empathetic. I understand where many of my clients are coming from, and my help isn't limited to abstract, generic text-book quotes; I speak from experience as well as professional knowledge. I'm dedicated to helping my clients enjoy life as much as I do, and in the process learn the tools needed to succeed in all their endeavours, reaching their full potential.


I am an expert in productivity and peak performance in individuals and I have been coaching for over 6 years, and working in the world of personal growth for over 9 years. I am an Author and I have a wealth of experience coaching my clients to success. I work mainly around the mindset, and habits and how to ensure you have a mindset aligned with the goals you want to achieve and that you take the right actions to achieve the best results sooner.

Licenses & Certifications

ACC (Associate Certified Coach) - International Coach Federation (ICF), US Certified Business Coach - The World Coach Institute (WCI), US Advanced Life Coaching Diploma - Advanced Life Coaching Institute, Oregon, USA Life Skills Coaching Diploma - Stonebridge Associated Colleges, Cornwall, UK

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