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About Coach Eric Bensoussan

RELATIONSHIP EXPERT- individuals and Couples- FLUENT ENGLISH/FRENCH I am a firm believer that the relationship you have with yourself set the tone for every relationship you have. Do you struggle with your partner, a family member, a friend or a colleague at work? Do you feel disconnected from yourself or others? Do you feel your relationship with your partner is not fulfilling enough? Should I stay or should I leave? Do you want to learn and master the skills of relationships? Are you done thinking "What's wrong with me?' Do you want to heal the pain or a broken heart? Do you want to overcome anger, frustration or resentment? Do you want to feel happy and confident? If you answered yes to one of this questions: Then you are with the right coach. I will support you to master relationship skills and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself to have a better relationship with others. I will guide you to a new experience of being yourself that you can transcend any life's challenges. My knowledge, experience, and wisdom will guide you in the right direction. I have a gift to connect and understand people where they are in their life, and to know where they need to focus their attention to evolve and grow. After getting to know you, your history, and your patterns of behavior, I work with you to break the patterns that have tripped you up in the past. We all have patterns that get in our way. I PROVIDE THE SAFE SPACE AND THE PERSPECTIVE TO CREATE AWARENESS. WITH THAT AWARENESS YOU'LL FIND YOURSELF CHOOSING THE PATH THAT WILL LEAD YOU TO YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL-A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP, HAPPY RELATIONSHIP-ALL ON YOUR OWN. YOU WILL SEE YOURSELF MAKING NEW CHOICES. BY HELPING YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR PERSONAL MOTIVATIONS, TOGETHER WE CAN PINPOINT KEY AREAS IN NEED OF DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCT A PROGRAM TO GUIDE YOUR LIFE INTO FULFILLMENT. Well break down your aspirations into manageable steps and strengthen your vulnerabilities to withstand any challenges you may encounter along the way. 1/Individual Relationship Coaching I support women and men to strengthen the relationship they have with themselves so that they can have a better relationship with others. I do believe that the relationship you have with yourself set the tone for every area of your life. Relationships is a skill you can master when you truly understand your personal dynamic. What is preventing you now to have great relationships? Self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, overwhelming emotions, painful experiences.....? As your Coach, I will guide you to deepen your actual relationship with your other significant, or family member such as parents, kids, and friends. I will support your journey and healing process that you can feel wonderful and amazing about yourself. YOU WILL STOP TO RECREATE THE SAME EXPERIENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 2/Divorce Coaching I help men or women to overcome the emotional challenges of divorce such as anger, hurt, pain, and confusion so that they can start to feel better and Reclaim Confidence, Strength, Personal Power, and Joy. I can guide you to deepen your actual relationship with your other significant, or family member such as parents, kids, and friends. I am an expert in helping people dealing with emotional pain. 3/Couples Coaching Couples coaching offers the opportunity to discover the real issue behind the actions and the arguments. What its all really about. Sometimes we can better understand ourselves through the couples coaching because conflicts in a partnership always involve something very personal. Its not only about the intermediate issues, but Its also about yourself. Do you know exactly what you want and need? Have you communicated that? Have you set boundaries? Have you asked for enough space? As your Coach, I will assist you to find ways to better communicate, resolve conflicts, listen to the others needs, and to increase intimate bond. As your Coach, I will be helping you identify a better path for your relationship. At the age of 50, I have been myself in different challenges with relationships and divorces. I transformed my challenges into opportunities to learn and grow. I am gifted now with a whole different perspective. In result of my transformation, I live a life from a place of love, with infinite possibilities. I experience freedom and Joy, on my own terms. I live the life I want and live it powerfully. My gift can be yours! You don't have to struggle alone. ONE OF BIGGEST GIFT IS TO RECOGNIZE PEOPLE'S DYNAMIC AND SEE WHERE THEY NEED TO FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION. I WILL ALSO GIVE YOU A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE OF YOUR LIFE THAT WILL EMPOWER YOU. Let's start a conversation to see how I can support you. I am a Heart-centered Coach. Compassionate helper and healer.


Expert in Relationship Coaching Divorce Coaching Couples Coaching Conflict resolution Self Confidence, Self Esteem Self-love, Self-care, Self-respect Resolving trust issues Expert in coping with emotional pain. Expert in healing pain Improving Relationships Mastering Relationships Skills Helping you getting your ex back Spritual growth

Licenses & Certifications

International Coach Federation Certified PCC level Erickson College International Certified ACTP- ECPC Landmark Curriculum for living

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

one month package includes 3 sessions x 45 minutes.

45 Min Call Session

12 x 45 minutes- 4 sessions a month for 3 Month. Unlimited messages between session.

The purpose of an emergency call is to have someone to talk to who is neutral and won't judge you. The call is a safe space for you to share, exchange and gain a new perspective on your situation. I will help you to discern your circumstances, and give you the right tool to gain clarity for better decisions.

3 sessions to Boost your confidence so that you can live with intentions and power. I use NLP techniques to clear blocks and limiting beliefs. Create new possibilities. 3 x 30 minutes Session + 1 x 15 Call to follow up after a month.

3 session x 45 minutes to clear blocks and limiting beliefs so that you can improve your self-esteem, and live a life with self-care and self-respect. BONUS : 2 x 15 minutes call for follow-up in the next 3 months

Client Reviews for Eric Bensoussan

Eric is the most wonderful person and an incredible Coach. He makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. He makes you feel completely at ease, which allows you to open up, and he helps you understand your current dilemma and gives you the tools to help you recover. I was going through a breakup which was greatly affecting me emotionally. Eric helped me understand the underlying issues in my relationship, he helped me understand my boyfriend’s motives, and he helped me gain closure and move on. More importantly, Eric helped me to better understand myself.
― Gloria.K
Eric and I set expectations at the beginning as well as checkpoints along the way to ensure we were on track and I was getting what I had hoped for /expected out of the sessions. Each session was either guided by me or by him depending on if I had a pressing issue to discuss. I got something useful and helpful every session. I had previously attended clinical counseling but did not find them useful or helpful. Eric's approach was much better and really worked for me.
― Lindsey.W
Eric was absolutely wonderful to work with! He gives a fresh and heartfelt perspective with thought-provoking advice. Highly recommended!
― Selena. J
My session with Eric was AMAZING! He is insightful, empathetic, and intuitive. He is a true professional and I'm grateful to have found him. I am now going to be working with him long term.
― Brian.W
Eric, you are such a blessing. Your presence is so gentle and welcoming, and you have a very tender and kind spirit. Thank you for holding space and shedding light on a gift I was unaware of. Your intuition is powerful and I hope you continue to use it. I appreciate all of your tips and insights as they were extremely helpful. Much love and gratitude for you. : )
― Caitlin.L
Eric is the most wonderful person and incredible therapist. He makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. He makes you feel completely at ease, which allows you to open up, and he helps you understand your current dilemma and gives you the tools to help you recover. I was going through a breakup which was greatly affecting me emotionally. Eric helped me understand the underlying issues in my relationship, he helped me understand my boyfriend’s motives, and he helped me gain closure and move on. More importantly, Eric helped me to better understand myself.
― Gloria. K
I was worried this would be a waste of time and money before we started but he has been very beneficial. Eric did a great job of making me look at things from a different perspective in my life. I was blaming others people for things that were my issues. I learned how to have an honest conversation with myself and others.
― Andre..S
I was getting angry in my relationships with some family members. After working with Eric, I now have begun to gain a better understanding of their situation, which is, in turn, helping me not take things personally. In a short few sessions, Eric was able to provide immense clarity in terms of relationships. He was able to dial right into the dynamics I was undergoing, and provide exactly the help I needed. He is excellent!
― Rashan.M
Eric is very knowledgeable and experienced in the areas that he coaches in. He is also very understanding and easy to work with. I have made a lot of progress with Patience and understanding how to manage my emotions and showing more gratitude. It has really shifted my perspective and helped me realize I have the ability to change my perspective at any moment. I would recommend anyone to work with him if you are ready to change your life's experience.
― Blake.S
I am very happy with him. He is just not selling his coaching. He is genuinely interested in helping, concerned about client move past the obstacle. The first discovery call made a difference in my approach. Very understanding and intuitive to know where and how to help you. I am shouting my recommendation for him, to people who needs his help. Great coach to work with. Best wishes! Anna
― Ana S
I have contacted Eric a few months ago, as I was going through break up with my wife. I was feeling low and didn't know what to expect. Eric encouraged me to look into how I felt about myself along with my marriage. The work we did together had a tremendous impact in every area of my life. I could finally be confident, understand my needs without feeling guilty, and start to set boundaries. I literally stopped pleasing others and started to feel good about myself. In result of my transformation through the process, I have changed my job, and most of all, I could have a different kind of conversations with my wife that lead us to be back together. I have transformed the relationship with myself, and enjoy who I am, and don't pretend to be someone else. It was very easy to work with Eric, and having him supporting me, and guiding me has made a great impact. He is genuine, generous, kind and keen to share his own experiences. I am deeply grateful for his insights and help.
― Patrick.B
Eric is an excellent relationship coach. He has amazing listening skills and comes up with very specific and exact questions that help you to get the insight you need in order to find the needed answers to your questions. I would for sure recommend Eric as a coach.
― Anushka H.
Eric so educated about relationships and he knows what he is talking about. I had a great experience talking to him
― Paniz K.
Eric is not only a great listener, but he is great at digging to get to the heart of the issue to find a solution. There are several issues that we worked on that I thought would take multiple sessions and a lot of work to get through, but Eric’s insight made such a difference in such a short amount of time. I am really glad that I found Eric and was able to work with him. I will certainly be reaching out to him more in the future.
― Jessa.B
I was impressed how Eric understood my challenges so well. He was spot on about where I am in my life and helped to find clarity on where would be my next steps. I gained confidence, and self-esteem in a way that I would never think possible. After being coached for 6 months, I am a different person, and I love who I became. This was a great discovery journey. Challenging and rewarding.
― Eric S.
Eric is a kind, generous, supportive and enlightened human being. It's always so refreshing to connect with him and receive his insights and wisdom, especially on relationships. He is a beautiful example of an awakened man. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I will be back!
― Sophia R.
My coaching with Eric was absolutely great! He guided me through my break up and give me new perspectives to understand myself and my relationships. He is a loving and caring person that makes you feel safe at any moment. I learned so much about myself, and gain a great sense of confidence! Thank you for being part of my journey.
― Sophie B
I don't usually write reviews but I feel the need to express my gratitude for Eric. I asked for guidance and he was so accurate and right about my situation. He provided guided advice and most of all helped me to feel a sense of peace in myself that I haven't felt. I am a different person today because of him. He is truly a wonderful and caring soul. Thank you Eric!
― Maria
Eric is such a wonderful person and an excellent coach. I really thank him for all the guidance and encouragement. Thanks for making a difference in others life, dear Eric. Keep shining.
― Monika
Eric helped me to understand and apply liberating perspectives through his direct and pragmatic speech. It is a genuine person who knows how to effortlessly establish a close and warm relationship with their clients. Through working with Eric I could finally understand how I position myself in a limiting way within a relationship and because of this, I am pleased to say I have eradicated a formerly toxic behavior.
― Eric L.
I have seen Eric, a handful of times and each time we met I left feeling like I have learned something new that I can utilize in my dad to day life. He used tools such as visualization and other techniques that I still use on a daily basis to control my emotions and to help center myself. Before I met Eric I had seen multiple counselors and self-help professionals, none of them gave me tools that Eric did to help me on a day to day basis. I had issues surrounding anger, resentment and fear and meeting with Eric better helped me to understand these issues and we were able to develop tools to overcome these issues. Eric is genuine in his approach and is was willing to work with me and my individual concerns and develop a plan that was geared toward my success. I recommend Eric to anyone seeking answers about personal development or wanting tools to deal with the daily issues life presents.
― Sunny
"Thanks to Eric, the former perspective I held of my life's circumstances has been turned upside down by awakening to a very different awareness and perspective on suffering, and has opened me up to new freedom. It has allowed me to refocus on the essentials and helped to identify my needs. What he was able to communicate to facilitate my necessary transformation is remarkable in this type of situation. His knowledge of this type of suffering and his professional qualities as a coach, his insights, and his benevolence allow him to offer others new perspectives that open up an infinite field of possibilities. These new perspectives offered a decisive point to powerfully reset, and restored for me both the taste for life and the hope of finding lasting serenity and inner peace necessary for a promising and balanced future. Thanks to him and his expertise, I have the keys to regain control of my life."
― Francoise
"I got so much more than I expected. When I began coaching, I was in a very negative emotional space and wasn't getting what I needed from traditional therapy. I attended one of Eric's group sessions and knew immediately that his approach was different and would be focused on healing in the now rather than analyzing the past. Eric provided a safe space where I could just be and feel. It was exactly what I needed. I have been able to move on with my life, not by burying the past but by processing my feelings about it in a healthy, productive way.?"
― Julia

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