Coach Amanda Devine - London, Greater London, United Kingdom - Finding your Purpose, Relationships,
Life Coach Amanda Devine - London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Coach Amanda Devine

London  ·  Greater London  ·  United Kingdom
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Finding your Purpose, Relationships, Health, Breaking down old patterns and limiting beliefs,

About Coach Amanda Devine

I am a professionally trained and certified Co-Active life coach (CPCC). Before I became a coach, I worked for over 15 years as a former Change and Operations Manager within the Education and Publishing industry. I found myself thriving from a UK base with regular international travel. Wherever there was high pressure, high expectations and challenge, I could be found. That was until I could no longer stomach the life I was living and I burnt out. I do what I do now because I strongly believe in me, someone whom I was not always inherently comfortable with. Through ongoing self-work, expanding my range and embracing my discomfort zone I have watched my life, beliefs and the way I show up in the world transform. Coaching allows me to accompany you on your journey to cultivate the good soil into which you surrender to your greatness. I work to ignite the best expression of who you are and all that you were meant to achieve.


London  ·  Greater London  ·  United Kingdom


I coach extremely talented and high potential people who have hit the weakest point in their lives, who are ready to give up on their belief that they are meant for something better. My gift is to raise their self-belief, passion and excitement for the future and to move them gently but actively into their discomfort zone where change and transformation take shape. I especially like to work with people who are looking to evoke the leader within themselves. I work with: * People who are bored at work, not exercising their full career potential, are looking to elevate their career or are simply in a job they can no longer relate to. * People who suffer from anxiety and low confidence due to performance challenges or workplace bullying. * People looking for clarity, confidence and authenticity in relationships with themselves and others (work/personal). * People frustrated with life patterns on repeat and are looking to expand into the full range of who they really are. * People facing tough health challenges who are looking to transform their lives so that self-love is no longer simply a set of words on a page but an integral part of their lives.

Licenses & Certifications

2018 CPCC Co-Active Certification 2017 CRR Global - Alchemy - Creating from Relationship Field Of StudyThe Art of Co-Facilitiation 2016 CRR Global -ORSC Fundamentals- Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Field Of Study Systems Coaching 2016 - Firework Career Coaching Programme 2015 - Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Graduate


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $85
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

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