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About Coach Rupa Shende

Hello Everyone I am Rupa - an Empowerment Coach and my personal coaching is dedicated to helping you get rid of self-doubt and become confident in your being so that you can create success on your own terms. I am in India but work with clients all over the world. Currently, my clients are located in UK, USA, Spain, Belgium, Dubai, and India. So far, the youngest client I coached was 19 years and the oldest client I have coached was aged 61 years (just to give you the range) I empower people to get into action to be the person they always wanted to be. I help transforming self-limiting belief patterns into useful tools of transformation taking into account the uniqueness of every client and most importantly ensure a follow through. I use a combination of transactional and transformational coaching to bring about lasting changes. My coaching offers a unique combination of strategy, support, action, and accountability resulting in the classic trio of clarity, courage and confidence.


My corporate experience has enriched me with skills and knowledge related to planning & productivity, ownership, team development, and leadership. My background in equity research allows me to understand various businesses relatively quickly. This allows me to connect not only with the entrepreneur but also with his/her business. This gives me an edge in my business coaching portfolio. My own spiritual journey helps me to allow my clients to Dive within. Dive within is a special deep coaching transformational program that allows people to transform inside out and embrace their own being.

Licenses & Certifications

ICF approved ACSTH Deep Transformational Coach - certified by the Center for Transformational Coaching

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Client Reviews for Rupa Shende

I have been working in a creative field since the past 7 years now. I had no background of business management and hence my thoughts would be all over the place, trying to do multiple things at one time. I was unable to prioritize different jobs. I had also reached a saturation point and was finding it difficult to reach out to newer people as a freelancer. Rupa helped me work though my struggles step by step. Quite frankly I wasn't sure if her services would really help. Most people feel, they know the basics of working and don't need any help since they have been doing it since a long time. But she helped me realize the smallest of steps taken every day help in the long run. As a creative person I was shy and had no confidence promoting myself, but she made me understand the importance of it and gave me the confidence to deal with it without feeling awkward. Her follows ups made sure I took necessary steps at the right times. If I was unable to complete the tasks she gave, alternative ways of working were immediately suggested. My sessions with her felt like brainstorming sessions to get better and made me feel at ease. She was extremely patient even when I had to reschedule at times. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone who is looking to get better than before. She helped me like a friend and I could trust her completely with all the minute details related to my work. Thank you Rupa, looking forward to maintaining this fruitful collaboration for a long time.
― Prache Khade, Celebrity Stylist,Mumbai, India
I was amazed at Rupa's ability to go beyond my words into my thoughts and emotions and address issues that were gnawing away. There were days when I went into the session with a feeling of having achieved nothing and the prospect of the session being unproductive but ended up having such insightful discussions; energizing me and helping me come out charged for the week ahead!
― Padmasini,Director Projects, UK
Rupa has a unique way of holding space for her clients. This space allows proper insight and questions to surface to help discover a new perspective on the situation. After working with Rupa I feel more confident and clear with my decisions moving forward.
― Sally Goncalves,Founder at,Canada
Rupa is a Coach par excellence. I worked with her for a period of 5 weeks and had a couple of helpful conversations before that. She helped me resolve an internal concern through the deep coaching style and it was extremely helpful for me to move forward. She is extremely diligent and consistent in the process before and after coaching, which helped me stay on track and accountable. I wish you the best in touching more lives and making an impact Rupa!
― Suneeta Lawrence, Success and Career Coach,India
Rupa helped me come a long way over a 3 month course. I felt like a different person after my coaching sessions and defiantly noticed the changes in myself that I was hoping for.
― Neda, Finance Professional, Saudi Arabia

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