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Life Coach Wendy Powell - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Coach Wendy Powell

Guelph  ·  Ontario  ·  Canada
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Narcissism Drama in Relationships/Lying/Cheating Boundaries/co-dependency Finding joy and contentment

About Coach Wendy Powell

As a Martha Beck certified life coach, I will help you get out of your own way. I can teach you the tools to connect with who you are and what you want -- which is often different from what you have learned to "want". My knowledge of narcissism comes from personal experience. After realizing I was dealing with people with this pathology, I began coaching people who were "narcissist adjacent". In other words, they had a significant or unavoidable relationship with someone who was a narcissist. My personal experience, what I learned from coaching others and extensive amounts of reading were the foundation for a book I wrote, "The Narcissist Survival Guide." This guide pulls together the basics of what you need to know to deal with a narcissist.


Guelph  ·  Ontario  ·  Canada


In the last eight years, I've developed two steams of clients. One group is highly successful individuals who have "everything" and can't figure out why they are so unhappy. I help these individuals turn off the "programming" they have received and learn how to connect with what is important to them, instead of what they "should" want. The other group of clients are "narcissist adjacent". These are individuals who realize (or suspect) they have a narcissist in their lives. This individual could be a family member, friend, lover, neighbour or co-worker. Narcissists play by completely different rules than other individuals. This makes dealing with them unique and challenging. I can help you navigate this relationship and learn how to avoid entering a similar one.

Licenses & Certifications

-OMITTED-. (biology); Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; -OMITTED-. (epidemiology/antimicrobial resistance) Martha Beck certified life coach


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