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I have a degree in Communication from the University of Texas El Paso. I am an experienced Certified Professional Coach graduating from the advanced program at the International Coach Academy. I have experience coaching everything from career coaching to how to get organized. The best description of my niche is a Life Skills Coach. The skills everyone needs but no one teaches. Life skills, relationship skills, communication skills and coping with grief. Grief includes loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, job loss, empty nest, or any major life change. I have real world experience having been in the education field for 20 years and as a manager/supervisor for 15. I have coached work relationship issues as well as work/ home balance and personal/ family issues.

About Coach Shelley Davis

I'm a mom and wife and good friend. I have been listening to and coaching people for as long as I remember. Now I'm a professional. My coaching is done with humor and praise and positivity, but I've been known to kick a butt if need be. . I am a Certified Professional Coach and a past member of the International Coach Association. I have several years of experience helping clients to set priorities and meet goals using my S.M.I.L.E. coaching model. Coaching is serious business but I believe humor is a big part of life and it is also a part of my coaching. If you are looking for real world experience, a good listener, someone to hold you accountable and perhaps some humor along the way, give me a call and we can take your next step together. I hope to hear from you soon


My coaching disposition is to help you meet what ever goal you have for yourself in a non stressful way with humor and celebration. I have been coaching for over 3 years with over 150 hours of coaching. I have worked in the education field as a college counselor and worked as a supervisor for the Federal Government for almost 10 years. My experience with employers, co-workers and employees has enabled me to provide effective coaching on work relationships, career issues and job changes. I have experience on general life and family relationship issues. Organizing your home/ life; perusing a healthier life; family relationship issues including LGBTQ; coping with empty nest; or just general life chaos are all issues I have worked on with clients.

Licenses & Certifications

Graduate Advanced Coach Program: Certified Professional Coach

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