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Coach Jeeva Sam

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Marriage, Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Spiritual Cleansing, Freedom from Life's Hurts, Overcoming your past, Inner Healing, Christian, Success, Spirit-Led Success

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About Coach Jeeva Sam

35 plus years of experience as a pastor and nearly 35 years of marriage. My wife Sulojana and I together mentor married couples on the verge of a breakdown to achieve breakthrough and turn their marriages around. We also mentor couples who are engaged and/or serious about marriage so they can experience a successful marriage right from the moment they say "I do." Through a specialized process, we help you overcome your past, get cleansed of all that's holding you back from moving forward and enjoy life with freedom and success. Been mentoring leaders in every sphere of society, especially business, sales, finances and church, to achieve supernatural success that is possible only through the Holy Spirit.


Mentoring Married Couples in distress from breakdown to breakthrough in 8 weeks. Mentoring couples who are engaged/serious about marriage to enter marriage fully equipped to face the realities of married life, free of any hurts from the past that could end up sabotaging their marriage in the future. Helping couples in a relationship resolve communication issues and conflict Providing spiritual and relational mentorship to high achievers in business, sales and other fields. Healing life's hurts, spiritual cleansing from failures, mistakes and traumas of the past.

Licenses & Certifications

Master of Divinity Sozo (spiritual healing) Ministry

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Reserved exclusively for married couples who are at the point of breakdown and desperate for a breakthrough. We take you through an intensive mentorship process over 8 weeks that will identify the spiritual roots of your problems and set you free to be who God intended you to be as a married couple.

Our specialized process addresses the spiritual roots of failures, traumas and other obstacles that hold you back from moving forward, and sets you free to enjoy life the way you were meant to be. We do this from a holistic Christian perspective.

We provide personal, customized mentorship to those who are serious about breaking through present limitations, achieve supernatural success and become leaders and influencers. You need to invest in our Spirit-Led Success Course first, then invest in monthly mentorship. When you make a 3 month commitment, you get 50% off the regular price of the course ($1995), and get the monthly sessions at 33% off the regular price of $1500. This also includes two spiritual cleansing sessions for no extra charge (value $500). Total investment in a 3 month mentorship: $3995 (regularly $6995).

So you're sure you've found the right life partner...but you're not sure that you're adequately prepared for the realities of married life together. Perhaps you are even intimidated by the high rate of marriage failure. Let us equip you with all the tools you need to prepare for and enjoy a happy, fulfilling, long-lasting married life together.

Client Reviews for Jeeva Sam

"I don't know where we'd be without Jeeva and Sulojana's ministry. My husband and I had become like roommates in a marriage focused outside our home, on our careers. Loneliness, rejection and resentment had built up a firm wall between us and our well-intentioned attempts to make it work seemed increasingly feeble and forced. Our hearts had grown hard. In that vulnerable state, I developed feelings for a co-worker. We felt hopeless, and we both considered we had made a mistake in our choice of partner. Now what? We turned to Jeeva and Sulojana for help and are so glad that we did. Jeeva and Sulojana provided effective, non-judgemental support at this critical time in our marriage. Their methods are solid. After an initial assessment which was spot-on, they focused on spiritual care and actually helped us to soften our hearts toward one another. When we had come to a place of healing, they trained us on more practical ways to make our marriage work. They made themselves available to us when we needed it, and were generous with prayer. They kept their promise to take us from "breakdown to breakthrough", and we are so grateful for their ministry to us. Thank you, Jeeva and Sulojana!"
― A very satisfied couple

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