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Life Coach Vance Larson - Millsboro, Delaware, USA
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Coach Vance Larson

Millsboro  ·  Delaware  ·  United States
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Relationships, self esteem, stress management and spirituality.

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About Coach Vance Larson

I have spent my entire life dedicated to my profession. I spent 2 decades as a crisis counselor for a non-profit working in the AIDS, addiction and cancer fields. I worked simultaneously while in private practice and teaching on various subjects ranging from health, wellness and mental health. I have appeared on numerous television and radio programs and currently write for several online publications. The majority of my work focus now is on relationships and self worth. I also provide EAP to local companies in MD, DE and VA. I am not your traditional Life Coach. While I provide accountability and support, my clients appreciate my laid back non judgemental approach. Working with me is more organic and I rarely use a syllabus. I focus on what you need at the current moment. In my free time I enjoy hiking with my long time wife and our daughter. We spend our mornings in the gym and evenings at the beach {whenever possible.} I love working with my clients via phone and email. So grab a cup of coffee and lets have a conversation. *You're reading this and reached out for a reason. Let's take advantage of the momentum and get you the help you're looking for. I am very good at what I do, and would love to partner with you.


Millsboro  ·  Delaware  ·  United States


I've spent the past 3 decades as a counselor and life coach on both the local and national level. Health, relationships, spirituality or business, let my experience work for you. With the proper accountability, support and action items, you'll be clear on what you want and how to get there. As mentioned in the "About" section, my specialties are relationships and self worth. As we define who we are, we can then bring our authentic self to our relationships. Member of the National Center For Crisis Management, International Christian Coaching Association, American Association of Christian Counselors, International Association of Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers, and the National Guild of Hypnotist. *Same day phone appointments are available most days.* **Please note that if you're in "Free Trial, I respond to emails between 6-9 AM EST. If you would like to get started with me right away, please sign up on a paid plan and I should be able to get you in same day.**

Licenses & Certifications

Over the past 30 I have earned over 2 dozen certifications. I hold degrees in both Transformational Counseling and Divinity. My current certifications are in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and Active Shooter {crisis response}.


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $65
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month
The Bounce Program: $220

Four 30 minutes calls

Concierge Program: $395

Full concierge includes four 50-70 minute calls with email and text support in between sessions.

Client Reviews for Vance Larson

He is very quick in responding. I think he is very good life coach.

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