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Coach Aba Josephine Akyianu

Toronto  ·  Ontario  ·  Canada
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About Coach Aba Josephine Akyianu

My coaching philosophy createmymantraTM is informed by these guiding principles: Love Respect for humanity Self-empowerment Self-determination Harmonious interactions Community-building Life-long learning Mission: To help you transform challenging emotions that incite fear, doubt, anxiety and low self-esteem into strength-based qualities of authentic self-expression, creativity and resourcefulness. Key benefits of coaching: You will rise above any limiting beliefs you may be harbouring by giving yourself permission to step onto a path of inspired actions, moving into your best self. I encourage you to take steps towards a grounded focus on creating a happy life here and now. It may be that you have found yourself in an overwhelming situation, stressed out and confused. Through a process of personal discovery and empowerment you will hold the keys to joy in your life. An opening of the mind, new beginnings and transformational learning is in store for you. Embrace a future of pronounced possibilities as your inspired actions, born from a place of power within, usher in the manifestation of your desires. Time to exoerience the new you? Let the conversations begin.


My career experiences as a frontline mental health crisis counsellor have strengthened my capacity to motivate clients seeking life enhancement through personal fulfillment. I have seen my clients move from stagnation, feelings of overwhelming, stress and emotional pain to positive actions, balance and emotional release by uncovering their own resourcefulness. My personal development program takes you out of your discomfort zone and into your place of joy through a process of creative identification with your personal power.

Licenses & Certifications

Certificate in solution-focused counselling - University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work.

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