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Coach Mark Seflin

Long Beach  ·  California
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Communication, Relationships (All), Business Start up, Health, On-line Trading, Career, Spirituality.

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About Coach Mark Seflin

What you can count on is my being straight up with you. I do NOT sugar coat anything. If I do NOT have knowledge or experience in an area of life...I will say so. I expect you to take the steps, and do any homework I assign to support you in creating your result. You are Responsible and Accountable for the results that show up in your life.


I hold two degree's (B.A., M.A.) & L.P.H.A., in Psychology, I have worked in the private, public, and governmental sectors, providing my Psychotherapy skills, knowledge and experience. Coaching is different, in that as a coach we do not engage in dealing with past psychological trauma's (ie. abuse) or drug addiction. Coaching is about the "Here & Now" and a goal or result you wish to create in the future.

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I don't need no 'stink'n badge.

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