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Life Coach Catherine Vial - Washington, DC

Coach Catherine Vial

Washington  ·  DC

Health and wellbeing for foreign professionals living in the United States. Skin concerns (esp. acne and aging). Healthful yet delicious world cooking.

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About Coach Catherine Vial

I've lived in DC for almost 40 years but was born and raised near Lyon, France, where cooking, eating and joie de vivre are central pillars of daily living. I love to eat and cook without much fuss. Over the years, I have learned to favor foods that serve both my health and my tastebuds, and avoid those that dont. I worked for 30+ years as an international trade professional, but generally managed to have a balanced lifestyle. In my mid-50s, I pursued a health and wellness coach career to share my knowledge and help others achieve a more satisfying and balanced lifestyle. Ready for the next step?


Washington  ·  DC


For over 20 years, I suffered from severe acne, which no medications helped. None of the many doctors I met ever alluded to the possibility that food might be the culprit; not their fault really, since nutrition was not taught at all in medical school. Eventually, I realized that a certain food group (dairy in my case) was the root cause of my incessant breakouts. At the age of 31, I was emotionally scarred but finally got rid of my teenage acne. While I worked as an international trade manager, my colleagues often sought my advice both for healthy cooking and for living a more balanced life. I was working as hard as they were, but stressing less and always taking lunch breaks and vacation. Fast forward a couple of decades: one of the reasons I became a health and wellness coach is to help individuals identify what foods and other "nourishments" are possibly undermining their health but also what food- or non-food related choices are preventing them for reaching their maximum well-being. Are you ready to reach your full potential?

Licenses & Certifications

Taking first nationwide Health and Wellness Coach Board Certification in September 2017. Certificate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC (September 2016) B.S. International Management and Marketing, Georgetown University (1982)


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