Life Coach Tiana Chase - Pueblo, Colorado (CO), United States

Coach Tiana Chase

Pueblo  ·  Colorado (CO)  ·  United States
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Relationships, Spiritual, Emotion-Based, Life Coaching, Couples, Grief an Loss, Human Design System, Intuitive Coaching

About Coach Tiana Chase

Couple emotional healing with the universal truths of forgiveness and it's healing effects, then add on the understanding of what quantum physics says, tied in with spirituality and you end up with Emotion-Based Coaching. I help clients to heal from their past so they too can continue on their life's journey towards fulfilling their purpose here on Earth. You will receive support, guidance and instruction while benefiting from the life coaching skills I learned from one of the top coache's and education instructors in the industry, Maia Berens. Maia worked with John Gray as he wrote (Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus) and bring their knowledge and life lessons into my coaching practice also. I knew early in life that I had a gift of knowing and I bring that into my coaching practice also. I use many different skills to allow the client to start seeing who they really are and what their true purpose is in this life. When you heal the past, you will be able to uncover the incorrect beliefs about yourself and life that you carry as a result of unheard and unprocessed feelings. When you do both parts of the healing and the changing of false beliefs, you find you are a kind of vessel for inspiration and therefore can perform inspired action instead of the same old hamster wheel of behaviors which will keep creating pretty much the same life over and over. And you become the confident person who lives inside you.


Intuitive life coach specializing in emotional healing and empowerment of mind and spirit. Showing clients how they were designed to make correct and right decisions for themselves with complete confidence Helping clients and family's cope with loss an separation

Licenses & Certifications

YOU University Emotion-Based Life Coach Empowerment Coach Relationship Coach Certified Hypnotist with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute Compassionate Friends Grief Recovery Minister with Universal Life Church American Tarot Association Spiritual Counselor with ULC Doctor of Divinity with ULC


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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Human Design is a new system of self-knowledge developed by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 and is the most up-to-date knowledge for personal transformation and growth in your practical life. It differs fundamentally from any system in the world today. It is a logical, empirical system. You can test it in your everyday life. It is not built on belief or faith. It gives you a precise and detailed map of your true nature. This provides you with simple tools that are natural to you. These tools allow you to live as your true self and they eliminate stress in your life. Human Design shows you how to experiment with your personal mechanics and find out what works for you. It offers you the opportunity to discover your true self and to understand and accept your true nature in this world. Human Design will Open Your Eyes and Liberate You, if you are patient with your life and yourself. 30 min chat or phone reading and your chart is free

Client Reviews for Tiana Chase

I will never forget the first time I got to speak with Tiana and found someone who could help me overcome my depression and sadness. Now I know that my life's worth living. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me.
― Reese Mathers
When I first came to Tiana I wasn’t a full believer of the whole healing process. However, after a few minutes it was clear just how incredible Tiana really is. I since come by to get a reading every few months.”
― Payton Hillman
Tiana was so absolutely right about everything that was said to me, that it has all since come true. As someone rational and logical, I can only say that I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me, but it did.
― Riley Jones

Case Studies for Tiana Chase

A young mother wasn't sure if a roommate was being as truthful as they were saying and she had no confidence to confront this person and and needed to find the courage to trust her decision making. Through my spiritual advisement and using the human design system she was able to trust her ability to make correct decisions for the way she was designed. Working together we were able to heal her past emotional traumas and she was able to forgive not only the past but herself to become a thriving individual with more confidence and self-love
I helped an aspiring musician overcome his fear of playing in front of an audience through hypnosis and wearing dark sunglasses during performances. He started on You Tube and now is performing live and doing great

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