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Coach Heather Moller

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Life Coaching - Mindfulness Coaching - Spiritual Support for Empaths and HSP - Shadow Work- Transpersonal Coaching I specialize in high achievers and sensitive souls that want clarity and results..

About Coach Heather Moller

I want to help you be who you really are. I will help you get clear on what you want and what is holding you back. We will work together to determine a course forward that brings you closer to what you want to achieve. I have expertise in stress, health, relationships, spiritual concerns and specific goal achievement. I offer heart-based soulful coaching that is also * grounded * and can help you get through the spiritual bypass as needed. I am informed by Transpersonal psychology and integrative medicine. I help people understand themselves better, what is blocking them, what is holding them back. It is often not as it appears. My work is integrative and deep. I can help you reclaim lost pieces of yourself to move forward in this life with more clarity and vitality. It would be an honor to support you on your journey of letting go of what isn't real to invite in more of what is. I can help you find: Empowerment Clarity Wholeness Increasing Synchronicity Vitality Grace I have been doing work of this nature for 10 years, as well as working in private practice as a Mental Health Therapist. I specialize in trauma, anxiety and life transitions. I am married with one son, four bonus daughters and a fur baby. When I am not with family or feeding the soul, you can find me in a kayak or on a hike somewhere.


Mindfulness Motivational Interviewing Health Coaching Yoga Teacher Specialty in Transpersonal Coaching for Spiritual Emergency LGBTQ friendly Empath support Highly Sensitive Person support Chronic illness support Empowerment support

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Health Coaching for Chronic Pain Master of Social Work

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Client Reviews for Heather Moller

Friendly, Supportive, and Enlightening Heather is like a breath of fresh air. She is incredibly supportive and understanding while still being able to help you see things from a different perspective. She is extremely even-keeled and doesn't jump to conclusions about the topics or people you may be discussing. This has been an extremely positive experience due to her expertise and demeanor. Highly recommended.
― J.L.

Case Studies for Heather Moller

I helped a Highly Sensitive Person redesign her life so that she could better take care of herself without sacrificing time with loved ones.
I was able to help a gentleman find clarity on the source if his sex addiction and find a way to have more heart-centered relationship with his partner.
I helped a young woman with ADHD learn to incorporate mindfulness to strengthen her "attention muscles" so that she felt better focused in her life.
I helped an empath find ways to live in the real world without burning out, and without losing faith in humanity.
I was able to help a young woman begin healing from childhood sexual abuse by diving deep into where she was carrying spiritual pain and soul loss, and working to create a foundation for her to call that energy back.
I helped a client reduce stress and increase awareness by incorporating daily mindfulness meditation. We worked together to overcome obstacles to implementing the new habit until he was able to act on his own momentum.

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