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I specialize in helping smart, single men master the art of dating. Whether it's perfecting your online dating profile, helping you plan the perfect first date, or helping you to avoid the friend zone, I can help you find your perfect partner.

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About Coach Emyli Lovz

I first started helping people back in 2005 as a health and wellness coach. In 2010 I found myself single and intrigued by the dating world. The next year, while finishing my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, I decided to embark on a 100-date experiment. I treated this experiment as a research project - fully analyzing, critiquing, and rating each date based on several key factors. In 2012, with my research findings in hand, I launched EmLovz to help single people reach their dating goals. My private online course, The EmLovz Academy covers topics ranging from online dating to conversation and sexual attraction. The most effective coaching sessions in my opinion are 1-on-1 sessions via Skype. In my 45 minute intro sessions, we will go over your specific dating issues, pinpoint your dating goals (short and long term), and then I'll come up with an action plan for you. After our intro session, if you'd like me to help you reach your long term goals, I offer a-la-carte sessions and several coaching programs.


UCBerkeley graduate. 10+ years experience working as a health and wellness coach. Completed 100 date experiment in 2011 and 2012.

Licenses & Certifications

Previously certified under NASM and ISSA as a personal trainer before transitioning into dating coaching in 2012.

Coaching Rates

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

A private, one-on-one, introductory program for men who want to get better at dating and eventually find a girlfriend. The goal of the signature program is to get you MegaDating fast! MegaDating is my unique philosophy to dating. I believe it helps men maintain leverage and avoid settling for mediocre love. The definition of MegaDating is ‘to date multiple women at the same time to diffuse energy and increase confidence.’ MegaDating is your first step towards getting more dates with women you’re REALLY excited about. It’s your first step to STOP settling for women you’re not excited about so you never have to experience divorce or dissatisfaction in love. Is this you? Are you struggling to get women to respond to your messages on online dating sites and dating apps? Does it feel like it’s impossible to get any dates at all? Are you finding yourself repeatedly in the friend zone with women you’re interested in dating? Do you find yourself wondering if you could do better than the women you’ve been going on dates with? Are you confused about how to even attract the type of women you’re REALLY interested in? Perhaps you’re tired of the dating scene and ready to find your wife or life-partner once and for all? Maybe you’re starting to think you can’t attract beautiful women because of your background. Well, I’m here to tell you that you deserve the perfect partner and you can find and attract the woman of your dreams–and I can help you do it. If you’re smart and hard-working, then my signature dating coach program might be right for you. My Signature Program Includes 3 months of private, one-on-one 50 minute Skype sessions with me (12 total sessions, held weekly). Our work also incorporates weekly video modules with worksheets and templates to help you master the topics we discuss during our sessions. I will give you my expert feedback on your pre-existing dating profiles and photos or help you create a brand new dating profile from scratch if you’ve never tried online dating or don’t want to use your old profile. I will also provide ongoing optimizations to your online dating apps, messages, and self-summaries to help you attract more beautiful women to go on dates with. I’ll teach you how to approach beautiful women in person too but don’t worry, you won’t be asking random women for their numbers–I’ve got a much easier, more natural strategy. When you’re ready to date the women you’ve attracted, I’ll help you curate the perfect first, second, and third dates to make every girl swoon. Once you’ve mastered my first, second, and third date blueprints, we will focus on the selection phase of MegaDating to ensure that you maintain leverage on your dates and stop settling for mediocre. This will naturally allow you to choose the woman that fits your life best. FAQs Can You Coach Me On My Messages? People who want to develop their messaging skills, should consider my coaching programs where we can work together over a period of several weeks. Learning how to message women effectively on dating sites and dating apps is a muscle that needs to be developed over time. Real Love Takes Time & Effort Think about how much time you put in to find your current job or to graduate from college. Would you consider either of those things more or less important than finding true love? Dating Isn’t Taught In Schools Without being taught how to date in school, how can you know that you’re really doing a good job? How can you ensure that your dating formula is set up correctly? That the steps you’re following now are actually leading you down the path to Mrs. Right? Can you be sure? Did you have strong role models growing up that you could learn from? I know I didn’t have great role models and I would not have found love without a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely dating plan. Wouldn’t you agree that the process of attracting the perfect person, keeping the relationship healthy, and ensuring that you don’t settle for less than you deserve likely takes time, dedication, and hard work? Do You Offer Text Coaching? In some cases, I allow my signature program clients to add text coaching to their package for a flat fee. Regarding text message coaching as a standalone option, I don’t coach that way only. This is because in order for you to have success, you need to build a strong foundation from which to date from. We need to work together in the beginning to identify what’s been holding you back from finding love until now. We have to learn how to communicate effectively together and we have to understand how we both see the dating world so we don’t lose value in the 2-dimensional relationship that text coaching provides. Why Should I Do 3 Months Of Coaching? I Don’t Need That Much Help. The most successful athletes in the world had coaches by their side the entire way. Maybe they didn’t need the help… I suppose you could argue that point… but if that’s true then why were the coaches there every step of the way? For example, in baseball there are a variety of specific coaches like hitting coaches, pitching coaches, base-stealing coaches, infield coaches and outfield coaches? Aren’t these professional athletes already at the top of their game? Maybe… so what’s the point of having so many coaches? The answer is that raw talent is not the same as a refined skill. Raw talent that isn’t developed almost always fails to deliver positive outcomes. It’s like having a tool in your tool belt that could do the job only you don’t know how to operate it. Dating coaching is very similar. It’s a process of taking those raw interpersonal talents and developing them to get you to your goals. It’s also about identifying your weaknesses and then creating strategies to avoid or overcome them so they stop holding you back from love. How much success have you had in the last 90 days? What if you could be in a relationship that really excited you in the next 90 days? What is the likelihood you will get there if you base your next 90 days of dating on your past relationship/dating history? If you see a clear vision of a very different future relationship in the next 90 days, then what is your plan to get there? These are all questions I would ask before thinking that you only need one or two sessions with a dating coach. Why My Clients Are Successful I work with clients who understand the value of having someone in their corner to push them, to provide an effective dating framework, and to share insights into what’s happening with particular partners and situations while they are on their dating journey. Similar to sports coaches, who exist most importantly at the elite athletic level, I work with people who understand that to be the best and attract the best, they must continually push the envelope to improve. The Opportunity Cost of Not Committing Fully In order for you to find real, lasting love, you have to prioritize the learning of how to find and keep love. You have to spend time and energy on it. You have to confront uncomfortable obstacles and step way outside your comfort zone. While everyone feels committed on January 1st, most lose their motivation by January 21st. The same is true in coaching. You are very likely to experience the same phenomenon. So, what is going to guarantee you get through it and achieve real, lasting success in love? Your commitment to yourself. Protecting Yourself From Failure When you commit to changing your life, you need to protect yourself from failure when the going gets tough. Often, making a financial investment in yourself that is uncomfortable, can help to compel you to see yourself through obstacles to ensure your return on investment. An Example From My Experience I often think about my time in school at Cal Berkeley. Three weeks into my classes, I wanted to quit. I was certain that admissions had made a mistake on me, that I could never be as smart as the other kids in class. Overcoming The Fear Of Failure I was terrified of failure but I was even more terrified of what would happen to me if I didn’t graduate. I had student loans that I couldn’t pay off without that degree and ultimately I had no other choice but to move forward, directly through the pain. I couldn’t avoid it, I couldn’t get around it, I had to go straight through the fire. It was harder than anything I’ve ever done but I did it. I more than did it. I crushed it. Because I had no other choice. The Genius of Eminem One of my favorite song lyrics is from 8mile. When Eminem says “Success is my only mother-bleeping option, failure’s not.” But it’s not always so easy as a song lyric because when you get to that point in life that he’s describing and you don’t have an easy way out, it’s scary. Really scary. And I get it. And that is the only reason I got through it, because I had no other option. Failure Is Not An Option If you’re going to fail, I don’t want to work with you. I want those people who want love so bad that they can’t imagine a life without it and they will not quit until they have it. That’s the person I want to work with. It is that person that I can promise will find the love they seek. And I’m so lucky to get to be a part of their journey. To walk beside them on their path. That’s what I’m here for. To support you through the process. To provide insights, strategic advice and even just to listen when you need it. I’m not here to take your money and then let you fail. That has no value for me.

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