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About Coach Ilze Els

Accomplished, driven senior-level learning and development professional with 15+ year record of achievement developing and overseeing execution of leadership development, executive coaching, talent management and organizational development initiatives. Influential leader confident communicating and collaborating with key partners, stakeholders, senior management, clients and professional at all levels to ensure achievement of organizational vision, mission and objectives. Key successes include training over 500 professional coaches in the Middle East & Africa, an ICF accredited Professional Coach (PCC) with over 1000 hours to senior leadership coaching and mentoring experience across reputable, diverse organizations. My mission is to help empower individuals, families, communities and organizations to significantly enhance their human potential, productivity, peace of mind and quality of life. My experience and understanding of business is invaluable enabling her to understand the pressures and needs of Executives. I am a committed proponent of NeuroLeadership and is currently assisting leaders to understand and utilise cutting edge thinking about recent developments in Neuroscience and the brain, thereby facilitating profound insights into organization transformational possibilities. Personal Vision: Growth is the only evidence of life. My main goal is to touch lives and empower individuals with knowledge and the wisdom to apply it to their live by uplifting you to where you want to be in a genuine, sincere, memorable and positive manner. She lives this philosophy in everything she does.


Professional Certified Coach (PCC), ICF NeuroLeadership Expert Certified Professional Brain-based Coach EQ Coach Levels A & P Psychometric Assessment

Licenses & Certifications

Master's Degree, Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership, NeuroLeadership Institute, New York, NY (2015) National Diploma in Travel & Tourism - Level 6, BA Equivalent Bachelor's Degree, Psychology & Communication, University of South Africa (UNISA), South Africa (In Progress) April 2017 Saville Ability & Personality June 2016: Professional Coach Credential (PCC), International Coach Federation (ICF), USA October 2010: Associate Coach Credential (ACC), International Coach Federation (ICF), USA November 2014: Strategic Leadership Team building Intervention - Lead Facilitator, Q5 95, Germany 2013: EQ Practitioner Certification and EQ Coach Certification, Six Seconds - The Emotional Intelligence Network, UAE. September 2008: Nine Conversations in Leadership, Worldsview Academy, RSA July 2007: Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS) Practitioner, BIOSS, RSA -OMITTED-: National Qualifications Framework (NQF) - Moderator/7877:Moderate assessments, THETA, RSA May 2000: Galileo Reservation System, Galileo South Africa, RSA August 1995: Ticketing and Fares, South African Airways, RSA -OMITTED-: National Qualifications Framework (NQF) - Train the Trainer/9957: Facilitate training using a variety of methodologies, THETA, RSA -OMITTED-: National Qualifications Framework (NQF) - Assessor/ASSMT01/7978: Plan & conduct assessments, THETA, RSA, January 2002 - September 2002: Event and Conference Management Higher Certificate, First Class, Damelin College, Randburg, RSA TRAINING PROGRAMS - RESULTS COACHING SYSTEM, AUSTRALIA: 2013: Creating a Coaching Culture 2011: Facilitating Highly Interactive Virtual Experiences 2011: Intuitive Coaching 2011: The SCARF Experience 2010: Global Master Facilitator 2010: Performance Leadership 2010: Executive Coaching 2010: Team Coaching 2009: Coach Toolkit 2008: Theoretical Foundations of Coaching 2007: Intensive Brain-based Coach Training

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Ilze Els

Ilze's creativity in the coaching approach is unique! She is a very deep person and the more I get to know her, the more I am grateful to be in her space as I have progressed immensely in the coaching arena thanks to her. Ilze is a great inspiration!
Ilze is a superb coach, super motivating and remarkable at every level. She's a goal-setter and a goal-getter. Very detail-oriented and happy to deliver 150%. I highly recommend Ilze both for corporate and personal level communication improvement and excellence.
Ilze is an exceptional coach with a great charisma for understanding people and helping them make a difference in their life. She is a natural teacher who is focused and persistent on making things happen as she believes a lot in people's potential. I have been extremely lucky to learn from her and I know she has made a difference in my life.
Ilze is a great coach, mentor and a coach trainer. She comes across as a wonderful person with very deep and high level of maturity and understanding. With her unique style of coaching, her dedication and feedback are very inspiring and guiding. She connects with ease to people of all ages and culture.
Ilze has a very down-to-earth no nonsense approach to life. A spade is called a spade for a reason. I wanted results and Ilze makes sure that you get them. A true tour-de-force and highly recommended to anyone who wants to get more from their personal and business life.
Ilze is a passionate individual with a natural way of communicating concepts. The lessons I have learnt through coaching will benefit my management style and career in many ways.
Ilze is an inspirational coach and mentor who has provided me with amazing guidance and confidence throughout the ICT Training. I believe she has a true gift and passion for developing people and making a difference in their outlook and improved thinking. She has been instrumental in helping me achieve my competencies as a coach and I admire her dedication and fantastic natural ability to develop and grow individuals.
Ilze is an excellent coach and consultant. Her amiable style causes one to be at ease with her immediately. This is in turn leads to great discussions and moving forward. I highly recommend her as a coach.
The first time I spoke to Ilze I found her very generous with her time and information, genuine with very useful advice. Her integrity and help encouraged my decision to train as a Result Coach. In all our interactions I found Ilze to be knowledgeable and her professional expertise as a coach and trainer was always enhanced by her caring and supportive approach towards everyone she interacted with.
Ilze is a very passionate coach and a trainer. She is very patient and supportive and definitely has the ability to practice what she preaches. She is very articulate and has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people.
I would like to recomend Ilze for her great job as my executive coach. The sessions have helped me to bust my self confidence and to gain a feeling of control during meetings and in the work place. The hypnosis session was awesome and it really helped me to relax and feel better. The tools used during our sessions have been really creative and powerful. Ilze has helped to reflect on all the good things in my life, my achievements in the personal and in the professional arenas and to be aware that future opportunities will come after all.
With a great variety of experience and understanding, Ilzé is a highly talented Coach and Trainer who is incredibly passionate about positive development. Ilzé’s warm and friendly personality, combined with her approach allows her to suit Clients from all walks of life with all sorts of challenges and goals. Ilzé’s flexibility enables her to be supportive and demonstrate deep empathy whilst being able to hold stern firmness, accountability and focus to desired result brilliantly!
For the past 2 years, I worked with Ilze in different capacities and she proved to be not only an excellent partner but also a very thoughtful friend. Ilze was my trainer and mentor on Brain Based Coaching where she was keen to always share her knowledge at all times. Moreover, Ilze and I co-delivered Coaching programs together. She was very supportive and extremely encouraging. Finally, Ilze was a solution provider to my company and was very flexible and easy to work with. I strongly recommend Ilze as a coach, mentor, trainer partner and business provider.
Ilze Mulder has been a pleasure to engage with during the time I have been completing my ICF accreditation over the past 8 months. Ilze is supportive and helpful and always ready to provide advice when needed. Ilze is knowledgeable of the process and therefore I value and respect her advice. Ilze has put us in touch with NeuroLeadership Institute professionals which will add value to our working relationships and network. Thank you Ilze.
I have known Ilze Mulder for over 10 years and have had the opportunity to work with her in two companies on similar projects. The first major project was for a company implementing a Performance Management culture that was founded in Coaching principals. I found Ilze’s approach to the whole project added great value to our business relationship and assisted the business to achieve increased results measured through a range of performance measures. Her vast experience in the coaching field, added to her previous experience in business operations means that she is able to not only support through the techniques and insights of coaching, but also support through understanding the effect on the business and the impact on people. The second project was involving training and coaching of specific people. I would recommend Ilze to anyone who needs a person that is capable of working with any level of the organizations leadership team and is able to support them through coaching in both complex project implementation or seizing business opportunities. There are those that are very good in talking about what to do, however with Ilze she is all about how she can partner with you to be successful. She is a dynamic team player who inspires others to get involved, to share openly and honestly and is a lady of high ethical standards. I have really enjoyed working with Ilze over the years and have no hesitation recommending her in both her professional and personal capacity. She brings value to you through paying attention to the detail while always seeing the bigger picture, combining excellent technical knowledge with good management skills and clear, confident communication abilities.
Ilzé is a massively inspirational trainer and Coaching professional who I've had the privilege to meet during my recent BBC training program. Her passion for not only coaching but for people as wholesome beings is incredibly motivational. I am immensely excited to carry forward the art and practice of ethical coaching instilled by Ilzé.

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