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Coach Usha Srinivasan

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About Coach Usha Srinivasan

I assist people in identifying their best resources within to overcome their own limitations and transform to outstanding role models by: 1. Listening to peoples achievements, even if it is accidental, and coach them to convert it into a success formula, for consistent achievement of their goals. 2. Asking the right questions that will help people to understand their blind spots to work on 3. Raise the awareness by paving the seed of resourcefulness through right thought process. I have 2.5 decades of IT experience in multiple roles in diversified practices & in varied domain with 2 M&A integration & growth in this tenure. I have managed large portfolio sizes of $100mn + and team size close to 2000 for global clients. Coaching and developing my team, being my passion, as a practice & delivery leader, I coached my team and clients to: 1. Achieve high impact organizational goals:- enhance the BU's performance on revenue (4X growth in 3 years), improve margin (3% in an year), 2. Improve Quality & Process maturities. 3. Establish roadmap to achieve the goals like setting up independent managed services with 30% cost savings. More than my DU achievements, I was more recognized for my people connect. I have worked closely with HR People Partners, across key areas of HR such as Talent Management & Acquisition, People Connect, Leadership development etc. Designed, delivered workshops for transforming managers to DU leaders and work force transformation programs using coaching through thinking, mindfully acting techniques. With my deep interest to develop women leaders I executed special-Gender Diversity project Inspire 5 & Be Inspired for women executives.


With a firm belief: When you know yourself, believe in yourself & Commit to yourself, Success is at your door step I coach professionals by following 3 simple steps: 1. Connect clients to their Inner Knowings to determine personal & professional goals that they are truly committed to. 2. Raise their awareness to discover a. Core resources within oneself that will help them achieve the goals b. Any self-limitations that needs to be overcome 3. Anchor their confidence, and have the client commit to their action plan with the best of their Inner Knowings till the purpose of their life personally and professionally is achieved. I use IC PROBE GAP framework, BestLife NLP Tools and InnerMost Shift Coaching Model.

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