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Coach Kathryn Titi

San Diego  ·  California
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Love and relationships

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About Coach Kathryn Titi

Katie guides singles to redesign their mindsets and environments to attract ideal matches and win in love!


- Match magnetism - Effective communication strategies - Feminine and masculine energy embodiment and empowerment - Manifesting joy, happiness, and fulfillment into one's life - Environment and love attraction

Licenses & Certifications

- Certified Loveworks (TM) Love Coach - Masters Degree: Interior Design - Feng Shui experience (to support you in creating a space for love!) - ALA (Ascension Leadership Academy) Graduate and Staffmember (2016)

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

This is a phone/video meeting. During this call, you will discover and receive guidance from me on the following: 1. Survey your love goals - review desired outcomes, experiences, and ideal mate 2. Uncover what's been blocking you from great love - a.k.a. the challenges and old belief systems that are not serving you, so that you have an awareness of what needs attention and healing 3. Receive personalized strategies and techniques so you can begin to oust those blocks and challenges 4. Receive recommendations for creating and attracting an incredibly satisfying love life

This subscription is recommended for any client with less than 6 months of coaching experience with Katie. 1. Uncover and take down your hidden blocks to love. We call these "limiting beliefs." They are what's been holding you back and hindering you from manifesting the love of a lifetime with your ideal partner. 2. Develop the skills and TALENTS to become a legendary man or woman manifester. Attract your ideal match like a magnet AND learn to communicate in such a way that makes him or her want to fulfill your every desire and more! 3. Create long-lasting relationship success by learning the most effective communication tools to get your way with your partner, instill deep lasting bonds, manage conflict... And more. Coaching consists of private, one-on-one phone sessions so the support is focused on and unique to your individual goals. *****Note: it is HIGHLY recommended that you subscribe to monthly unlimited Voxer access for support with tactical questions, as they tend to arise much more frequently than strategic questions, which are handled during the 1-Hr phone calls. Voxer is a free app that works like a walkie talkie. It also includes a texting function, if/as needed.*****

This package is for existing clients with at least 6 months of coaching experience with Katie. You can also sign up for the Two 1-Hr Monthly Subscription, if/as desired/needed. Gain a fresh, grounded perspective and tools to create your love desires and re-commit to your love goals for lasting success.

Voxer is a free app that works like a walkie-talkie. It's easy to record a message on-the-go and texting is also an option when voice isn't possible. This package is for existing clients with at least 6 months of coaching experience with Katie and it is for tactical support only. For strategic "master plan" support in your relationship goals, schedule a phone call package prior to signing up for Voxer messaging. You can expect a response within 24 hours during a regular work-week, and 48-72-hour response window during weekends.

This one-of service is for existing/previous clients of Katie's ONLY. If you are in a JAM, and have a specific issue that needs some TLC ASAP, sign up for two-day unlimited Voxer access. Voxer is a free app that works like a walkie talkie (also has a texting function if needed). It's super easy and efficient to use on-the-go. Boyfriend mad? Breakup woes? Best friend jealous? Friends and family getting on your case? Clusterf***ing everywhere that involves a relationship in your life and need to get clear??... Voxer me. I'll help you get back to norms. *****This option is available during regular workweeks ONLY so note that if you sign up for it on Friday afternoon (PST), you may not hear back from me until sometime on Monday.*****

Client Reviews for Kathryn Titi

After just one call w/Katie I not only gained clarity around my love blocks but also a crystal clear blueprint for how to ignite my authentic love path. Katie TRULY cares about her clients and uses the perfect combination of heart +action–empowering women to step into (and own) their deepest love desires.
There are not enough words to describe the amazing woman that is Katie. She is emotionally intelligent, incredibly intuitive and loving (I could go on and on!). She downright exudes femininity and sexiness; it’s truly her essence. In the time that we have worked together, she taught me to trust myself and my intuition as a woman. That trust has greatly impacted my personal and romantic relationships. Her wisdom and guidance as a love coach is invaluable and anyone would truly be honored to work with Katie.
Katie Titi got to experience me before what I call my “life awakening” and the amount of support I received from her from day one made my experience that much more powerful. She fearlessly took charge when I would spiral into my thoughts and was incredibly patient with me. The amount of direction and love she provided made a world of a difference. I’ve gained a friend, a sister and an empowering woman I strive to be like. Thanks to Katie, my life has been forever changed.

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