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Life Coach Johanna Velasquez - Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Coach Johanna Velasquez

Phoenix  ·  Arizona  ·  United States
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Adhd/Anxiety and mentoring school age children that are not sure what direction to go. Communication/ Public Speaking, Marketing/Sales. Introverts/ Extraverts learning how to work more efficiently with others.

About Coach Johanna Velasquez

I have been mentoring children and adult for about 8 yrs. now I am a professional mentor on CareerVilliage. online. I not only love helping others especially children dealing with ADHD/Anxiety but I love knowing that guiding someone in the right direction and listening is extremely important A little about myself I also have ADHD and so does my son which is why I wanted to get all the information I could . I know how hard it is to be able to try to explain how you feel when that other person has no idea. Only what we learn in school. I also went through a bad relationship and gained over 300 lbs and I lost the weight and I feel great about who I am and I love helping others. I just want you to know that I have the experience, knowledge and life experience. I have been in the medical field all my life and I am also A model/ actor and yes I am on the IMDB site. I am here to tell you that in life you can do anything of course nothing is easy but you have to want it. Mentoring in schooling, careers, weightloss, relationships, dating.


Phoenix  ·  Arizona  ·  United States


I have been mentoring children and adult for about 8 yrs. now I am a professional mentor on CareerVilliage. online. Life experience, certifications listed below.

Licenses & Certifications

3 Certificate (Child Abuse) OnCourse Learning 100 03-Dec-2016 4 ADHD and Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students University of NewYork 100 15-Aug-2016 5 Certificate ( Sorting Out Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents) OnCourse Learning 100 08-Jul-2016 6 Certificate (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) OnCourse Learning 100 24-Jun-2016 7 Certificate (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) On course Learning 92 22-Jun-2016 8 Certificate (Anxiety Disorders ) OnCourse Learning 100 16-Jun-2016 9 Certificate (Intergrating Care for Patients With CoOccuring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders) OnCourse Learning 100 16-Jun-2016 10 Certificate (Adolescent Drinking The Sobering facts about Teen Alcohol Use and Abuse) OnCourse Learning 100 16-Jun-2016 11 Certificate (Autism Spectrum Disorders Present and Future ) OnCourse Learning 100 15-Jun-2016 12 Mental Health and Illness Certificate Alison Online 100 15-Jun-2016 13 Certificate (Psychoanalysis :Theory and Practice ) OnCourse Learning 100 31-May-2016 Experience Details: 14 Certificate (Clinical Assessment Tools for Mental health Evaluation ) OnCourse Learning 100 31-May-2016 15 Certificate (Social Anxiety Disorder In Adolescent and Children ) OnCourse Learning 100 28-May-2016 16 Certificate (Bipolar /Related Disorders and Depressive Disorders In Adolescent ) OnCourse Learning 100 24-May-2016 17 Certificate (Understanding Solution Focused Brief Theory Achieve Positive Goals ) OnCourse Learning 100 09-Dec-2015 18 Certificate (Psychotic Disorders :Symptom Assessment ) OnCourse Learning 100 09-Dec-2015 19 Certification Medical Assistant Apollo College 3.52 30-Apr-2004 Coaching and Developing Employees Feb/2018 Conflict Resolution Foundations Jan/2018 Finding your Introvert/Extrovert Balance in the workplace. Feb/2018 Human Resources: Diversity Recruiting, Handeling work place Bullying and Leadership and Strategic Impact. Feb/2018 Mentoring Others: Jan/2018 Interviewing Techniques Feb/2018 Managing a Customer Service Team. Jan/2018


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