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Las Cruces  ·  New Mexico
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About Coach Dezi Golden

Isn't it funny how one of our problems is that we think we shouldn't have problems? Lol, how do we get better? I'm Dezi, and after years of working with co-workers, clients, bosses, the public, students, family, friends, and children I have gained the wisdom to help others design a happy life! Of course the biggest project was me...but I absolutely love this journey and I'd love to help you love yours. Let me guide you to the shortest, quickest route. Isn't it time the questions were answered? Isn't it time for your cup to be more than half full, and instead be overflowing? How about less confusion and more "J" in your joy? It takes one moment to decide...


I have the time for you! 35 years of dealing with humans, in the medical field, law enforcement, martial arts, teens, couples, support groups, and individuals...there are common issues that create unhappiness and with a few solutions, some concentration on you, a little is right there! I hand you the keys, you choose to open the doors. My hours are mostly evenings and weekends. I'm available when you're free! Time to be HAPPY! Sometimes it takes the slightest shift in our Mind * Body * Soul and I can help you find the exact place to start. There's a reason why love is the most important human emotion...can you imagine how beautiful life can be when you begin loving you? You're worth it!!! ????

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Life Coach-Expert Rating Licensed/Insured/Experienced Private Practice Owner Reiki Master/Teacher Author Licensed Massage Therapist (NM/TX) 4th Degree Black Belt Former LE Former EMT Mother/Wife/Friend Confidential

Coaching Rates

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Dezi Golden

Dezi gives a calming and safe place to be able to express yourself without judgement. This does not mean that she does not tell you as it is. It means there is respect for opinions and offering a different perspective on viewing things. Since I am relatively new to this aspect of my life. I really as of yet do not know if there is anything new I would like, I think once I have experienced all that is offered now and see new paths open to me, I know if there isn't a service she does not offer.
― E. Gonzalez, Las Cruces, NM
Dezi is amazing. She's friendly and professional.
― D. Martinez, Las Cruces, NM
Dezi is always professional and extremely knowledgeable! I couldn't think of one thing different I would need!
― C. Getz, Las Cruces, NM
I have seen Dezi three different times and have been extremely happy with the results. The price is a bit steep hence the reason I have only been 3 times. Dezi is amazing at what she does.
― R. Gutierrez, Las Cruces, NM
DGT offers amazing services! I love the life coaching and massage therapy (both are my favorites)! Dezi Golden is an amazing individual who is truly passionate about what she does!
― N. Chavez, Las Cruces, NM
I really like Dezi, she's very nice and easy to talk to. She has a way of making you feel at ease and open up about your life and share things that you hold close to your heart. I can't think of anything else needed, she has an extensive list of services.
― Y. Meraz, Las Cruces, NM
I love how Dezi makes me feel at home and completely comfortable. I liked the idea of massage but never loved getting one until I went to Dezi. I also like that she is on time and easy to schedule with. I feel Dezi is top notch in everything she does!
― J. Britton, Las Cruces, NM
Dezi is very warm hearted, she cares a lot about her clients. I appreciate all the education she gives me to help heal the body, mind, and soul.
― D. Hernandez, Las Cruces, NM
She was our daughter and son's Karate teacher. She was great with them. She's very patient, can see the future in her students/people not where they are now. That's huge. Some cannot get past all the work or encouragement in who is before them. She was always happy, encouraging and my children felt successful in her class. She's her own selling point. Once you meet her you'll know what I mean. She's a go getter, loves people and truly has a heart to want to help them be all they can be. She's really a genuine person and it shows. I think any client would pick that up once they got to know her. - D. Molizon, South Carolina
She’s my husband's cousin. She accomplishes in life! She was a cop, she wrote awesome books, she’s a massage therapist and I feel like she really enjoys helping others. She always gives great advice and she has been a great help for me recently when I was going through tough times. - A. Janska, TX
I was a her karate student. She is an empowering woman. She has the ability to make her dreams come true. She has been a mentor for many different types of people. She is kind and caring with a black belt! I see no challenges for her. She has a shine about her that is contagious. She is true and genuinely cares for people, known and strangers. - T. Nuse, Burlington, NJ
Met her through Ageless medspa. Dezi has a way to connect to anyone, she is whole-hearted and wants the best for everyone around her, an outstanding mother, and an all around beautiful person. - V. Vasquez, Las Cruces, NM
Desiree is an extremely driven individual who works diligently towards all her goals. She is a published author! I know she is capable of handling any challenge successfully. From my prior experience and conversations with her I can say that she listens and analyzes very carefully and gives the best possible advice based on one's needs. - N. Hitrova, New York, NY

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