Life coach JJ Gonzalez - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Fitness trainer and motivator,
Life Coach JJ Gonzalez - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Coach JJ Gonzalez

Las Vegas  ·  Nevada  ·  United States
Personal Coaching  ·  Health Coaching  ·  Relationships Coaching  ·  Family Coaching  ·  Spiritual Coaching

Fitness trainer and motivator, personal growth coach, personal protection advisor and parenting coach

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About Coach JJ Gonzalez

I am a certified life coach by DR. Steve G Jones and a member of the American union of NLP


Las Vegas  ·  Nevada  ·  United States


Fitness: I been a personal trainer for over 10 years. Family and relationship: I received a parenting classes and been a father of 3 beautiful kids. Personal goals and personal protection: train by the best USMC, former embassy guard. English and Spanish life coach!

Licenses & Certifications

Certified life coach by Dr. Steve G Jones and member of the American Union of NLP


30-Minute Call: $50
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

Client Reviews for JJ Gonzalez

"As a result of coaching with JJ Life Coach I am smoking free for the past 39 days, I have been able to become more organize, with a positive outlook and I even started working out more. These changes have had a major impact on my life, my family and people around me. Thank you JJ and I hope you keep working with me!
"JJ is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, JJ Gonzalez has an amazing positive attitude that comes with an incredible energy. His outstanding personality will make a huge impact in anyone that will have the pleasure to meet and to be coach by him. JJ is very dedicated in his work with extremely great talent to inspire others and share his remarkable knowledge. I have known JJ for many years now and he definitely  made and exquisite impression on my life. I would highly recommend JJ Life Coach and you will achieve the most out of you and in all your Life Goals" Ana G. Fashion Consultant & Owner - Gabino Fashion Consulting, Palm Beach FL

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